Easter Fun

If you quizzed me about religion, there’s about a 99.9% chance I’d fail regardless of which religion you were testing me on. As a kid I was sent to church with other families to see if I was into any particular religion. My parents were not, so those trips to random churchs ended rather quickly when I found that my Sunday’s could actually be spent doing normal kid stuff (not that going to church is bad, I just have plenty of other things I’d rather do as most kids would agree). I have to say, with the world shrinking in the information age, these religious holidays like Easter seem to be shoved down our throats a little without most people even knowing the relevance of the day. Especially holidays that we don’t even get a workday off! Usually there isn’t a correlation between the holiday and the reason for celebrating the religious day, and Easter is no different. I’ve never understood what chocolate, colored eggs, and bunnies have to do with the¬†resurrection. Fortunately for me, I ran across this video today to clear all of it up!

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6 responses to “Easter Fun

  • tophatal


    Brought up within the church as a child but as I approached my teen years I went away from it all. Once in the military and then seeing someone lose their life up close and personal when our platoon came under attack in Ireland by the IRA that was essentially it for me, as far as religion was concerned . I do believe that there’s a supreme being but I couldn’t tell if it’s God , Allah ,Jehovah or whoever ! Simply put to each their own and let that be it !

    Lickin’ my wounds seeing the Spurs get their asses whipped like an abused pet !

    tophatal …………………

    • chappy81

      I guess if you had to pin me to a religion it would be Taoism or Buddhism. I agree there is something of a higher power out there, but at the same time I have a hard time believing that I have to live my life a certain way to appease that someone up above.

      Tough blow for your Spurs. I can’t believe all this is going down without Rudy Gay in the lineup!

      • tophatal


        There’s most definitely a higher being . At one time I’d have said I’d have converted to Islam but follow the strict interpretation and not this perverse form that’s now being practiced practiced by the radicals across the globe . The imams who deliver these fatwas are the sickest sons of bitches on the planet because they’re the ones who’ve perverted the religion. Much as in the same way you have that idiot here in Jacksonville Terry Jones and that other bigoted moron Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church who along with his congregation turn up at the funerals of military vets shouting and espousing all that crap !

        I think it all boils down to the principles and morals instilled into us by our parents . We’ve all got a moral compass and individually we each know right from wrong .

        As for the Spurs they’re deservedly getting their ass handed to them on a silver platter by the Grizzlies ! They came in complacent and didn’t apply themselves to the task at hand . Now they’re 3-1 down and I can’t seem them taking game 5 at the Fedex Forum in Memphis when the series resumes !

        tophatal ……………….

      • mceezy

        CNN was making a fuss about China blocking an Easter celebration like they’re anti-Christian or something, when you and I both know they’d probably block ANY religious celebration, regardless of denomination, because that’s how they roll! …always getting a bad rap

  • Chris Humpherys

    You’re right. Much clearer. Thank you, sir.

    Oh, and Happy Festivus.

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