Doin Advertising

Having a hard time getting the most out of your advertising dollar? We may only be a slightly over a year old, but we have gained a bigger and bigger following by the month, and would be interested in hearing a pitch from anyone that would like to advertise to a broad demographic!

Here at we target anyone looking to get a different take on sports or anything else we come across that piques our interest. We are all home grown California writers, and felt that we hear way to much eastcoast bias in everything we read, so we are trying to show that there are some true sports fans residing on the Westcoast!

We’ve steadily increased our traffic since we started the site. We have put up over 600 posts/articles in a year and two months, and have averaged just about 42 per month. The only way to keep your audience is to keep putting up some quality material, and we’ve kept our pace at more than one per day.

For inquiries on advertising on our page please e-mail us at

You will see immediate results if you chose to advertise with us! Capitalize now before we fill up all our space or it gets too expensive!

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