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Are the Phillies the New Braves of the NL East?

Photo from Yahoo! Sports

Photo from Yahoo! Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies clinched their third straight NL East pennant tonight, which begs the question, do they now run the division, much as the Braves did through the 90s into the early part of this decade?  I don’t see many changes to their nucleus coming any time soon.  The one glaring question mark I see is the age of Raul Ibanez.  However, there are two things that alleviate that.  First, the Phillies won their last two division titles without him.  Second, the guy just seems to keep getting better with age.  Meanwhile, Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, Shane Victorino, and Jayson Werth are all in or entering their primes.  On the pitching side, Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee have and will continue to be dominant forces.  Since the Phillies don’t appear to be going anywhere soon, it’ll all hinge on whether any other team in the division can knock them off.  Let’s take a look at our candidates…

The Mets would be the obvious threat, since they’re a perennial favorite to win the division outright.  However, the morale, momentum, and the clock, all seem to be in a downward spiral.  Until the Mets make some major moves, one has no reason to believe they’ll threaten the Phils.

The Braves have worked their way back into contention recently, but the cornerstone of the franchise, Chipper Jones, is in the twilight of his career and has even started the discussion about retirement.  Odds are 2010 will be his last year.  The Braves still have some key pieces in Nate McLouth, Brian McCann, and Yunel Escobar.  However, their pitching isn’t getting younger, at least as far as Derek Lowe and Javier Vazquez go.  The key question for Atlanta, with the imminent departure of Chipper, will not be if, but when to blow the team up and rebuild.  They have the pieces.

The Marlins are always a threat to put together one solid season and dethrone the Phillies.  Based on their history – 1997 and 2003 – they’re about due to make their traditional World Series run.  Something tells me even if and when they’re able to do that, it’ll be as the Wild Card team.

The Nationals are the Nationals.

Tiger the First Billionaire Athlete!

Double Tiger fist pump!

Double Tiger fist pump!

Well, this shouldn’t really come as a shock to anyone, but by Forbes calculations when Tiger won his $10.5 million bonus at the FedEx Cup last weekend he surpassed the $1 billion mark in career earnings. This marks the first time any athlete has reached a billion in overall earnings. Tiger started the year at $895 million, and Sunday’s payout coupled with all the event winnings, sponsors, and his golf course design company Forbes projected he has made over $100 million this season and is now past a billion dollars. He continues to be the highest paid athlete of all time on an annual basis, and it’s not out of reach for him to hit the $3 billion mark before it’s all said and done. He’s has exceeded every expectation by far over his 14 year career, and looks to have a lot left in the tank.

$100K a hole is like me betting $1 a hole

$1 million a hole eh? How many strokes are you giving me Tiger?

I always knew that he was rolling in dough, but until I saw this reported, I didn’t realize how much more he made than all other athletes!

Even Michael Jordan hasn’t achieved this feat, and for some reason I figured he had. I guess his deals in the 90’s weren’t quite as lucrative as Woods’s are now.  Jordan should reach that mark in the next four or five years with his current paychecks still rolling in mainly from Nike. I’m sure when Tiger finally calls it quits he’ll have plenty of crazy money games with MJ!

Coaches Gone Wild, Part II: Hanson’s Direct Dish on Cable

A true crime of passion

A true crime of passion

08/05/09 –  This story comes to us thanks to a local Bay Area “role model”, Tom Cable.  For those who don’t recognize the name, Mr. Cable is the latest Head Coach of the Oakland Raiders.  Over the summer at their practice facility in Napa, Tom allegedly felt it would be appropriate to punch an assistant, Randy Hanson, in the face during a meeting.  Hanson reportedly suffered either a broken jaw or cheek bone, the actual result of the assault is still unconfirmed.   As you can see the story is not exactly cut and dry, so allow me provide a little more background on the he-said-she-said situation.

Oh, and I promised to go easy on the Raider jokes, not because I have several buddies who are Raider fans but more because I know Cable must live within an hour’s drive of my house, and that’s way too close.

Tom Cable's Brain: Enlarged for better viewing

Tom Cable's Brain: Enlarged for better viewing

Remember the Napa Police Dept. is still investigating the assault from August 5th, so nothing is official at this point.  The initial investigation was delayed because Hanson, a defensive assistant, was not cooperating at the time.  Hanson stuck with the claim that he was hurt when his face hit a cabinet after the chair he was sitting in was flipped over by Cable at the team’s training camp facility in Napa.  However, the case was re-opened and Hanson is now working authorities after being told by owner Al Davis that he would not get his old job back.  Suddenly his face hurts a lot more, probably feels a little like the way Al’s face looks, actually.

Then there is Cable’s side of the story.  He told former college teammate and current ESPN NFL Analyst Mark Schlereth that nothing happened, and that this was an internal matter.  Apparently the report from Chris  Mortensen at ESPN that said Cable attacked Hanson after the assistant verbally contested something defensive coordinator John Marshall had said was totally false.  He doesn’t seem to be brushing anything under the rug, does he? 

That's right, you better start running...

That's right, you better start running...

The story I liked the best?  The National Football Post reported on Thursday August 20th that Cable choked Hanson during the confrontation and threatened to kill Hanson.  The NFP also reported that the attack happened after Cable told Hanson he was being relegated from an on-field coach with defensive backs to breaking down film.  I also love how the Napa Police won’t release names but the NFP has no problem with it.  By the way that sounds like a fun meeting room, all kinds of action and you could really feel the love, can’t you?  How do you spell  dysfun…   nevermind.

So after further review I will reserve my own opinion until responsibility is either taken or given here.  Mr. Cable you can rest for now.  But believe me: I’ll be back to this post when the time comes.  And nothing is sacred!  National Football Post  ESPN’s latest update

Coaches Gone Wild, Part I: The Hawai’ian Rainbow

Isaiah: poster boy for coaches with issues...

Isaiah: poster boy for coaches with issues...

If you are a new coach at any level, whether it’s high school, college, or professional athletics, boy do I have a treat for you this week!  With the rash of poor decisions being made by high profile coaches across the country,  I have compiled four excellent examples of how not to behave as a person in such a position.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are several others out there, but these seemed to be the highest profile cases.

Each of these individuals is well versed in dealing with the media and speaking in front of large crowds.  It pretty much comes with the position, because even at the high school level coaches are asked to make speeches for groups like Booster Clubs, local Rotary chapters, or Pop Warner/Little League/etc. to encourage young athletes.  By the time coaches reach college and the pros, they are used to speaking in front of thousands and at times millions via broadcast.  Whether they are in front of 10 media members, 100 club members, several thousand students, or on TV, coaches are asked to be a leader of their community and a positive influence in all facets of life.

This week I will present the case of each “Coach Gone Wild” starting in chronological order of events from the summer and early fall.   We’ll examine exactly what they did and where they went wrong, and believe me it won’t be very difficult to find.

Brah, bathroom is that way!

Brah, bathroom is that way!

07/30/09 – Hawai’i football coach Greg McMackin makes a huge blunder at the WAC media football preview for the 2009 season.  Coach McMackin described how Notre Dame, their opponent and guest at the 2009 Hawai’i Bowl, had done “this little (gay slur beginning with f-) dance” at a celebration the night before.  He used the term not once but three times while explaining why Notre Dame might have been so fired up to play Hawai’i in the 2008 Hawai’i Bowl.  At the banquet the night before, as the Fighting Irish finished their version of a “ha’a”, an intense Polynesian war dance and chant performed by the Warrior’s before each game, Coach McMackin had his boys show up the Irish with a dramatic performance of their own.  Needless to say this made quite the impression on the entire banquet, and the next day’s game was won handily by Notre Dame 49-21, giving them their first post-season victory in the past 15 years.

Not so cool Coach, not so cool

Not so cool Coach, not so cool

Here is Coach McMackin’s explanation of what happened and why: “What I was trying to do was be funny and it wasn’t funny,” he said, according to a recording of the conversation posted on the Idaho Statesman’s Web site (provided below, with full graphic language of original statements). “It’s not funny. Even more, it isn’t funny to me. I was trying to make a joke and it was a bad choice of words. And I really, really feel bad about it. … It was really stupid.”

Bravo Coach, hindsight is 20/20, but the damage has been done because you’ve made it apparent the word rests on the tip of your tongue as an insult.  We the general public understands a word like that is used a hundred times a day on the field and in the weight room all across the country.  It’s not right there as it’s not right anywhere, but those are your places and you do as you please.  The WAC 2009 Preview event is definitely the last place you want to use a word like that.  Thank you for bringing your locker-room mentality and verbiage out to for show and tell so the public can fear and pity the sad state of affairs in athletics today. article – article –

Monta Doesn’t Want to Play with Curry and SJax Still Wants Out…

Most media days for the beginning of the NBA season are pretty boring, but when it comes to the Warriors they always seem to have something interesting going on. It’s not a good thing, but I feel it was mildly better than last year. Last season they had a lot to talk about with, the direction of the team, the big contracts that they should have given to Baron over Maggette, and Monta’s scooter accident. Once again, Monta made a splash at the media day, and SJax had his fair share to say about his ongoing trade demands. All of the hoopla this season doesn’t really discourage me as much as last seasons distractions did.

Don Nelson Steven JacksonWell, since I’ve been following SJax on his rampage of trade demands, I’ll start with him. It sounds like not much has changed since his Dime Interview when he said he wanted to go to a contender. He basically reiterated that he did want out of Golden State during media day, but also verbally vomited on a few other subjects that I found interesting. He answered my question as to why he signed that extension just before asking to be traded, which was “Who’s going to turn down that money? I’m not stupid. I didn’t go to college but I’ve got a lot of common sense,”. I see his point of view as nobody would have given him that much, but if you really want to be on a winner why would you handcuff your team like that? Shouldn’t he have taken the Artest route and signed for less than what he was worth on a contender when his contract was up?! Honestly though, I don’t find SJax as being a distraction, because one thing is for sure, when he’s out on that court you know he will play his hardest. Whether he’d rather be somewhere else or not he’s just the kind of player that tanks games, he’s competitive and wants to win games period. If he doesn’t play hard for himself he’ll do it for his teammates, which is why I still agree with making him a captain. He played a lot of meaningless minutes last year and seemed to give it his all, so if we don’t move him I don’t see it being a big problem. For some reason he also spouted off about not regretting anything he’s done including going into the crowd with Artest in the Detroit melee.Monta Ellis Dunking Warriors He felt that may have been one of the reasons the NBA picked to fine him $25K for his comments, and didn’t fine a guy like Kobe for making the same statement. Here’s the whole interview, but don’t take TK’s words too strongly he’s a douchebag.

Monta came out to talk with the media a little while after Jackson did. He usually is pretty boring in interviews, and rarely says anything of relevance. He started off good saying the right things just about winning, and how his ankle was 100%. He want’s to show everybody that his hard work over the off-season would made him better than he was before his injury. When asked about playing PG this year he kept re-iterating that he didn’t care where he played just as long as he was on the floor. He didn’t seem fazed by SJax’s situation either as he knows that when the ball is tipped off Jackson will be there ready to play. He also said that it’s Jackson’s deal to work out, so he can’t be concerned with it.

Monta Ellis Anthony Randolph Warriors

Randolph and Ellis ARE the future of the Warriors

The interesting /controversial part of the interview came next when he was asked about playing with Stephen Curry, their newly acquired first round draft pick. He stated that they couldn’t play together, because it’s not a way to win having two small guards on the floor. He was very adamant that it wouldn’t work unless there was a rare case that the other team went really small. I’ve had a man crush on Curry since before he took Davidson to the Elite 8, and for some reason drafting him was bittersweet as I knew in the back of my mind that we were going to be upsetting Monta, since before the draft he pleaded for the W’s not to pick a PG. Well, it looks as though it didn’t really upset him, but didn’t address any area that he felt they needed. He felt they’ll lose if Nellie goes small and plays them both. Here’s the rest of the interview with Monta, keep in mind that TK’s analysis is off the wall at times. Nellie already said that Jackson, Randolph, Biendris, and Ellis would be starters, but who is the fourth? Azubuike, Morrow, Wright, or Curry? Only time will tell, but I hope it’s Buike or Morrow. I’m not sure why I’m even worried about Nellie playing a rookie too much anyways! At least the Warriors problems this season are more on the court instead of off the court distractions!

Don LaFontaine Tribute

It’s been over a year since he passed away, yet I never had the pleasure of coming across this….. UNTIL NOW!

ONE man……. ONE voice……. and a LEGACY that will carry on…… FOREVER.  Academy Award Winner DON LaFONTAINE IS……… The Movie Preview GUY……

Angels Clinch AL West. Next…

Barring a meltdown of preposterous proportions, the Anaheim Angels will clinch the AL West yet again tonight.  The only consolation is it didn’t come at the hands of my beloved Athletics.  I mean, I do wish they were in second place, but that’s another story for another time.   What matters here is that even though the A’s are just three years removed from an LCS berth, the AL West still goes through Orange County.  As much as I dislike them, I find comfort in having them the team to beat, much like the way I feel with the Lakers in the NBA.  I suppose I’d rather have them as the target because that would be so much sweeter for my team to knock off.

We did it!!  Lets go hug it out in the Locker Room!

We did it!! Let's go hug it out in the Locker Room!

I just wonder who I’ll root for (by default) come playoff time!  If it’s the Yankees, Angels, Red Sox, and Tigers… I’ll go Tigers.  But if the Twins sneak in there?  *gasp* I might be rooting for the Yankees.  I guess it basically comes down to who plays the Red Sox or Angels.  Either way, tonight’s events only cement the fact that the Halos will once again be the team to beat in the AL West in 2010.  For an A’s fan, it’s the same comfortable challenge that we’re always willing to accept to start the year.

Favre Does It Again! ….Or Does He?

First off, I’m not a 49ers fan, so sour grapes this is not.  However, I am a Northern California guy, so I will admit the thought of them going 3-0 to start the season did have me a bit tingly inside.   See, I’m a Raiders fan, and since they already got their win for the season, I have to hope for something else good to happen.  It seemed to be in hand late in the game when I tuned in upon my return from Costco.  (Side note: although they have huge ribeye steaks, I was left unsatisfied tonight)  ANYWAY…. with the Niners up 24-20 in the latter stages of the 4th, it looked like if they could just hold on for one more Vikings’ drive, they would have this thing locked up.  They did, and got the ball back with under 2 minutes to go – I believe.  Three quick Glen Coffee runs and three timeouts later, the Vikings got the ball back and didn’t particularly look like they were going to do anything with the ball.  Then, on what would turn out to be the last play, Favre, under pressure, manages to escape and rifle one downfield that was caught, albeit miracuslously, by none other than… wait, who was it?  I know it was one of those sloppy seconds the Vikings like to employ at wideout.  Oh, man… not Bernard Berrian.  Not Bobby Wade.  Billy McMullen?  No, we’re on the right track though.  Greg Lewis! I knew it was one of those ex-Philly receivers.

So, my first thought was, “damn, Favre does it again!”  But the more I watched the replay, the less complimentary I became.  Sure, he did a great job of avoiding the blitz, but when you watch the replay from the behind-the-pocket cam, it looks like Favre is simply throwing toward the end zone with nary a preference where or to who.  I heard something to the effect of Favre admitting he had, in fact, no intended receiver on the play.  My less than substantial efforts to track down his quote surprisingly went unfulfilled.  However, if he said that, good for him.  Greg Lewis also disclosed the fact that he wouldn’t have been in on that play except that Percy Harvin had run, like, 9 or 10 deep routes leading up to that play.  What I do know is Percy Harvin doesn’t make that catch.  Nate Clements was covering that play about as good as you can, but ultimately it was the couple inches that Lewis had on Clements in height that made the difference.

So here’s my question Doin Workers…. Does Brett Favre deserve credit for the game winning play, or was it just lucky?  (even though he’s Brett Favre)

What Else Could You Ask for From the PGA Playoffs?

Paired in the final group tomorrow, Tiger and Kenny both wouldn't mind sinking the $11 million putt!

Paired in the final group tomorrow, Tiger and Kenny both wouldn't mind sinking the $11 million putt!

The Tour Championship certainly heated up today, as old man Kenny Perry took the lead shooting six under! The ageless Perry now has a two shot lead on Tiger, and a four shot lead on the surprise of the day, Phil Mickelson. The FedEx Cup wraps up tomorrow, and the possible $10 million bonus coupled with the $1.35 million first prize in the Tour Championship could make there be an $11.35 million dollar putt on the par 3, 18th green of East Lake Golf Club. I’m not going out on a limb to say that this could be the most expensive putt of all time. Tough to really foresee anyone but Tiger winning this even if he is two strokes out, but both Perry and Woods have a very good shot at making this amazingly pricey putt. Also there is the possibility for Stricker, O’Hair, and Harrington could make the pay day putt, but they will need an amazing day to make that happen. If you had to pick someone, it’s impossible to pick against Tiger when the pressure is on.

Phil Mickelson sand shotThe fun part of today was seeing Phil get into a good groove as he shot four under! It’s been a few months since he was close to the top of the leaderboard, so hopefully he can take something positive going into next season. I can’t think of one person that roots against the guy, and it’s pretty remarkable to be liked across the board the way he is. He’s had about as tough of a year as anyone could have with family health problems. Hopefully he’ll come out of the gates on fire tomorrow, and give us a show! It’s always fun when he’s in the hunt! Here’s a good interview with Phil, after today’s round today.

Q. You’re going to be in contention here for the first time in a while.

PHIL MICKELSON: It feels great. I haven’t been in contention since the Open. It’s been a few months, mainly because of my putting, and again, I look back on Thursday where I threw six shots away from three holes, otherwise I’d be leading. But to come back the way I have and play the way I have, I feel like I’m playing some really good golf, that no matter how many shots back I am, I think I’ll still be a factor.

Nellie Doin Work for Free!

Don Nelson Anthony Randolph Warriors

After some hard work in the offseason, it looks like Randolph is out of Nellie's doghouse and into the starting lineup.

The seemingly senile 79 year old Warriors head coach, Don Nelson, made a statement yesterday, saying he wanted to work for free one year after his current contract expired. So he would be with the team for the 2011-2012 season. I personally like  the idea, considering we could do far worse at the coaching position, and how can you pass anything up that’s free! In his second tenure with the team he has show that he is the only good coach we’ve had over the past two decades as he’s led us to the playoffs in both tenures!  He said he wanted to give something back to the franchise, which surprises me because he’s made us more successful than we knew possible earlier this decade! Also, I’m very weary of a guy that sued his former boss (Mark Cuban) for not paying him while he slowly handed the reigns of the Mavericks over to Avery Johnson, and seemed to disappear at the end of his time there. I know Nellie likes to make a lot of outrageous statements, and this may not be any exception, but he must see some potential in this young core the Warriors currently have. This was his statement as he spoke to President Robert Rowell;

“I told him that I would like to give the Warriors one more year (beyond the contract) that will cost the team nothing,” Nelson said. “Whether it’s coaching or carrying bags, whatever, it doesn’t matter. I’ll give one more year to say ‘thanks,’ and ‘I appreciate the extension.’ ” For the whole article in the SF Chronicle.

English Premier League Weekend Predictions

Portsmouth vs. Everton

When Soccernet of all publications, is breaking stories about you and labeling your club “in disarray, crisis stricken, being on the brink of bankruptcy,” you know things can’t get much worse. Despite a recent takeover, Portsmouth would appear to be on the cusp of extinction in some various form or another. These internal club issues never equate to a settled locker room, and you can be sure David Moyes and company are looking to take full advantage, and snap up 3 points at Fratton Park. Everton come into this game having finally found there footing in recent matches , while Portsmouth are deseverldy at the bottom of the EPL.

Everton 3 – Pompey 0


 Blackburn Rovers vs. Aston Villa

 Although the Premier League season has just begun, Blackburn can’t be happy with the start they have made. Rover’s will be remiss to have only 4 points to date, and stuck in 18th. Villa meanwhile, with European ambitions squarely on there radar for them this season should so far be content with 12 points sitting in 5th.  With a Healthy Heskey and Ashley Cole returning from injury, Villa will be expecting 3 more points from this game, but a road game at Ewood Park is never easy.

 Villa 2 – Blackburn 1

 Tottenham Hotspur vs. Burnley

 Spurs hot start to the season should leave many fans exited about the prospects of European football . However, to accomplish anything of the sort this season, Tottenham must win games like this against bottom half clubs. Burnley, whose early season highlight was a shock win over Manchester United, must right the ship when playing on the road. There form is dour when traveling, and they are still looking for a point away from home. With question marks surrounding Tottenhams backline, Burnley may have a chance to sneak out a result.

 Spurs 1 – Burnley 1


 Birmingham City vs. Bolton Wanderers

hottiefootiebabes_99157Birmingham always faced an uphill battle to stave off relegation this season, and a quick 7 points to start the season should give ample hope to City fans that reaching the all important 40pts is achievable. Bolton meanwhile may finally be facing the relegation dance they’ve been lucky to avoid in seasons past. I’ve always believed Bolton have over achieved in past campaigns, and avoiding relegation issues with the type of talent they put out on the pitch has been an accomplishment byself.  I think this is there season of reckoning.   

 Birmingham 1 – Bolton 0

 Wigan Athletic vs. Chelsea

 Wigan’s early season results can be described as lifeless at best. A horrific loss to Wolves, a beat down by Manchester United, a comprehensive Carling Cup loss to Championship side Blackpool, and another drubbing at the hands of Arsenal will not leave Wigan in the best of moods witch Chelsea coming to town. The Blues sport a maximum 18 points, with a crisp flowing form that should lend itself to an easy victory. Having said that, it was games like this that derailed Chelseas title push last year and Carlo Ancellotti will be looking to avoid any similar slip ups. A missing Drogba should have little impact on the outcome of this match. 

Chelsea 2 – Wigan 0

 Fulham vs. Arsenal

My upset pick of the week (yeah maybe I’m crazy), and a match I just have a hunch about. Arsenal love to impress and leave you depressed on any given match day. With a London derby at hand, I have a sneaking feeling Fulham get a result. Such a feeling runs completely counter to the form that each club has going at the moment, so I may look foolish for this. Arsenal lead the league in goals scored, and  Fulham have been struggling to find any consistent goal scorer. Shock result or not, this isn’t going to be any sort of classic.

Fulham 2 – Arsenal 1

Stoke City vs. Manchester United

 Recent reinforcements not withstanding, Stoke face a massive test with Manchester United coming to town. Stoke fans should have little optimism about getting any sort of result from this matchup, and maybe just be happy to avoid it getting out of hand. It won’t help that the Trotters will be without there starting front two of Fuller and Beattie who are out with ankle injuries. United coming off a spectacular Manchester derby, will be looking to get out of the gates early, and take the game to the opposition. This is over in the first 30 minutes.

 United 4 – Stoke 1


Manchester City vs. West Ham

A question that has been asked a million times, and one that is so interesting its worth mentioning a million more is ‘what are City going to do when there 6 strikers are healthy’? The number of 1st team forwards is crazyand by my count  five of them will  fully expect to be starting each week. Yikes! Anyhow, on to the game at hand. I wish I could go out on a limb and pick West Ham to get a result of some kind in this math. But alas, I just don’t see anything of the sort happening. City boast far too much class in midfield, and upfront with Bellamy and Tevez for West Ham to cope. Zola who spent much of the off season looking for reinforcements on a shoe string budget and was rather unsuccessful in the process. That failure is starting showing  with results on the pitch.  

Manchester City 3 – West Ham 1


Liverpool vs. Hull City

 Snooze alert…..snooze alert! I don’t know what it is about this matchup but this just reeks of a dour game for some reason. American football fans will take interest however with Jozy Altidore playing up front for Hull. U.S. fans having been hoping for more young Americans like Jozy to get world exposure and 1st team playing time against top European clubs, and this is a unique opportunity to watch just that. Hull unfortunately, doesn’t offer up much more to watch.  Liverpool will be looking to take an easy 3 points in this game. It must said however, is anything easy for Liverpool though these days? Something tells me a ultra defensive Hull makes this a boring game to watch.

 Liverpool 1 – Hull 0

 Sunderland vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers

Wow, how little do I care about this one….?

Sunderland 3 – Wolves 1

First Edition – Top Ten Chuck Norris Jokes:

 (This will be a new weekly series, as long as Chuck Norris allows it…)

Chuck Norris Approved10) If you have five dollars and Chuck Norris has five dollars, Chuck Norris has more money than you. 

9)  Chuck Norris can kill two stones with one bird. 

8 )  The grass is always greener on the other side, unless Chuck Norris has been there. In that case the grass is most likely soaked in blood and tears.

7)  There is no chin behind Chuck Norris’ beard. There is only another fist.

6)  Chuck Norris doesn’t read books. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants.

chuck norris toilet paper5)  Chuck Norris is so fast, he can run around the world and punch himself in the back of the head.

4)  Chuck Norris always knows the EXACT location of Carmen SanDiego.

3)  Chuck Norris’ hand is the only hand that can beat a Royal Flush.

2)  Chuck Norris can divide by zero.

1)  There is no ‘ctrl’ button on Chuck Norris’s computer. Chuck Norris is always in control. 

Matt Ziesel’s Touchdown Scamper

In case you didn’t see this yet, here’s a feel good story that thankfully is becoming more and more frequent.  It’s about sportsmanship and a love of the game going hand in hand.  Matt Ziesel has Down Syndrome, but that didn’t stop him from living out his dream of scoring a touchdown in a football game.  Always ready to play, that’s how his coaches describe Matt.  And thanks to their opponents, Maryville HS, who were up already 46-0 with 10 seconds to go in the game, St. Joseph Benton was able to hand-off on there last play of the game and, well, see for yourself.

I’ve included a great article below that recaps the story very well.  Enjoy.

Matt is teh Captain of the Freshman All-American Attitude Team

Matt is the Captain of the Freshman All-American Attitude Team

Doin Lines Week 3

50 yard line moneyAnother week down in the NFL season, and I have little to show for it. This week didn’t even start off promising like last week did as I went 7-9 vs. the spread, and now am 15-17 on the year. I think there’s a chance I could be entering a Lamar Odom type state as he slowly realizes he’s tying the knot with Khloe. Whatever state of self doubt it is, I may have to reconsider continuing to post these picks publicly throughout the rest of the season. On a brighter note, I once again did good in my confidence games, and am now 9-3 on the season with picks that had a confidence rating of 4 or 5 on! This gives me hope, and has made me realize that I shouldn’t be picking every game out there. I have reconsidered, and will go a different route. Say goodbye to confidence ratings, and get ready for the six LOCKS of the week. I’m guessing there’s as good a chance I’ll have a few $$ on these games come Sunday.

San Francisco (+7) Over Minnesota

Patrick Willis Adrian Peterson 49ers Vikings

Cmon AP, I just want to give you a hug!

I like taking the points here. Minnesota has looked really good this season, but on the other hand who have they played? Cleveland and Detroit to jog your memory. This will be their first real test against what I deem a good team, and most likely the only team that’s remotely worth preparing for in the NFC West. The 49ers had a win against last year’s Super Bowl loser, and I thought they showed a lot winning that game on the road. I think they’ll do just fine in Minnesota, keeping it within a touchdown. I have a feeling that Patrick Willis will be spelling Peterson all day long, which could be fun to watch. Same goes for the other featured back (Gore) in his quest for a resurrection year!

New York Jets (-2.5) Over Tennessee

I’m not sure if the Jets are “Super Bowl” good as many media outlets seem to claim on the east coast, but their defense “the Rexecutioners” has shown that they are going to be tough to score on. I didn’t think I’d pick the Jeff Fischer lead Titans to go 0-3 on the season, but in a very hostile and fired up crowd, it’s going to be tough to convince me to bet otherwise. Although Tennessee has a great running game, I think they can be tamed the way the Jets did with Steve Slaton was in Week 1. The Titans are also in the midst of a four game losing streak dating back to last season. Mark Sanchez has impressed everyone so far, and put to rest Pete Carroll’s doubts about him being ready enough to enter the draft. I guess we now know why he wanted Sanchez to stay so bad, because USC doesn’t seem to trust anyone they have to be in there!

Detroit (+6.5) Over Washington

I don't think the coyote e-mailed Jessica with any tips...

Whoa settle down! I didn’t pick Detroit to win or anything, I just picked them to cover! This game has the same excitement level as Jessica Simpson losing her dog to a coyote. Washington went against St. Louis last weekend, and pulled out two point victory. I couldn’t believe they weren’t blowing out the Rams. The Rams are dysfunctional at best, and just showed that Washington has no identity and no offense. I think Detroit will put up a good fight at home to try and put an end to their losing streak. I don’t think they will, but I see this one being close enough to take the points.

New York Giants (-6.5) Over Tampa Bay

I’ve never given Eli much credit even though he’s won a Super Bowl, and going into this season I still viewed him as mediocre. This season everyone was to saying how he’s going to have a bad season, because he has no recievers. I’ve been very impressed with how well Manningham and Smith have played for him. If you look at it more closely is it really the recievers or is Eli really that good? As for the Buccaneers, they are the worst they’ve been since before the Tony Dungy era.  They are in the midst of a six game losing streak dating back to last year. I don’t see the bleeding stopping this weekend, and forsee TV blackouts for Bucs fans in the near future!

Chicago (-2.5) Over Seattle

Jay Cutler Bears hit

Cutler getting the insulin knocked out of him.

Seeing this line raise a point over the last day and a half has me convinced that the Bears are the right pick. With Hasselbeck hurting his ribs for a second straight season, I have a hard time picking them especially after getting pounded by San Francisco last weekend. The Seahawks just aren’t a good team, and I don’t see how changing to the Jim Mora Jr. Era will make things better. It seems like Cutler is getting some fluidity with his receivers as he showed the Bears faithful the kind of a Pro Bowl QB they traded for pulling out a win from the defending champs last week!

Oakland (+1.5) Over Denver

I don’t really like picking this game, because I’m not a fan of betting on my own team and jinxing them. Seriously though, how can I curse the Raiders any more than they already are. They already lost a game to the catch or no catch rule that was analyzed by David Flemming as a catch when other catches this season weren’t ruled incomplete. The Broncos got lucky against the Bengals in week 1, and followed that up with a strong performance at home against Cleveland. I think on the road it’ll be another nail biter. The Raiders looked good in their first game and lost, looked bad in their second game and won. I don’t know what to expect from their offense, but I have a feeling that their recievers that torched them last year, won’t have that same success this time around!

Biggest Snake in the World Found Dead!

Did it make you jump? It made me jump, probably more because I hate snakes!