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The Next Weird Al?

Growing up I loved Weird Al Yankovic. He made fun of popular songs in a way we’d never really seen on a commercial level. Sometimes he’d make fun of the artist, or just make an entirely different song up. Either way at 7 or 8 years old he was my favorite comedian/spoof singer. I know I listened to Trigger Happy about 50 times with Mceezy when “Off the Deep End” came out. The albums that followed weren’t nearly as good in my opinion. Maybe he ran out of jokes or maybe I grew up a little and found his comedy unsophisticated, who knows. I’ve been waiting for a long time for someone to come out with some parody songs on the songs that are out today, because let’s face it, this crappy music generation is really easy to make fun of. I thought The Dan Band had a shot to fill that void in my life, but I’m not sure he even knows what he’s going to sing before he gets on the stage, and I need some structure! I ran across the Snakes and the song above hit close to home. Pretty much everyone I talk to that is out of college wishes they were back in college during those simpler times. I couldn’t agree more, and if I could I’d be in college forever. Hopefully the Snakes will become the next comedic music-men I’ve been looking for. Based on the other songs on their site, I’m not completely sold on them. Atleast they came up with one classic, and at the perfect time as Michael Scott has his last episode on the office tonight!

Danilo Does What?

I was thoroughly confused when someone sent me a link to this clip above. It was funny, but didn’t make much sense. After checking out the Facebook site it all made sense when I watched Lebron take a sheet!

Warriors End Their Relationship With Smart

The Warriors announced today that they are parting ways with their coach Keith Smart. I wasn’t overly impressed with the job he did coaching, but didn’t feel he did enough to get let go, and wouldn’t have been upset to see him at the bench one more year. It’s probably for the better though. The new owners need to move as far as they possibly can from the old ownership, and so far they haven’t really done much maybe this is a sign of changes to come. I’m pretty realistic about my teams, and I didn’t think the W’s would make the playoffs this year as their roster was constructed at the beginning of the year, which I guess isn’t much of a bold prediction since they rarely do anything. Maybe if everything came together perfectly they would’ve had a shot to make the playoffs, but that didn’t happen, and management decided it was time for their first big change.

Smart did a few things that I questioned during the season, like keeping Biendris out there when he obviously didn’t have anything to contribute. Sure, we didn’t have a lot of options at center, and the team is paying Biens a ridiculous $9M per season, but Smart should’ve seen what we all saw, a player that just didn’t have the heart or desire to be out there more than ten minutes a game. His second mistake in my mind was playing Ellis way too many minutes. Sure he was out best player, but 80% of the time at the end of the game he’d be too tired to make an impact. His elevation wasn’t there because he played about 5 too many minutes, so we’d lose. I loved how Smart was a players coach, but maybe he was a little too much of a players coach. I mean, he let Acie Law talk himself into the lineup regularly. You just can’t let that happen! I wish Smart the best of luck, and hope he finds another home. He was our assistant from 03-09 and our head coach last year, which is actually a pretty long tenure in the Warriors organization.

I have no idea who they will end up with as their coach for next year, but I’m hoping it’s Rick Adelman or at least someone proven. I’d hate to give the job to someone that has no experience again. We are a very young team that needs someone that can keep their attention and respect. Not so sure Smart had that from them. He had their respect, but not so positive about their attention.

“Check”ing In On My Hockey Picks

Love that wordplay reference to my favorite move in hockey. Two weeks ago I weighed in my expert opinion on the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The logical thing would be to wait until tomorrow before revisiting my first round picks, but odds are hockey won’t even cross my mind for the next week at least. So, let’s get to it….

I went 3 for 4 in the West – or Campbell Conference, for the hockey purist. Even more impressive when you consider I picked the 1-4 seeds to advance. That’s really going out on a limb. I had the Canucks in 6, Sharks in 5, and Red Wings in 5. Instead, it was the Canucks in 7, Sharks in 6, and Red Wings in 4. The Orange County Ducks of Anaheim were the only higher seed to get bounced, losing to Nashville in 6.

In the East, I nailed the Capitals in 5. The Flyers took Game 7 instead of the Sabres, like I had so bravely predicted. Montreal will win tomorrow night as scheduled and the Penguins will take three extra games to dispose of Tampa rather than sweeping. I can’t wait to see how tomorrow unfolds so I can make my second round picks! Or can I…?

Easter Fun

If you quizzed me about religion, there’s about a 99.9% chance I’d fail regardless of which religion you were testing me on. As a kid I was sent to church with other families to see if I was into any particular religion. My parents were not, so those trips to random churchs ended rather quickly when I found that my Sunday’s could actually be spent doing normal kid stuff (not that going to church is bad, I just have plenty of other things I’d rather do as most kids would agree). I have to say, with the world shrinking in the information age, these religious holidays like Easter seem to be shoved down our throats a little without most people even knowing the relevance of the day. Especially holidays that we don’t even get a workday off! Usually there isn’t a correlation between the holiday and the reason for celebrating the religious day, and Easter is no different. I’ve never understood what chocolate, colored eggs, and bunnies have to do with the resurrection. Fortunately for me, I ran across this video today to clear all of it up!

Sunday NBA Easter Eggs

The second I saw the lineup for today’s NBA playoff games, I could tell I’d be watching a good share of basketball today. I see myself taking a break somewhere centered around the Hawks-Magic game, since that’s the least appealing game to me, but here’s a few quick notes on each game – what I’m expecting to see…

Miami vs. Philadelphia – Philly came out of the gates strong, appearing poised to extend the series at least one more game. As I’m writing this though, the Heat have put down a 22-2 run to move in front and take a 1 point lead into the half. I expect the game to continue this theme until the Heat eventually are on top when the final buzzer sounds.

Boston vs. New York – The Knicks have a lot of new players, and they seem eager to get their first offseason in the Big Apple started. I’d love to see the Knicks rally back from 0-3, but I just don’t see it happening. They know this isn’t their year, so why keep working when you can go on summer vacation? Boston sweeps in Madison Square Garden…. tough return to the postseason for NY fans.

Orlando vs. Atlanta – This series has seven games written all over it. The Magic will probably win today, making it a best of three series. If they don’t, it only means they’ll win the next two to tie the series at 3, and force game seven. IN Orlando. All I’m sayin is…. 7 games.

Lakers vs. Hornets – This is the game where the Lakers make it clear that game one was a fluke – if they haven’t already. Today they’ll go up 3-1, and after they close it out in 5, will get to sit back and watch the Mavericks – Blazers, which suddenly looks destined for seven games as well.

Changing of the Eras in the NBA?

I’ve watched as much as I could of these NBA playoffs so far, and with every lower seed playing the higher seed tough it got me thinking about the state of the NBA. Make no mistake, t’s in a great state right now as every team in the playoffs looks good even some of the lower seeds. In basketball we usually don’t see a ton of surprises, because you don’t surprise any team four times in a series. That’s what basketball has right over all the other sports, they always get the true champion, because no road traveled is easy. That’s not really the case in every other sport. Coming to conclusions like this makes it even tougher as a Warriors fan…

I guess the first question that popped into my head is this one of the last chances for the “older” teams to win a championship? Maybe not this year, but it’s coming. This year we have the traditional favorites that you can’t really bet against like the Lakers, Celtics, and Spurs, but how much longer can their reign last? Most of their top-tier stars are well into their 30’s, and these teams are all stumbling a little already in this first round. I’m not saying that I’ve counted these teams out already for this year or next, because that would be ridiculously short sighted. I do find myself having a hard time seeing them continue their dominance beyond this year especially last years finals pairing. The Lakers and Celtics will have some huge questions to answer at the conclusion of the season. Both are going to be praying that their coaches stay, and Phil has already said he believes there will be a long lockout which is a reason he wants to retire. Doc might be thinking the same thing. New coach and new system doesn’t usually equal championships, but you can teach an old dog new tricks every once in awhile. The Spurs are finding it impossible to have their big three healthy and together when it matters for the past few seasons. Maybe the lockout would help them since they wouldn’t have to play nearly as many games, keeping these older guys fresh without a long regular season might be to their advantage, but at the same time I don’t see that making up for slowly eroding skills. The NBA is an era league, that started way back with Bill Russell dominating. More recently, we went from the Bird-Magic era to the current Kobe-Duncan era, so are we heading into a new era? Oh my the possibilities that are coming to light are enticing.

The East is stacked with young superstar talent as we all know. The Bulls, Knicks, and Heat are sure to be battling it out for years to come barring injury of course. Nearly all the superstars on those teams have had previous playoff failures, so in my eyes these teams aren’t as inexperienced as some would have you believe. The West isn’t as clear cut as the East in terms of power, but the Grizzlies are the second youngest team in the league, and have showed promise against the Spurs just like the Thunder did with the Lakers last year as an 8 seed. OKC is the seeming favorite to be the heir apparent to the Western Conference Throne, and I can’t argue with that. A side note on the Sonics, why doesn’t every GM follow the blueprint that they used? Get a superstar, have cap space to spend on the other players, build through the draft, and boom, you have an elite team. The Clippers have a solid core with a superstar that can only get better, oops, I shouldn’t ever put the Clippers in a championship post… Anyways you get the point, and my question is who’s era is it going to belong to?

Dubbing Up Your 420

Today is the unofficial holiday in the US for weed. In Cali there’s always quite a bit of celebration going on, and especially in cities like SF. I remember one year going to a parade in SF, and many people were dressed up like different types of weed, bongs and hippie stuff. One thing is for sure during this day, there’s no trouble started from these groups celebrating. It might be one of the least threatening holidays there is. This John Holt song came out back in 2001, and was one of my favorite songs in my early college years! For some reason a lot of people think this is Eek-a-mouses song, but it doesn’t sound like him so I’m not sure why that is…

Doin MLB Power Rankings

With two and a half full weeks gone in the MLB season we find ourselves about 10% of the way through the season. It’s time for some waaay too early power rankings! I’ve seen way too many baseball games thanks to the free MLB package preview those first two weeks. Thankfully that’s over, so I don’t find myself watching a Marlins vs. Astros game anymore (which is probably for the better). For some reason I’ve been more focused on baseball more than the opening games this weekend of the NBA playoffs. Anyways, this might be the most accurate power rankings I’ll have all year because I’ve actually seen almost all the teams play. There are some shocking teams already in this young season, and for now this is how the top 16 shakes out!

#1 Colorado Rockies (12-4) – Whoa, I thought they’d be pretty good this year, which is why I picked them to win the NL West, but didn’t see this torrid start coming. Tulo is on pace to hit over 80 homers this year. If he keeps that pace up, they might be able to stay atop these rankings for awhile.

#2 Cleveland Indians (12-4) – Mceezy’s pick to win the World Series. I was very skeptical of this team and his pick, but they’ve got some swagger and confidence early in the year. Also, one guy who always seems to be in the playoffs, Orlando Cabrera is on their team. Wherever he goes, they make the playoffs except when he was on the A’s for half a year and didn’t make it… Grady is back, and that’s only going to help them.

#3 New York Yankees (9-5) – Is there starting pitching ever not a question mark? It doesn’t seem to matter that much when you put up runs like this lineup can. AJ Burnett is off to a good start, so maybe he doesn’t suck after all. Would I move Jeter down in the lineup? Yes!

#4 Texas Rangers (11-5) – They’ve lost two straight series (one to the Yankees), but keep on mashing the ball with or without Hamilton in the lineup. Anytime you are scoring as much as them you have a chance to win in every game. Their starting rotation is a concern, and the bullpen is even more of a concern, we’ll see what happens with that. Hopefully it will spell their doom.

#5 Philadelphia Phillies (10-5) – Not an exciting offense anymore, but you only need to score a few runs with that pitching staff. I might have underestimated how good they are with or without Chase Utley and Jayson Werth. I guess I should’ve probably picked them to win the NL East…  Continue reading

What’s Gotten Into Webber?

This isn’t really a post; it’s more of a question. During tonight’s Bulls-Pacers game, I can’t help but feel like C-Webb is going a little over the top tonight with his color commentary. It’s almost like someone put a bug in his ear before the game to step his enthusiasm game up. Either that or Gus Johnson gave him a pep talk before tipoff. Whatever the case, he definitely sounds a couple octaves higher and even sounds like a video game at times. Maybe it’s just me, but I think it’s Derrick Rose. He had me more excited tonight for a single player than anyone else in a while. How would he top his 39 points in Game One’s improbable victory? Though he hasn’t really done anything too spectacular tonight, he still managed to put up 34pts, 8reb, 6ast – ho hum. Surely Webber’s just giddy at the sight of this season’s MVP.

Poker is Offline in the US Again

My name is Brian, and I was a online poker addict for awhile there. Especially during the college years when the poker boom was just taking off. Thankfully the government helped me kick the online habit in 2006 when they ruled to shut down poker sites that used money laundering type violations. Not that I didn’t play at the home games or the occasional trip the the Indian Casinos, but it became a once in awhile kind of thing compared to playing poker while watching a baseball or basketball game. The sites were back up and running within a year or so, and I was never really clear on why. Either way, I was back playing at a reduced rate. Over the past few years my playing has tailed off a lot to almost non-existent for months at a time (probably for the better). Maybe I got over it because of the skill of some of the online players that I was playing with. I just couldn’t handle seeing some of the most ridiculous hands winning more than pocket aces. Those beats always leave a bad taste in your mouth, especially when it happens over and over and over. Plus, I just don’t have as much time to waste as I used to.

This weekend, online poker went on hold once again for US players, but the lawsuit coming up will have a much different effect on the online gambling world. Mainly, we will once and for all have some set laws in place. If the lawmakers decide that poker is not a skill game, which if you play online enough, you will believe there’s more luck than skill, then poker will forever be banished online in the US. If they find it’s a skill game, we end up with a new way to generate some tax revenue. As of now, there’s no concrete way for the government to tax this billion dollar business. That being said, I don’t think the government really cares about the legality of online poker, just whether they can line their pockets with the addiction that many like myself threw themselves at.

Silver and Black Attack!

No explanation needed…..

Webber And Barkley On The Kings Leaving Sacramento

I know I probably talk about it more than anyone cares to hear, but once the dust settles, I’ll be very sad about all this. As much as the current ownership has alienated myself and fans alike, I can’t forget that past 26 years. Even while turning in 20-win seasons year after year, Sacramento fans packed the house every night and cheered like it was the NBA Finals. Don’t take it from me though. Take it from C-Webb and Sir Charles (from TNT’s Inside the NBA last night)…..

Webber: “I didn’t want to go there (Sacramento). I tried to run away from there. They still accepted me. I can’t imagine what Sacramento would be like without basketball … I hope we do not lose the team. I’ve been talking to people there. I know everyone thinks the team is gone, but I’m doing all I can to keep the team there. I may sound like a fool on national TV, but I’m working to do that. Other people are working to do that … It’s very selfish. I won’t have a basketball home if Sacramento doesn’t have a basketball team. I was talking to (former Sonics star) Gary Payton. He doesn’t have his jersey hanging in any arena. There is no team in Seattle. Selfishly for myself, and for the fans in Sacramento ….

Ernie Johnson: “What are you doing (to further efforts)?”

Webber: “What am I doing? I’m trying to keep the team here. We don’t want to talk about it, but … what else am I supposed to do? I love this team. I still want to have a home in Sacramento. Hopefully it’s not a lost cause. I love Sacramento.”

Barkley: “You know, it’s very frustrating to me because I love the city of Sacramento, and I’ve said before, they had the best fans in the NBA for a long time. I really like the Maloof brothers. I want to make that clear. But I’m very disappointed … because they should have found a way to keep that team in Sacramento … I agree with Chris. Even when the team sucked, they (fans) were great. I mean, they were raising hell every night. I’ve always had great respect for the Maloof brothers. They’ve always been great to me. I’m just disappointed they didn’t try harder to make it work … It’s like they (NBA, owners) screwed Seattle. That place was crazy. But Sacramento … I agree with both of you guys. You all were great when you weren’t very good. It was all the same.That place was loud. I hate the fact they’re leaving Sacramento.”

Norm MacDonald as Blake Griffin

Yesterday Mceezy sent me a text telling me I needed to check out the spoof that Norm MacDonald did on his new show with Comedy Central. After watching it, I have to say, maybe I didn’t give Blake enough credit for having a personality or the ability to be funny, because in this skit Blake was pretty funny. Now that Blake is used to being a star, maybe he’ll show us some more of his personality. I hope Norm Macdonald Sports Show lasts, but I have a feeling it won’t…

Stanley Cup Playoff Preview

It’s the eve of the Stanley Cup Playoffs…. Who better to turn to for expert analysis on the NHL? Collectively, the Doin Work writers have the ice hockey knowledge of an entire nation. (And when I say nation, I’m thinking somewhere like Nepal or Brunei Darussalam) Chappy and I played a lot of NHL 94 on Sega back in the day. Dyslecix and I did fantasy hockey league in 2006. (We finished first and third, respectively) Now that you’re clued in on the level of expertise we’re dealing with here, let’s get into the matchups….


Vancouver Canucks vs. Chicago Blackhawks – The Blackhawks are the defending champs I believe. They were a pretty good checking team on NHL 94 on Sega, so you know opposing teams will be intimidated. The Canucks, however, had the best record in the league, proving that they’ve overcome the loss of superstar Pavel Bure, and more importantly, his wife, DJ Tanner (or was that the other Bure?) Canucks in 6

San Jose Sharks vs. Los Angeles Kings – The Sharks have arguably the most rabid fan base of people who’ve never touched a hockey stick. The Kings might be a close second, if they had more fans. I’d imagine the Sharks will make quick work of the Kings, since David Stern will surely step in and have this series fixed, in order to make sure nothing interferes with any scheduling of Lakers’ playoff games. Sharks in 5

Detroit Red Wings vs. Phoenix Coyotes One city a storied hockeytown, the other a place where no hockey game was ever played prior to 1996 probably. Shane Doan’s pretty good, because I’ve heard of him. It probably won’t be enough to beat the Wings with Steve Yzerman though. He IS still on the team right? Red Wings in 5

Anaheim Ducks vs. Nashville Predators – The Predators are in the postseason for the 6th time in 7 years… not bad for a 12 year old expansion team in Tennessee. The Ducks are also no stranger to the postseason…. not bad for a team who’s first coach was Emilio Estevez. The Ducks seem poised to make one last run deep into the playoffs, as they enjoy their last season as sole tenants of The Pond, before the NBA team comes in and takes over the place. Ducks in 7


Washington Capitals vs. New York Rangers – There are a few things we know about these two teams. Ovechkin is pretty good. Okay, make that one thing we know about these two teams. Good enough for me! Capitals in 5

Philadelpha Flyers vs. Buffalo Sabres – I saw a Tweet somewhere online that said Buffalo is the second hottest team in hockey right now. That tells you something. They also play in Buffalo, and since they have to put up with the Bills, I’m rooting for them. I’m sure fans of “The Office” are too. They’re a lock for a first round upset if you ask me. Sabres in 7

Boston Bruins vs. Montreal Canadiens – This is a great matchup of cities that are unlike the rest of their respective countries. Montreal is more like France than Canada, and Boston is more like Russia than the United States. On the ice though, these guys are all from the same place: Hockeyville. If I recall, these two teams had a pretty heated series last season. (Upon further review, they didn’t even play each other last year. Boston swept Montreal two years ago).  Canadiens in 7

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Tampa Bay Lightning – I can’t believe I’m still talking about hockey. I don’t even care anymore at this point. Every 4 or 5 years, I’ll get into hockey and get on the Sharks’ bandwagon and watch their playoff games, but this isn’t one of those years. It isn’t one of those years for the Tampa Bay faithful either. Penguins in 4