CJ, Lebron Says you Can’t Wear Your Number Anymore!

CJ Watson shootingLebron imposed his will on the league today, saying that he’s going to petition and have all the players wearing 23 to change their number to a different one as a tribute to Jordan. Apparently he is going to change his number to 6 saying “If I’m not going to wear 23, then nobody else should.”

Seriously Lebron!?! You’re going to make all 11 players on this list change their number from 23!?! CJ Watson on my W’s might not be a big name, but who is Lebron to say he can’t wear the number he wants to? There were some other more marquee names on the list currently wearing 23 which included one of my favorite former Warriors, Jason Richarson. Marcus Camby of the Clippers, and Sacto’s superstar Kevin Martin both sport MJ’s number.

I don’t see CJ putting up much of a fight, since he has changed his number in the past when Chris Webber came back to the team in 2008, and wanted his old number 4, which CJ had no problem changing.

I doubt it will be THAT hard to convince a Jordan worshiping group of players to not wear 23, but I for some reason still find this gesture very odd. Lebron is a student of the game and history so we hear, and this kind of a move has never been done in any sport except baseball. I mean, are we really going to put him on the same level as Jackie Robinson in baseball? Robinson: A guy who broke the color barrier, and helped open the door for millions to succeed in baseball. Jordan: a guy that made traveling legal, a guy that inspired future generations that individuals can overcome a team, a guy that taught us that sports is a business, and that sticking your tongue out is cool. Hmmm, it’s not adding up to me on retiring his number league wide. I’ll let you decide!

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8 responses to “CJ, Lebron Says you Can’t Wear Your Number Anymore!

  • tophatal


    Did I miss something here ? I was under the impression that Stern runs the NBA and not LeBron ? What’s up with that ?

    There’s no way in hell that this’ll happen. If anyone in the NBA is deserving of having their number retired then it ought to be Bill Russell. What he’s done for the game in and out of it makes what Jordan has done pale in comparison. This all much ado about nothing on LeBron’s part. If he had any common sense he’d have looked to the annals of the NBA and saw what the likes of Dr J , Wilt and Russell had done. It shows how immature the guy still is !

    Alan Parkins

  • tophatal


    Dropped this on Charlie Weis and the Irish .

    The 1,000lb Gorilla In The Room ……….

    Alan Parkins

  • sportsguyby

    I agree with you on this, Jordan is not Jackie Robinson, in no way, shape or form. But in terms of what Jordan has done for the NBA, it’s a very kind gesture that deserves consideration. If it’s not that, than perhaps change the NBA logo to a silhouette of Jordan. From what I hear, Jerry West is all for that. Jordan inspired 90% of the players playing today … and I don’t think I’m exaggerating. I just feel that the NBA should do something to honor him, aside from the HOF.

  • tophatal


    So the PAC-10 is what one believes it to be ?
    What an indictment to the fact that teams there aren’t all that great to begin with. That 55-21 a_s whuppin’ is precisely the point why the conference really needs to stop with the bull_hit of placing powder puffs on their schedules . But yet when they face each other within their own conference or division as the case maybe. Instead of the cream rising to the top , all you get is an odor of excreta and way too much of it. As was offered up by USC and Stanford.

    Alan Parkins

  • tophatal

    chappy 81

    Here’s my latest should you at all be interested ?

    Carrie Prejean Says I Don’t Want To Talk About It !

    Alan Parkins

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