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Doin Western Conference Predictions

As always we love to predict the top 8 seeds in each conference, and today we picked the West’s top eight. Unfortunately, we probably won’t be predicting the Eastern Conference top 8 until after the season starts because of Christmas gatherings getting in the way, but sometimes holiday obligations trump the blog!


1. Dallas Mavericks – It may be cliche, but the Mavs are the defending champs, so they’re the team to beat. They’ve always been strong in the regular season, so I see them cruising to the #1 seed. They lost Tyson Chandler and the league’s whitest Latino, Jose Juan Barea, but they also added Delonte West and the second best rebounding Kardashian, Lamar Odom. They got Vince Carter too, but I’m not too sure he’s an “addition.”

2. Los Angeles Lakers – Everyone expects them to regress a bit after losing Odom, and missing out on Chris Paul and Dwight Howard, presumably. But they still have Kobe Bryant. I’m not sure why they never address the point guard position, but I guess it’s not hard to pass the ball to Bean. I have my doubts about new head coach Mike Brown, but I think they’ll still be dominant in the regular season.

3. Seattle Supersonics – The team formerly known as the Sonics has got to be the best example of a team building through the draft ever. Durant, Westbrook, Harden, and co made tremendous strides last year, and there’s no signs of them slowing down. I expect to see Cole Aldrich in particular emerge this year.

4. Memphis Grizzlies – The Grizz were a surprise in the playoffs last year, all without top scorer Rudy Gay. They’ve lost Darrell Arthur for the year, but this team is deep. I expect breakout seasons from many of the Grizzlies’ players, including Xavier Henry, Josh Selby, Sam Young, and MCeezy lookalike, Greivis Vasquez.

5. San Antonio Spurs – The Spurs’ window is closing in many people’s eyes, due to the aging of Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobli. But I believe that will be offset by the improvement of Dejuan Blair and Gary Neal. Gani Lawal and Kawhi Leonard are the wild cards here. If they perform, this team will be right back in the thick of things.

6. Utah Jazz – I’m going out on a limb here, but no matter who’s on the roster, the Jazz always seem to come correct. Al Jefferson and Devin Harris are an underrated duo, and Paul Millsap is a solid third option. We’re most likely going to see a breakout season from either Derrick Favors, Gordon Heyward, or Enes Kanter (if a breakout season for a rookie is even possible). I also expect a resurgence from Mehmet Okur.

7. Los Angeles Clippers – How can you not expect a successful season from the Clips, who’ve added former MVP, Chris Paul. The term “Lob City” is gaining popularity, because Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan are high flyers around the rim. They have three starting PGs in Paul, Chauncey Billups, and Eric Bledsoe. Caron Butler is the wild card here. If he can come back and regain his old form, this team could be even more successful.

8. Sacramento Kings – Call it a homer pick, but I think the Kings have a higher ceiling than the Warriors. Tyreke Evans, Demarcus Cousins, and Jimmer Fredette are a potentially lethal trio. They may take a while to gel together, but the last time there was a lockout shortened season, the Kings came out of it a playoff team, and the sky’s the limit for this young team. I’m not sure that there are enough basketballs to go around for guys like John Salmons and Marcus Thornton though. The failed physical and subsequent voided contract of Chuck Hayes hurts a bit, but they have more cap room than any other team, so I expect them to bring in another quality big man, perhaps re-signing center Samuel Dalembert.


1.  OKC Thunder – Perhaps this team isn’t quite ready to finish the season with their conference’s best record, but when I saw that clip of KD playing flag football with some local frat boys during the lockout, it catapulted my love for him to the top.  Basically, I’m really rooting for this guy and the team he plays for.  But it’s not like the Thunder finishing as the West’s top seed is very far-fetched.  This is a team that’s improved on a yearly basis, and was one Dirk Nowitzki away from a trip to the Finals.  With an explosive, athletic array of talent, and a lean, toned Kendrick Perkins, it seems to me the Thunder have all the ingredients to make a serious run at it this year.

2.  Dallas Mavericks – Losing Tyson Chandler was big, there’s no denying that.  He was the one piece missing from the Mavs during all their previous failed attempts at winning a title.  When they got him, they won.  But, picking up Lamar Odom is definitely going to take some sting off the loss of TC.  While not as long as Chandler, Odom is long enough, and everyone knows he’s a character guy who excels on the defensive end.  Basically, he’s their new Tyson Chandler.  Plus, imagine how good Dirk, Kidd and “The Jet” are going to be when they go out there with the monkey off their backs?  Dallas is playing with house money which makes them dangerous.

3.  LA Clippers – Next year, this team might be #1.  In just two pre-season games, this team showed a glimpse of how difficult it will be to defend them, and score on them.  Their starting back court might be the best defensive back court in the NBA already, and if DeAndre Jordan improves defensively, watch out!  He’s already a great shot blocker.  Chauncey might fit the 2 perfectly on this squad, and his efficiency will skyrocket with CP3 diming to him.  Speaking of CP3, he now has TWO guys who he can throw 14 feet high lobs to, and he’s already the best passer in the game.  Not fair!  Let’s just hope Blake Griffin is still suspect defensively, or else we can make it official now, we’ll see this team come late June.  I think I drooled a little just writing about the Clips.

4.  LA Lakers – I know Lakers fans are saying they’re still the toast of the town, but when you’re star seems to be entering this season at age 45 (in basketball years), your starting Power Forward has been deemed soft (again), and your young future star Center can’t stay on the floor for a season, putting them at #4 might even be a stretch.  Plus do we really believe Mike Brown can coach this team?  I haven’t even mentioned Kobe’s divorce.  Well maybe the divorce helps Kobe, as he ends up being really mad and goes ape shit on the league.  But the way he got turned back by DeAndre Jordan on an attempted dunk in the pre-season, I doubt that scenario is on the horizon.

5.  Memphis Grizzlies – Don’t know how this team will survive long term as it seems everyone was handed out huge contracts, but for the time being, the nucleus of this squad was kept intact with the re-signing of the better Gasol, Marc.  Memphis made their great playoff run last season without Rudy Gay, so naturally I would assume they’d be a better team with him, plus the gained confidence and experience from crashing last year’s post season.  With all that said, I don’t think the Grizzlies have that “guy” who can take them to the next level.  Finishing 5th in this conference is a great accomplishment for this team.

6.  San Antonio Spurs – I admire a franchise that displays loyalty to the studs that gave them glory.  So keeping perhaps the original “Big 3” of the 2000’s TD, TP & Ginobili together is a class move by them.  Too bad class does not reverse the effects of Father Time and Mother Nature.  This team is old and their glory days are long behind them.  This team is the Lakers of two years from now.

7.  Golden State Warriors – Pending the severity of Steph Curry’s injury, I (again) really like our team this season.  The Warriors have a ton of talent on the offensive end, our Achilles’ Heel has always been defending and rebounding.  But there’s something in Mark Jackson that has me believing that will finally change this season.  Hell, Andris Biedrins had 4 blocks against Sac in their final pre-season tune-up, but more importantly, he looked active and confident on both ends.  He’s been quick to a lot of offensive rebounds this pre-season.  What sets the Warriors apart this year from teams of the past, is our bench looks solid all around, and this is prior to the addition of Brandon Rush.  Once again though, this is all pending the status of Steph.

8.  Portland Trailblazers – The retiring of Brandon Roy puts a dampen feeling to not only Blazer fans, but NBA fans in general.  He is a class guy off the court, and a silky, smooth assassin on.  Luckily for the Blazers, in instances where they’ve drafted bad, or unlucky, they also drafted good and made solid off season acquisitions.  LaMarcus Aldridge has blossomed in Roy’s absence and is an All-Star in my opinion.  Who would of thunk Wes Matthews was worth every cent he got of that huge contract (thus far)?  With young studs like Nicolas Batum and the addition of veteran Point Guard Raymond Felton, the Blazers have enough fire power to finish in the Top 8 this season.  Where they go from there, is anyone’s guess.


1. Seattle Supersonics – There’s no such thing as sneaking up on anyone this year. KD, Westbrook, and Harden will continue to grow offensively, but I think the real tipping point will be the way Ibaka and Perkins can protect the rim. Ibaka showed tons of promise, and Perk was too injured to make a difference last year but will this season. I think the biggest question for these youngsters is can they handle being the target and whether their two superstars can co-exist.

2. Los Angeles Clippers – Remember when CP3 led the Hornets to the #2 seed a few years ago? Well, he won the MVP that season, and his team wasn’t nearly as talented as the Clippers team he’s currently on. I actually think with this cast, he will win the MVP this year if he can stay healthy, and will be one of the most entertaining teams in recent memory. They might need another big man to give Blake and Deandre a blow, but at every other position they’re deep, which is great in a shortened season. I just hope there’s no blown ACL for CP3 like nearly every Clippers PG goes down with.

3. Dallas Mavericks – It was interesting to watch them let Chandler walk. I’m sure they knew he wasn’t worth $60M, which is why I was kinda happy the Warriors didn’t end up with him. Odom going to Dallas was a pretty solid move for them. They also picked up Delonte West to help cope with the loss of Barea. I don’t understand why they only have one so-so center on the roster in Haywood, but this team always seems to be in the top 4 teams out west with or without a competent center.

4. Los Angeles Lakers – Another team that looks in flux. Can Andrew Bynum finally live up to his hype and stay healthy for a full season making him the second best center in the game? Doubt it, because he hasn’t ever done it. The worrysome part for the Lakers is their bench. They lost Odom in one of the worst trades ever, and didn’t find anyone that is worthy of replacing what he does. This team has almost declined enough to bump them out of the top 4, but not quite yet.

5. San Antonio Spurs – This might be a bad pick putting them this low since they were the #1 seed in the West last year. That being said, they didn’t really inject much youth into this aging roster. Tim Duncan might be healthier than he was last year, but we’ve seen him on the decline for quite some time. Will Tony Parker ever get traded? Seems strange they got rid of George Hill, and kept the older, more expensive declining Parker.

6. Memphis Grizzlies – There seems to be an uproar on Rudy Gay coming back and actually hurting this team. How can getting an All-Star back in the lineup hurt your team?!? Do Grizzly fans actually think Tony Allen is better option than Gay? There’s noway I understand that logic. I see Conley and Gasol taking steps forward, and this team is pretty young so that will help in those triple headers during the season.

7. Denver Nuggets – There’s only one reason I’m taking the Nuggets to make the playoffs and that’s because they are so deep even with some guys still hanging out in China. They played really good down the stretch last year after they sent Melo packing, and also dealt with Coach Karl’s medical conditions. That shows me there really is a team feeling going on in the locker room. Nobody really plays a lot more than 20-25 minutes on a given night, which is going to be a good thing with the upcoming compacted schedule.

8. Portland Trailblazers – There’s tons of bad news out of Blazers camp with Brandon Roy retiring, Oden missing nearly all their games (shocking), and Lamarcus Aldridge suffering some strange heart problem. That being said, this team always seems to overcome and sqeak their way into the playoffs. Felton and Crawford seem like solid additions to Wallace, Aldridge, and Matthews trio.

If At First You Don’t Succeed

The old adage is, if at first you don’t succeed, try try again.

Perhaps we need to apply this saying towards the Detroit Lions draft methods of the early to late 2000’s.  It wasn’t long ago when Detroit was the laughing-stock of the NFL in terms of their draft decisions.  To put a long story short, they went receiver happy.  For three consecutive years starting in 2003, the Lions used their very first pick to pluck out supposedly, the best wide out that year’s draft had to offer.  None of those pics panned out for them.

2003 Carlos Rogers #2 overall

2004 Roy Williams #7 overall

2005 Mike Williams #10 overall

To their defense, all three of these wide outs were absolute beasts in college, and would have passed any eye test by an average football fan’s standards.  And to his credit, Roy Williams had his moments with the Lions albeit a short stint with them.

After taking a year off, in which they selected a line backer in Ernie Sims with the ninth overall pick in 2006, they hopped right back on that bike after falling several times, and tried again.  This time selecting Calvin Johnson with the second overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft.  Bingo.  Boy did they ever get it right.  I won’t mention Calvin Johnson’s accomplishments in the NFL, we all know he’s a monster, but when you’re given the nick name “MEGATRON“, and rightfully so, it speaks volume to the type of player you are.  When Detroit finally got it right at receiver, it allowed them to sew up the other sexy positions on the roster.  Matthew Stafford in 2009, and Ndamukong Suh in 2010.  And while Stafford and Suh get all the jersey sales and glory out in the Motor City, I can’t help but think they wouldn’t be there had it not been for Detroit finally getting the proverbial monkey off their back with the Calvin Johnson pick.

I guess the moral of the story is, we shouldn’t laugh at David Kahn and his point guard infatuation just yet … he may have a Optimus Prime in the making.

What Would Tebow Do?

I know this is a bit old, and my intentions was to get this post up during the end of the 2010 NFL Season, but things happened, and I delayed the post.  Seeing as to how I’ve had the longest episode of Writer’s Block in the history of my blogging existence, I figured why not just post my past thoughts in the mean time?  So here is WWTD Pt. 2, hope you enjoy!

Randy Moss
Randy Moss is no stranger to controversy, but it was his public dispute with a blue-collar kind of guy who owned a buffet restaurant that created a media frenzy, ultimately contributing to his being cut by the Vikings.  According to the owner, Moss stated his food wasn’t to the standards of what Moss fed his dogs.  It seems as if someone could use some God in his life.
What would Tebow do?
While Tim Tebow is not susceptible to disliking one’s cuisine, what he would have done was use God’s will to turn a negative into a positive.  He would tell the owner he was feeling charitable, then box up the spread and send it to a third world country to feed the poverty-stricken children.  When asked how he would be paying for it, he’d reply, “Straight God homie.”
Brett Favre
Brett Favre has acted like a little girl about his retirement for the past three or four years, so it’s fitting that he and his career won’t ride off into the sunset, because of a girl.  Obviously “sexting” can be inappropriate, especially in the alleged manner in which Favre was doing it, but who’s to say he wasn’t led on by his accuser?  I’m sure a Jenn Sterger reality show isn’t far off in the making.
What would Tebow do?
It’s difficult for any man to avoid temptation and sin, especially when your profession surrounds you with beautiful women who are eyeing your seven or eight figure salary.  But to preserve his purity and commitment to the Lord, Tim Tebow would go to extreme measures, including fixing himself up with a Friar doo.  What better way to detract women from you, than by becoming hideous and creepy?  Now excuse me, I have a Davinci painting to dispose of.

Doin Lists

It’s been a minute since I’ve dropped a list on anything, and being that we’re a quarter past the 2010-2011 NBA season, I thought now is as good a time as any to weigh in on my opinions on the most important position in the game.  The point guard.  Without further adieu, my top ten pg’s of the NBA season thus far.

Doin Lists PG Ranking Edition

A few quick disclaimer.  As much as I wanted to insert John Wall somewhere into this list, I just couldn’t pull the trigger.  This list is purely based on production, not potential.  Also I completed this list prior to Rondo’s injury.

10.  Mike Conley/Jason Kidd

As with my NFL QB ranks, I couldn’t decide between two players to lead the list off, so once again, I went with both.  Jason Kidd, now 74 years of age, is one of the main cogs on this Dallas Mavericks machine that ran off twelve straight before being upsetted by the Bucks on Monday.  Despite that minor hiccup, the Mavs hold the second best record out west and Kidd’s 9 assists per game has a lot to do with it.  As for Mike Conley, his development is partly to blame for the now sudden availability of once cornerstone piece O.J. Mayo for trade.

9.  Andre Miller

It’s a shame that Andre “I Just Woke Up” Miller’s attempted tackle on Blake Griffin and ensuing suspension is what people will most likely remember most on his season.  But the eleven year veteran is the prime reason why the Hurtland Kneebreakers are over achieving.  Miller won’t blow you away with his numbers, but for those of you who understand basketball know, he does the things that help you win games.  Like try to tackle the opposing team’s best player.

8.  Steve Nash

It’s not really Steve Nash’s fault he’s so low on this list.  He’s averaging 18.4 points, 10.2 assists and even 3.7 rebounds per game this season.  That’s like Kevin Love numbers on the glass for Nash.  Not to mention he’s shooting over 50% from the field (again) which is not typical for a point guard.  So what more can he do to move up the ranks?  Win.  That probably won’t happen.  And no, getting Robin Lopez back won’t be the answer.

7.  Tony Parker

It’s hard to give Tony Parker too much credit for the Spurs holding the best record in the NBA.  After all, Manu Ginobili now starts and is playing ridiculous, Richard Jefferson got his mojo back, the Spurs boast a solid second unit led by George “Naked” Hill, and of course last I checked, T.D. is still there.  But Parker is having his best season in quite some time, and for an NBA team, it all starts with the point guard.  Perhaps he’s got his “drive” back now that he’s newly single.

6.  Raymond Felton

Who would have thunk this!?  I know we all thought Ray Felton would have a chance to be a factor in Mike D’Antoni’s offensive system, but he’s down right unstoppable in it!  I never bought into the “potential” of Felton, and this might just be a scenario in which an above average point guard is thriving in a perfect situation, but whatever the case, Felton’s putting up big numbers now and winning.  Amare Stoudemire gets the headlines, but Felton’s the key to NY’s success.

5.  Chris Paul

I remember writing a piece last season stating CP3 would come back strong to take the point guard crown again after Charles Barkley told him he was no longer the best.  Well not only is he not the best, but he’s not even in the top three.  It’s not Paul’s fault.  Like Steve Nash, there’s only so much he can do with a mediocre team in turmoil.  I know for a fact that if the Hornets are making a playoff push 50-60 games in, Paul’s place on this list will be higher.  For now, New Orleans is stumbling, and so the face of the franchise has to fall with them.

4.  Russell Westbrook

God I love to watch this guy play.  He’s got an unbelievable combination of speed and power, he’s like a cheetah out there.  And like many of the fresh, young talent at the point guard position the NBA is blessed with, he’s not satisfied with anything’s he’s done in his career.  I love to hear stories about these freak athletes who actually want to work on their game and get better.  That’s what separates the Kobe’s from the Isaiah Rider’s.  Kevin Durant might be the Michael Jordan of the Oklahoma City Thunder, but Westbrook is the Michael Jordan 1A.  Seriously, there’s no drop off in talent between the two.  I’m really high on this kid.

3.  Derrick Rose

Oh wait, you know how I just basically placed Russell Westbrook on a pedestal?  Well Derrick Rose just high jumped and cleared that pedestal.  That combination of speed and power Westbrook has, Rose has too.  The passion and drive Westbrook has.  Rose has too.  Rose was out taking 1,000,000 (I don’t know the exact number) jumpers a day during the off-season to improve his range.  Once again, a freak of nature athlete not settling with his God-given talents.  I love it.  One thing Rose has that Westbrook, or any other player doesn’t have is, his ability to jump while already in the air.  How the hell does he elevate twice on a single jump!?

2.  Deron Williams

Chappy and I texted each other briefly during the Utah Jazz/Golden State Warriors game on Monday night.  D. Will and Monta Ellis were in a scuffle and being the Warriors faithful we are, we messaged each other on how much of a douche D. Will is.  But of course, he’s a douche we’d all want on our team.  Deron Williams torched the Dubs for 30 points and 10 assists that night, and he does it so smooth and easy.  Games like that are a regular occurrence for him, and with the Jazz playing so well, I can’t put him any further than number two.  D. Will, the cerebral assassin.

1.  Rajon Rondo

He can’t shoot a jumper.  He can’t shoot free throws.  He doesn’t score much.  Is this some kind of a joke?  Rajon Rondo is the top ranked point guard on this list?  Yes.  It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a player dominate games without taking a single shot the way Rondo does, and I must say, it’s very impressive.  Rondo makes up for his lack of shooting efficiency with superb everything else.  He has disgustingly long arms and quick feet, which makes him a terrific defender.  He has eagle eye vision and can spot a play before it happens.  Most importantly, he already has a ring and commands the respect of three future Hall of Famers.  He might not be the flashiest guy on this list, but in terms of being a great point guard, he’s the best.

Welcome, Saviors

Not completely lost amidst the Warriors near melt down, was the introduction of new owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber to the Bay Area public.  Their speeches were short, sweet and simple.  But the impression left was meaningful.  Yes, there’s still plenty of season left, and although a 7-4 record looks, and feels good now, there hasn’t been a 7-4 team to make the playoffs in NBA history.  We play 82 games.  It’s uncertain how the rest of the season will play out, but we Warrior fans have got to appreciate the new energy that’s surrounding our organization.

It’s easy to give credit to Keith Smart.  And he deserves it.  He’s so definitive in his demeanor that he even sways me, the harshest critic, into believing that what ever decision he made was the right one, despite the results.  He’s a true leader on the sidelines.  Credit could, and should be given to the new Monta Ellis.  His attitude has been nothing but positive since getting married.  His maturity has risen to the point that you forget that he’s only 25.  He’s still a kid himself, but he’s ready to be the older brother on this young squad.  But I can’t help but think that all this positive energy must have started up top.  The very top.

Joe Lacob has experienced winning at the highest level with the Celtics.  And now he brings that tradition, and that winning formula to what he calls, a great market.  He’s correct.  His first words to Warriors’ fans, “You are the best fans …”

Someone knows how to butter us up.  But it’s true.  Unlike other sports teams in the Bay, or anywhere for that matter, it’s hard to point out a fair weather Warrior fan.  Or a bandwagoner.  I’ve been going to Warriors games for over 16 years, and from 1994 to 2010, the Dubs have been selling out, or at least coming close to it.  I could be wrong, but one things for sure, the arena never felt empty, even when we were losing.  And now we have owners who want to reward us for our loyalty and commitment.  I can’t wait for these next few years, because I don’t feel stupid for expecting great things.

So on behalf of all Warrior faithful, we just want to welcome Joe Lacob and Peter Guber to the Bay, officially.  And thank you, ahead of time.

Doin Lists

Nothing beats a good list!  So here you go, a “Doin Work” exclusive list for all to enjoy!

Doin Lists QB Ranking Edition

10.  Joe Flacco/Eli Manning

I couldn’t choose between the two.  Eli Manning will finish with better numbers, but despite a Super Bowl victory on his resume in which he was named MVP, I still don’t trust him in crucial moments.  I think it’s his face.  Joe Flacco on the other hand, is pretty cool come crunch time.  In fact, had it not been for another guy on this list, the Ravens would sit on a 7-2 record atop the AFC North, on the strength of Flacco’s come back effort against Atlanta this past Thursday.

9.  Josh Freeman

Tampa Bay has no business in being a playoff contender, and yet here they are.  The development of LaGarrette Blount, the resurrection of Mike Williams, and a solid defensive unit have all contributed to their success.  But the main reason is because this kid Josh Freeman, only in his second year, knows how to win.  His numbers aren’t mind blowing, but he’s pretty clutch if you need a score late to win one.

8.  Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers isn’t quite having the season we expected after last year’s break out, but he’s still a top flight guy.  Several factors have contributed to Rodgers’ slow start, if you can call it that, but mainly injuries.  Losing Jermichael Finley was huge, as he had become Rodgers’ safety valve on the team.  Yet a 6-3 record, tied for first in the North, and a solid 2,300 yards passing with 15 touchdowns has him in the top ten.

7.  Kyle Orton

Kyle Orton, really?  If you’re not a Broncos fan, or a fantasy football stud, then you’d have reason to be shocked.  But Orton is second in the league in passing yards and is tied for fifth in touchdowns thrown.  Part of me has him ranked high on this list, simply because I’m happy for the guy.  He wasn’t wanted in Chicago and backed up Rex Grossman.  He was supposed to be keeping the seat warm for Tim Tebow.  Instead, he’s developed into a legitimate star in Denver.  In fantasy that is.  But still.

6.  Drew Brees

Drew Bees leads the league in completion percentage and is third in touchdowns thrown, and yet I have him sixth on my list?  I’m robbing Brees here, I know, but he’s not blowing me away this season.  Perhaps I’ve been spoiled by his past brilliance, and so now I’m being greedy.  Despite no running game, and a Super Bowl hangover, the Saints are 6-3 thanks to the arm of Brees.  I expect him to be higher up on my list come season’s end.

5.  Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is still Peyton Manning.  He and the Colts have not had the most impressive season in recent history, but they’re still the team to beat in the AFC South.  Manning lost Dallas Clark, Anthony Gonzalez, Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon for all, or some part of the season, yet, he continues to put up Manning numbers.  To be honest, this is the most dangerous version of Manning, the one that’s doing enough to fly under the radar until the conference championship.  Watch out.

4.  Michael Vick

I might have Mike Vick one or two spots too high on my list according to some.  Make your own list then.  When Vick’s on the field and healthy, there’s absolutely no game plan that can stop this guy.  We’ve all known about his ability to run, but his arm has finally caught up to his legs, and the combination of the two makes him lethal.  New York sits atop the NFC East right now, but I don’t think that will last long.

3.  Philip Rivers

Philip Rivers acts like a dick.  But 90% of you would want that jerk on your team.  Keep it real.  He’s like Barry Bonds, minus the steroids controversy.  He’s putting up huge numbers for an injury plagued team and without VJ.  He currently leads the league in passing yards and is second in touchdowns thrown.  I’d have him ranked #1 on my list, if not for Diego’s record.  Still plenty of games to play though.

2.  Matt Ryan

Is that the Falcons with the NFC’s best record?  You best believe it.  Not only are they sitting pretty at 7-2, but they have quality wins against the Saints, Bucs and most recent, Baltimore Ravens.  Atlanta has talent across the board, but it starts with Ryan.  His masterful performance this past Thursday versus the Ravens, which included a game winning drive, is the reason why he’s ranked so high.  Hate on.

1.  Tom Brady

Tom Bieber.  Tom Terrific?  What ever the case, Brady has regained his MVP form, and despite the setback he and the Pats took in Cleveland, is there any other team you would least want to face in the playoffs than New England?  Who are the receivers on this team!?  Exactly.  Brady picked apart the best defense in the league with a kid named Gronkowski.  Gronkowski people.

NBA Fast Break!

Just some quick thoughts on the young NBA season …

Despite getting absolutely destroyed by Chicago tonight, my Golden State Warriors currently hold a 6-3 record going into Saturday’s game in Milwaukee.  Things to note:  Keith Smart appears to be an excellent coach, who seems to understand today’s players.  Steph Curry has not fallen into the Sophomore slump.  David Lee is the right acquisition for this team.  Dorrell Wright is the perfect acquisition for this team.  And finally, the team chemistry is at an all time high.  I love this squad.  All praise the “Smart” era!

If the Heat crowd consisted of this 24/7, I might change my tune.

Coming into the season, all the talk was about the Miami Heat, and rightfully so.  They assembled a baby “Dream Team”.  Well, they’re currently 5-4 (not as good as the Warriors) and show no signs of being capable of beating Boston.  But, the most shocking thing to me about Miami is, well, they’re boring to watch.  LeBron and Wade are a highlight reel waiting to happen but without a soundtrack.  What I mean by that is their crowd is weak.  LeBron’s posterizing dunks will never quite be the same without the Cleveland crowd behind him.  I’m sorry Miami, I’m sure there are some real Heat fans out there, but they’re currently not in the stands.

PS – Chris Bosh plays defense like he’s still at the beach, just enjoying the view  …

Free Kevin Love!

David Kahn is probably the worse President in basketball.  I take that back, that’s an understatement.  David Kahn is absolutely the worse president in basketball.  So it’s fitting he’s hired, and kept the worse coach in basketball in Kurt Rambis, employed.  Here’s an “NBA Coaching For Dummies” tip for you Rambis, play your best player.  I don’t know what Kevin Love’s done to Rambis behind closed doors, perhaps a Delonte/LeBron situation but involving his daughter, but whatever the case, Rambis can’t be limiting Love’s minutes due to “lack of defense”.  If that were the case, Michael Beasley should be riding the pine right next to him.  Of course, I wouldn’t be concerned about what’s going on in Minnesota, had I not drafted Kevin Love as a keeper in my fantasy league.


Could the Lakers be attempting to chase down history?  Some people, including myself thought the Heat would be challenging the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls for ultimate team supremacy and bragging rights, by eclipsing Chicago’s 72 wins season.  Well we got the wrong team.  It’s the Lakers laying down the foundation towards team immortality.  Why didn’t I see the signs?  Phil’s last run.  Kobe’s competitive nature.  I’m sure the moment LeBron announced his plans to hit the W on South Beach, Kobe hit the gym.  Plus, Pau Gasol has emerged as the best player on this team, and in the league.  Yes I said it.  That title has belonged to him ever since the NBA Finals two seasons ago.  He was robbed of a Finals’ MVP trophy last season.  The Lakers are so good, and so deep, they can cut Andrew Bynum and be O.K.  Name another team that could do the same.

John Wall and Blake Griffin are fresh, new and exciting!  Like seeing Tony Hawk execute the 900 during the first X Games exciting!  At this point, I don’t see either the Wizards or the Clippers making a playoff push, but the race for Rookie of the Year will only continue to heat up!  When it’s all said and done, I believe John Wall will edge out Griffin due to the fact that he can do the feminine version of the “Dougie”.

Here …

PS – He dances like a girl.

Sweet November

Thank You Giants

I was trying to put into words what I’ve been feeling for the greater part of the last twenty-four hours, but I can’t.  As cliché as it sounds, there aren’t any words to describe this feeling.

So as I wait to gather myself from this high, I simply just want to thank the boys.  I want to thank the loveable cast of misfits that is our San Francisco Giants.  After the curse of the game ball that was handed out to Russ Ortiz by Dusty Baker in 2002, I honestly felt that I wouldn’t live to see the day San Francisco wins its first World Series pennant.

Last night, the short-lived curse was put to rest.  But for the fans who’ve been waiting decades for this moment, it was more than that.  History was made.  Life is good.  Thank you boys.


Let’s Hear It For The Boys!

I’m not the biggest baseball fan in the world, but I am a huge Giants fan!  So if you, by chance, were wondering why I haven’t posted anything about Lincecum’s masterful Game 1, Cain’s solid outing in Game 2, the near carbon-copy of Lincecum’s aforementioned performance by Jonathan Sanchez in Game 3, and now Bumgarner’s impressive night on the road in a close out game, a game which started as Bobby Cox’s potential finale’ … quite simply put, I wasn’t trying to jinx my boys.

Now that the NLDS is over with, and I must say, it was an exciting one at that, with each game being decided by controversial calls and a single run,  but as I was saying, now that it’s over with, I can finally give my boys some praise!  If pitching wins in the playoffs, I have to like our chances at a pennant, period.  Between our four starters, the Giants gave up three earned runs.  Do the math, three earned runs, four games.  That is lights out pitching.  Lincecum highlighted the series with a brilliant, dazzling playoff debut, in a pressure packed environment in which every pitch was magnified.  One hanging slider, one mistake, and the Giants lose.  Lincecum wouldn’t allow it, possibly dialing up the best pitching performance of the post season thus far.  I know, I’m biased, but Roy Halladay had four runs to lean against, Timmy didn’t.  And Timmy rung up 14 batters … I’m just saying.

Matt Cain followed it up, by going 7 & 1/3, only giving up an unearned run.  Although not as flashy as Lincecum, or Sanchez, Cain delivers in workman like fashion, but all that matters is, he gets results.  Unfortunately Romo ruined his playoff debut.  And how about Jonathan Sanchez?  Called upon to right the ship that was capsizing after taking a major hit, because the Giants blew a three run lead late in Game 2, losing in the 11th … but Sanchez delivered the goods.  Unfortunately Romo ruined his playoff debut.  Finally Bumgarner.  How cool is this cat?  The Braves were a desperate team swinging desperate bats, and despite some fireworks early for the Braves, Bumgarner never flinched.  He stayed calm, cool and collective, and gave us 6 & 1/3 of solid pitching. 

Onto Buster “NL ROY” Posey!  He hit .375, and outplayed his ROY counter part in every facet of the game, but what impressed me most about Posey, his ability to lead.  Name another first year catcher who can command the respect of such a mighty pitching staff?  But when anyone of the studs on the mound lost control, it was Posey who got them back.  Posey made all the right plays, even the ones that shouldn’t have counted, and he called the right games. 

I can go on and on about the Giants.  B-Willy, who resembles Jean-Claude Van Damme’s best friend in Bloodsport, and pitches as intimidating as he looks.  Aubrey Huff, Cody Ross, etc.  Euphoric is the word that best describes my feelings right now.  I’m on cloud nine, a natural high, whatever it is, I’m enjoying every bit of it … at least for the next few days.  Then my mind is on Philly.  Tough task ahead.  But these Giants are not done. Regardless of how the rest of the post season turns out for the Giants, this year’s rendition of the team is by far, my all-time favorite.  Never have we had a group of players who the fans can connect to so easily, never have we had a team, that I feel, genuinely cares about us just the same.  Never have we had a team that genuinely cares for each other for Christ’s sake!  Bonds, Kent.  Do you see the emotion these Giants let loose every time one of them comes through for each other!?  It literally made my eyes tear to see Lincecum do the Jordan fist pump in the dug out after Huff tied the game in the top of the 9th in Game 3.  Then Freddy Sanchez ,with his slide into home plate right into a jumping fist pump of his own, after scoring the go ahead run off a Conrad error!  It’s our team, it’s like rooting for the boys, it’s our city, who is yearning for a winner, it’s how we got here, it’s how we get it done, the torture, and it’s how we wear our emotions on our sleeves.  There’s a certain magic in the air surrounding these Giants, the city, the fans right now.  I’m just happy to be a part of it.

Apparently There Was A Memo Passed Out

Apparently there was a memo passed out, the memo stated this:

All touchdown celebrations will consist of doing “The Dougie”

For those of you who are not well versed on the fresh, “The Dougie” is a hit record performed by the California Swag District.  Yes, that is their name.  Oh and by the way, I hate the word “swag.”

Anyway, if you want to see what “The Dougie” is all about, simply tune into an NFL game, and wait for any player to cross the goal line to score …

Here’s an example

And here’s another

Apparently the 49ers aren’t good at winning, but they can sure tear the club up!

Of course this post wouldn’t be complete without a “Heisman Dougie“, or a “DUIgie”

This is all just fun and games, but don’t you dare let your offensive lineman spike the ball for you on a touchdown … that’s plain disrespectful!  Ask Jason Witten and Marc Colombo about it …

Hand It Over Already

Denard Robinson is running away with the Heisman, so hand it over already, there is no other player even in the discussion right now.  He led newly ranked Michigan to a late game victory over Indiana yesterday, but what’s more impressive, was his body of work on the day.  How’s this for fantasy stats, 277 yards passing with 3 TD’s, and 217 yards rushing with 2 more TD’s?  On top of that, he was an efficient 10/16 through the air with no picks, and only needed 19 carries to break 200 on the ground.  He became the first player in NCAA history to have two games of over 200 yards passing and rushing in the same season.  Two games, and we’re only five games in!  He’s also doing this on the road (@ Notre Dame & @ Indiana), in hostile environments.  Needless to say, he is the single most important player to his team, anywhere.  Even #1 ranked Alabama kept it rolling without last year’s Heisman winner Mark Ingram earlier this season.  Oh and by the way, he’s also electrifying to watch, which is a Heisman trait.  I can’t wait to see his highlights every Saturday!

I could go on forever about this guy, but the numbers speak for themselves, here.

And if reading isn’t believing, how about seeing?  Here.

And this was one of his “average” performances.  It almost sounds cliché to call him the next Michael Vick, it seems any running QB gets those comparisons now, but Denard Robinson does remind me of Mike Vick.  Which brings up an interesting argument, is he an NFL QB?  I know he flourishes in a Rich Rodriguez system out there in Michigan, but regardless of the system, he is putting up good passing numbers.  And of course, his ground game, which might be the best in college, could be an advantage at the next level.  So doesn’t that make him a potential NFL star behind center?  I don’t know what the experts are saying, but I think he can be.  I remember on one of the Doin-Work e-mail chains, we spoke of how it was difficult to read the transition of QB’s from college to the pros, and whether they’ll make it, well I think Denard Robinson is a prime example of that.  But without looking too far ahead, there’s one thing that’s not hard to read.  Denard Robinson, Heisman Award winner.

DUBS 2010

Basketball is around the corner, and I am uberly excited!  I hope the Lakers fail and Kobe finally starts to show some wear & tear.  I’m intrigued to see how the Miami Thrice unification plays out, 73 wins?  Although “Miami Thrice” as a nickname is just lame.  But, most importantly, I’m excited for my new look Golden State Warriors!  I got high hopes on my boys! 

Here’s a little snippet from the Warriors YouTube channel, led by the freshly gold medaled Steph Curry, the Dubs run some basic 3 on 2 and 2 on 1 drills, if I must say so myself, our squad has the look of a playoff team.

PS – I know it’s only rumored … but just in case Lacob & Riley read this, DO NOT TRADE STEPH CURRY EVER!

Karma’s Bite

I am a strong believer in karma, and the majority of the time, karma works against me, but in the case of the first two weeks of the NFL season, it actually works in my favor.

Why you ask?  Because the Minnesota Vikings are 0-2.

Brett Favre has never been bitten in the butt, he’s never gotten what he deserved for the circus-like soap opera of a show he puts on every single off-season.  I’m going to retire.  I’m not.  This is it for me.  I love the game too much.  And on and on and on.  It’s disgusting.  Finally the football gods have had enough, and they’ve inflicted karma onto the divo.  The Vikings are 0-2, and yes they can talk about how they won the division two years ago after dropping their first two, but it ain’t happening again.  Not with Favre and the Scarlett Letter “K” he has sewn on to his jersey.  What I’m loving the most out of Favre, is the fact that he’s absolutely not having fun right now.  The media, NFL commentators, and all of his groupies always mention how he is a grown man kid, whose love for the game is similar to a child who loves his Legos.  Like he’s some innocent, wide-eyed infant.  You name me a kid who holds an entire organization and it’s fan base, in fact an entire league hostage.  Kid my ass.  Well watching Favre this season, it doesn’t look like he’s having fun at all.  Which means I’m having crazy fun!

I had high hopes for my San Francisco 49ers, and since they’re going nowhere fast, watching Brett Favre perform like a worn out pair of Wranglers jeans is a great consolation prize.  The thread is going to rip at any moment.

If Favre wins the gold medal in receiving karma, than Reggie Bush gets the silver.  I like Reggie Bush the player.  He lucked into a great situation because Sean Payton has done a brilliant job utilizing Bush in different formations to get him out in the open field.  Bush will never be the USC Bush in the NFL, but he’s definitely a weapon now.  But while at USC, he cheated, plain and simple.  And when the eligibility of his Heisman trophy was put into question, he returned the award, yet stated it was not an admission of guilt.  Seriously Bush?  Well he broke his leg in Monday Night’s win over the 49ers, it’s not career ending or anything, but he will miss a significant amount of time this season.  Karma strikes again.

So although I’m not karma’s bff or anything, as I’ve had my fair share of “getting my just desserts” … I’m glad to see that karma isn’t prejudice, and anyone can fall victim to its bite.


Many thought that the team that Jerry Coangelo & Coach K built and brought to Istanbul was a Silver medal team at best, but I begged to differ.  I was never worried, not for one moment that Team USA would fail to bring home the Gold.  And on the first NFL Sunday of the season, I celebrate basketball, and what our country accomplished against a good Turkey team.

Why I never faltered in my belief in our team?  For one, Coach K is a great, great coach, and aside from the X’s & O’s, he manages egos well.  What went on unnoticed during the selection process was the idea of building a “team.”  Due to the frenzied free agency that took place this past Summer, it was safe to assume that the top names in basketball would forgo making the trip overseas to play in the FIBA Championships.  So Coach K swooped up KD, and basically built a Euro style team around him, with some shooters, hustlers, and speed.  Take a look at the team the US presented, and all though there were plenty of All-Stars and franchise cornerstones, they all happily took a back seat to KD and the winning cause.  And quite simply put, they became a “team”.  Once that was established, KD led the way, Odom held it down, and the cast played their part.

It’s similar to when the US lost in Athens (despite winning a Bronze, we chalk it up as a loss), many threw around the idea of just sending the NBA Champions to the Olympics.  At the time, the team would have been the Detroit Pistons, the epitome of a team.  There’s no question in my mind that the Pistons would have won Gold that year.  Of course, in 2008 the Redeem Team willingly formed to take back what was rightfully ours in Beijing.  This time around, we didn’t have the luxury of sending the absolute best players in the planet to Istanbul, so Jerry Coangelo and Coach K basically built the 2004 Detroit Pistons 2.0, bigger and bolder.  The team was predicated on defense, and our undersized, scrappy, athletic group of kids shut teams down and suffocated them.

The result, we remain on top of the world in the sport of basketball!  USA!  USA!  USA!

More to LeBron’s Move to Miami …

Inspired by Chappy’s latest post (see post below this) I have decided to keep up with the “random thoughts” theme, as the world of sports is sloth like to me at the moment.  Stagnant.  So why not combine my fascination for two things I can’t turn my eyes from, and write about it?  

Forget Wade & Bosh, these are Bron's real friends in Miami

It’s been about a month since we were all witnesses to “The Decision”, yet the media still talks about it as if it happened yesterday.  Rightfully so.  My first reaction to his hour long special was, “What a douche!”  I mean, that was about as classy as “The Situation” is from Jersey Shore.  To pick the bigger douche between the two would be a difficult task after that.  His decision to make “The Decision” was a complete train wreck, just like the Jersey Shore shows, but, we were all tuned in.  We love train wrecks don’t we America?  A lot of us were hoping that LeBron would announce he was staying in Cleveland, to fulfill the contrived destiny we create for our stars.  But, some of us were hoping for the opposite.  Some of us were hoping for exactly what happened.  Just like how some of us hope Snooki’s drunk date pukes all over her when she attempts to kiss him.  Tell me you didn’t find it all entertaining.  And get this, now that the Jersey Shore cast has moved to Miami for the second season, wouldn’t it be great if LeBron was the surprise new roomie?  I mean, judging by the way he’s carried himself since the end of last season to now, wouldn’t he fit right in with the orange people?  Bron looks like a total “Juice Head” right?  Is all of this going down like it has, a coincidence?  I’m sure he’s ran into Sitch & DJ Pauley D in Vegas once or twice, they all get along, have a few drinks and then maybe come up with a pact to be casted on a reality show together in Miami.  Pending his other pact to sign with the Heat falls through first, of course.  Would that be impossible?  I think not.  LeBron better not bring “grenades” to the house though.