Kobe’s Divorce Meltdown

This wasn’t quite as funny as the first one this guy did on Kobe’s post game interview after being swept by the Mavs last year, but it was still pretty entertaining. You have to love that Stern steps in at the end and vetoes the divorce for basketball reasons! With the Lakers on the brink of pissing Kobe off to 2007 levels, we could have a great year of soundbites from him. I can’t wait to keep up with fake funnyordie Kobe all season long!

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5 responses to “Kobe’s Divorce Meltdown

  • ChrisHumpherys (@SportsChump)

    I guess this raises the question, if Tiger and Kobe were to hang at a posh club in L.A., who would be the first to get himself some?

    And would the girls have to buy THEM the drinks after their divorce settlements?

  • tophatal

    chappy Kobe can look on the bright side ‘nessa gets half (of his est. $140 million fortune for a decade of marriage) and he ought to be lucky ’cause Humphries’ marriage to Kim K lasted 72 days and he got nothing out of it at all . He’s (Kris Humphries) still just as dumb as a box of rocks and no one outside of New Jersey give a crap that he plays for the Nets .

    ” I want half Eddie ” ! or in this “I want half Kobe ” ! ‘nough said !

    As to the Lakers’ own impending fortunes this season if ” Metta World Peace ” is still in a Lakers’ uniform by the trade deadline I will be truly surprised !

    The Mavs are 0-2 to start their season do you think that they’re already missing J.J. Barea , Chandler and Caron Butler ? They may well have made the moves with a view to going after one of the top free agents this season but what does it tell you about their overall ambitions with regard to making a successful defense of their title ? Money has never really been an object with Mark Cuban as the organization is one of the most profitable within the NBA .


  • sportsattitudes

    Kobe’s gonna be fun all season long. I’ve already written as many posts on him as games they have played…and considering they play every night that is saying a lot…

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