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Clipper Darrell Rejected!

I went to a handful of games at Staples Center to watch the Clippers play when I was living down there, and watched quite a few more on TV. Out of all the games I saw, I didn’t see one where “Clipper Darrell” wasn’t in attendance. He’s like Jack for the Lakers or Spike for the Knicks, except he doesn’t sit in floor seats like Billy Crystal. It’s sad that the first time the Clippers are actually relevant, they decide to turn their back on their biggest die-hard fan especially using him for personal gain first. I actually do remember those pictures on their website a couple years ago, and thinking that I wouldn’t really want to sit next to him, but still… Maybe they weren’t impressed by his Lebron come to LA campaign, but for better or worse, he showed there are true Clippers fans in LA. I know it’s about as believable as saying there’s true A’s fans out there, but it’s the truth. I think the video shows us all how much a franchise can value it’s fans, if you hadn’t already notice from the lockout this year. I think I’m happy not living down there anymore, so I’m not giving Sterling my money twice a year…

Kobe’s Divorce Meltdown

This wasn’t quite as funny as the first one this guy did on Kobe’s post game interview after being swept by the Mavs last year, but it was still pretty entertaining. You have to love that Stern steps in at the end and vetoes the divorce for basketball reasons! With the Lakers on the brink of pissing Kobe off to 2007 levels, we could have a great year of soundbites from him. I can’t wait to keep up with fake funnyordie Kobe all season long!

Kobe Spoof on Lockout Issues

I posted the original funny or die spoof when the Lakers got beat by the Mavs. I did like the first one slightly better, but this one was worthy of posting as well. He brought up the very important point of heating in arenas. Players shouldn’t have to be wearing sleves to keep themselves warm, that will be an interesting talking point as the negotiations heat up, if they ever actually do. While scouring the internet for videos, I also ran across this new Steve Nash commercial, which was pretty funny as well if you have another minute to kill…

Mikhail Prokhorov Says The Right Things

I have to say that Mikhail has grown on me. I didn’t know a whole lot about him when he bought the Nets, but over the past few weeks he’s shown me his great personality that many spoke of when they dubbed him the Russian Mark Cuban. He might not be the best speaker, but maybe now that he’s around Jay-Z more he can pick up some cool slang terms, and will make them sound funny in his accent. If I were an NJ fan, I’m sure I’d be in love with the guy. I WANT to know what his secrets are, and that’s probably the way he wants it…

If he really wants to be a winner, here’s a little scenario that would make them an instant contender. Phil Jackson is reportedly supposed to take a paycut next year, and it made me wonder if the billionaire can do the impossible. Lure Lebron, and pay Phil whatever he wants next season to come to NJ. It’s a slightly far fetched idea at the moment, but we know Lebron wants to be a global icon, maybe not in Russia, but that does make him global. And we also know that Phil isn’t taking a discount for coaching, especially if he wins back to back championships this year, shouldn’t that mean he gets a raise instead of a pay cut? I know I wouldn’t take a pay cut!