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Kobe’s Divorce Meltdown

This wasn’t quite as funny as the first one this guy did on Kobe’s post game interview after being swept by the Mavs last year, but it was still pretty entertaining. You have to love that Stern steps in at the end and vetoes the divorce for basketball reasons! With the Lakers on the brink of pissing Kobe off to 2007 levels, we could have a great year of soundbites from him. I can’t wait to keep up with fake funnyordie Kobe all season long!

NBA Fundraising Video

No posts on the lockout for two months, then BAM, two in a row! Pretty solid video showing how most people feel about the lockout. As in, who cares what the deal is in the end just get out of our face with the media BS, and make the damn deal. I don’t want to pay to see charity games, I want to see the Warriors take on the best of the Western Conference.

First Bay Area Post; Comcast, AD, and Tinyballs

The last four days I haven’t been in tune with the sports world or anything for that matter. My world is getting a pleasant change. I moved from LA up to the Bay Area, which is probably where I belong, and while driving up you know I bumped this E-40 song a couple times. Anyways I didn’t catch any football, baseball, or anything on TV for that matter Saturday through Tuesday. It feels like a rarity in this day in age.

I never remember having too many problems with Comcast when I lived in Monterey, but MCeezy warned us all of how deceitful and retarded they can be at any given moment. First, they schedule an appointment on Sunday (the day I was moving in) which was perfect, because you want internet and TV the day you start living somewhere. Oh yeah, and that landline too, who can live without one of those! I never understood how a service could be $10 cheaper a month with adding a landline opposed to not having one. Anyways, a rep came out, but couldn’t seem to get the job done for one reason or another. Two days later they finally sent out a competent rep leaving me with a missed weekend of football and MLB playoff games. How did they apologize? A free movie rental on demand. Yipee… Anyways, this is not a good start to my Comcast experience, so hopefully I don’t have to write some rants like Mceezy did (Even though I wasn’t expecting a good experience).

To hear Al Davis died was somewhat shocking, and I think I got about 10 texts about it that Saturday morning. It was an odd way to start packing the moving truck to say the least. I mean he was old, but who would’ve thought the Grim Reaper could really die!?! Al meant so much to football as a whole, and I can’t add too much that hasn’t already been said in tributes everywhere, but he meant even more to Raiders fans than I can even put into words. He will be missed. It’s strange how sports can rally people, and naturally I hope the players dedicate the rest of their games to him this year. I got to catch the abbreviated version of the game against Houston on NFL Network this morning, so hopefully they play with that kind of emotion for the remainder of the year.

I don’t have much else to say except, I’m glad I have the internet to find clips like the two below. Sorry if you’re tired of the whole Moneyball story as we keep bringing it up on here, but here’s a SNL spoof for “Tinyballs” that was funny. The second clip needs no introduction except for lucky popsicle!

Too Much Moneyball

There’s been a lot of hype about the movie Moneyball, but I still have yet to see it. I’m sure I will for sure one of these days, just not quite sure when. The opposite of the Moneyball A’s would probably be the Yankees. There was a funny spoof made at jest.com (a site I’d never heard of) if the Yankees were the subject of the movie. Clever and funny soundbites throughout. I must be losing my touch, because once again I can’t embed the video, but here’s the link. Enjoy!

Ok, someone uploaded it to youtube, so here’s the video without having to click on another site…

Tiger and Stevie Break Up


What better place to find a reasonable explanation of why Tiger fired Stevie than the Taiwanese re-creation. According to this video the breakup is because Tiger clubbed women coming out of the ground, then his putter went limp, then he karate kicked Stevie Williams out of his life! I’m not really positive what happened between the two, but we all could see it coming. Stevie kept carrying Adam Scott’s bag. Hurt or not, Stevie should’ve stuck by the man that made everyday people actually know a caddies name. Let’s face it, those two both have pretty big egos, and neither is going to like being shown up.  I mean his ego was so inflated from living off Tiger’s success, he even called Tiger out saying “He’ll have to earn my trust back.” just after the first dozen mistresses came out. Really, you’re going to call out the guy that made you relevant. Like you didn’t know something was going on the side. That would’ve pissed me off if I was Tiger, and from that point on the writing was on the wall. It’s not like Tiger will have a hard time finding someone to carry his bag. Oh, Tiger if you happen to read this. I’d be happy to carry your bag and study course layouts to tell you how to attack the pins. I’ll even go on Kenny Powers like rants for you on the course, so I look like the asshat.

Kobe Spoof on Lockout Issues

I posted the original funny or die spoof when the Lakers got beat by the Mavs. I did like the first one slightly better, but this one was worthy of posting as well. He brought up the very important point of heating in arenas. Players shouldn’t have to be wearing sleves to keep themselves warm, that will be an interesting talking point as the negotiations heat up, if they ever actually do. While scouring the internet for videos, I also ran across this new Steve Nash commercial, which was pretty funny as well if you have another minute to kill…

Kobe’s Post Game Interviews

Lebron in Spacejam

Awesome video. I usually get a kick out of the college humor website. I’d love to play with Stegosaurus and that Purple Guy, they sound like beasts! I couldn’t figure out if Taz was supposed to be Delonte or not, but either way that part made me laugh…

The Next Weird Al?

Growing up I loved Weird Al Yankovic. He made fun of popular songs in a way we’d never really seen on a commercial level. Sometimes he’d make fun of the artist, or just make an entirely different song up. Either way at 7 or 8 years old he was my favorite comedian/spoof singer. I know I listened to Trigger Happy about 50 times with Mceezy when “Off the Deep End” came out. The albums that followed weren’t nearly as good in my opinion. Maybe he ran out of jokes or maybe I grew up a little and found his comedy unsophisticated, who knows. I’ve been waiting for a long time for someone to come out with some parody songs on the songs that are out today, because let’s face it, this crappy music generation is really easy to make fun of. I thought The Dan Band had a shot to fill that void in my life, but I’m not sure he even knows what he’s going to sing before he gets on the stage, and I need some structure! I ran across the Snakes and the song above hit close to home. Pretty much everyone I talk to that is out of college wishes they were back in college during those simpler times. I couldn’t agree more, and if I could I’d be in college forever. Hopefully the Snakes will become the next comedic music-men I’ve been looking for. Based on the other songs on their site, I’m not completely sold on them. Atleast they came up with one classic, and at the perfect time as Michael Scott has his last episode on the office tonight!

Danilo Does What?

I was thoroughly confused when someone sent me a link to this clip above. It was funny, but didn’t make much sense. After checking out the Facebook site it all made sense when I watched Lebron take a sheet!

Easter Fun

If you quizzed me about religion, there’s about a 99.9% chance I’d fail regardless of which religion you were testing me on. As a kid I was sent to church with other families to see if I was into any particular religion. My parents were not, so those trips to random churchs ended rather quickly when I found that my Sunday’s could actually be spent doing normal kid stuff (not that going to church is bad, I just have plenty of other things I’d rather do as most kids would agree). I have to say, with the world shrinking in the information age, these religious holidays like Easter seem to be shoved down our throats a little without most people even knowing the relevance of the day. Especially holidays that we don’t even get a workday off! Usually there isn’t a correlation between the holiday and the reason for celebrating the religious day, and Easter is no different. I’ve never understood what chocolate, colored eggs, and bunnies have to do with the resurrection. Fortunately for me, I ran across this video today to clear all of it up!

Norm MacDonald as Blake Griffin

Yesterday Mceezy sent me a text telling me I needed to check out the spoof that Norm MacDonald did on his new show with Comedy Central. After watching it, I have to say, maybe I didn’t give Blake enough credit for having a personality or the ability to be funny, because in this skit Blake was pretty funny. Now that Blake is used to being a star, maybe he’ll show us some more of his personality. I hope Norm Macdonald Sports Show lasts, but I have a feeling it won’t…

Spoof NBA Lockout Ads

Last off-season in the NBA it was all about the big time free agents, and where will they land. This off-season will be all about Billy Hunter vs. David Stern, and how long the lockout will last. It seems like it could get even uglier than the NFL’s lockout and probably will miss more games. As I’ve said before with the NFL lockout, I’m all for it if they lose some fans and some revenue. Nothing puts a billion dollar league in their place like losing fans. I ran across this video of a few spoof lockout ads that we could see in the near future when the war really heats up. Ok, probably not, but we know it’s going to get ugly. The ad that had Stern saying “he knew where the bodies are buried” had a very interesting story to it during all-star weekend and this article by Adrian Wojnarowski is a must read if you haven’t heard the story.

Daniel Tosh’s Un-Aired Super Bowl Commercial

It’s never in bad taste to poke a little fun at a woman’s sport, and if you’ve seen Tosh.0 ever, you’ll know he’s pretty good at pointing out the shortcoming in anything. This commercial SHOULD have aired last Sunday, it was worth $3M a lot more than some of the other ones…

Jordan Vs. Lebron Parody

Ran across this clip this morning, and have to say it’s awesome! I’m on the fence if it’s actually real or not, since I don’t know why Nike would want MJ to rip on their golden boy Lebron. Either way, I don’t really care if it was doctored, and the words MJ is saying are from a completely different interview, because I bet this is how Jordan actually feels deep down. All I know is if it’s real Lebron might wish he didn’t tell everyone in the league to not wear 23 anymore