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Fans Being Fans

By and I were fully on the Denard Robinson bandwagon when he  broke onto the scene a couple years ago. Since then, I haven’t payed as much attention to him, but this year he’s the third most likely to win the Heisman according to Vegas. It will be his final year at Michigan, so hopefully he keeps those electric plays coming since I’m not so sure he’ll make it in the NFL. Not only was this video pretty funny, but it sums up just how into sports us “die-hard” fans are. Something our significant others and friends may never truly understand.

Pump It Good

A friend of mine e-mailed me this little video today. Anytime you can combine the public with an innocent situation that looks like a dirty action it’s always going to be a recipe for entertainment.

Introducing the Fung Brothers

When I was living down in LA, I didn’t spend a ton of time in the 626 (San Gabriel Valley), but if you want to go there without actually going there, watch this video. It’s all about the Asians and the food there anytime of the day or night. Like they said, everything is actually reasonably priced, and quite tasty. Oh and one of them was repping a Jeremy Lin Warriors jersey, so that pretty much put this one in the must watch category for me…

Seth Rogan’s Opening Monologue

I’d never even heard of the Independent Spirit Awards, but apparently they exist, and are important enough to garner getting some stars to attend. I pretty much can’t stand any award show these days, but almost always enjoy the opening monologues. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy someone poking fun at all the people about to receive awards and even the award show itself. If you watched the Oscars last night you were probably disappointed by Billy Crystal’s opening monologue, I know I sure was. Maybe it was because Billy couldn’t cuss on national TV, so it came out dry. Let’s face it though, Seth is funnier than Billy.

Kenny Powers Taking You Into The Weekend

I’m pretty impressed with K-Swiss and how they’ve kept this ad campaign going. Most companies seem to stray from controversial people like Powers, but K-Swiss embraced him, and let Danny McBride and Jody Hill run with it no matter how controversial it happens to be. Then again, I did just watch, and made you watch a 5 minute commercial, so I guess they won a little there. I doubt I’ll buy a pair of K-Swiss shoes anytime soon, but they got me considering them at the moment the next time I get some running shoes. It’s tough to pick out a favorite part, but three stood out. The fact he was dressed like Steve Jobs is classic, watching Patrick Willis tackle a cheetah, and KP interviewing Bruce Lee. Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday Video Mania

On Monday night Conan showed what his Super Bowl correspondent, Billy Eichner, did during the game, which was find out the all important questions of what people thought of Madonna and other celebrities in the area.  It was quality comedy, including some of the reactions from the players.

The second video I ran across was one that showed if the roles were reversed in the bar scene as in, what if men were women and women were men…

Last but not least, if you aren’t into the whole comedy theme and wanted some sports, there’s 7’5″ HS junior Mamadou Ndaiye playing in my old stomping grounds, Huntington Beach, that might just become a pro one day if he gets a little growth spurt! Not sure how he’d do against players over 6 feet tall, but you can never teach height!

This Season Has to be Better…

I mutter the “this can’t be worse than last season” phrase for a lot of my teams too many times to count. I’m also hoping that Eastbound and Down is better than last season was. Based solely on the trailer, I’m thinking it will. It felt like they were a little lost with what to do with Kenny in Mexico even though there were some funny parts, it just didn’t have the same feel as season one. Now that he’s back in the US and on top of his game, this season hopefully the show will regain the humor that drew me to it in the first place. One thing I never understood about this series is why they only have 7 or 8 episode per season, and took a year off for the hell of it. This is supposedly the last season of the show, so hopefully they give us at least 10 episodes before Kenny falls into obscurity…

Huge Group of Girls Vs. Sh** Nobody Says

I couldn’t decide between the two videos on which to post, so I just went with both. The girls one is pretty true if you’ve ever been to any bar scene anywhere. The shit nobody says wasn’t my favorite video in the world, but it did give me a few laughs with the lines; I’m glad I ate six Chalupas and We should move to Oakland.




Worst of 2011

It’s always funny to see what was and wasn’t a big deal over the year. This song covers most things I can think of, at least for the bad of 2011. I have to admit this guys flowing abilities are pretty solid in a Weird Al type way…

Best Fails of 2011

We haven’t been good about posting on the blog the last couple of weeks, and that may continue on until the new year rolls around, but what can you do… Hell, we even missed out on doin lines for the first time in the blog’s existence that I can remember. I guess the fantasy playoffs (Mceezy beat me in the semis, bastard!!), Christmas, and hanging out with family got in the way of giving our readers tips on who to pick. It’s unfortunate, because I’ve been on a roll all season long with only three losing weeks all season long. Anyways, you may have seen the video above already, but if you haven’t it’s always fun to watch the best fails of the year!

Kobe in Taiwanimation

Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately. First, I was depressed by the Raiders loss to the Lions, then caught a cold, then last night I thought I’d take in the W’s final preseason game, then BAM just before halftime Curry rolls his often injured right ankle, and Monta has some sexual harassment charges against him to boot. All this has added up to me not being excited about writing or my teams at present. Anyways, the whole Kobe saga brought me a little joy, and I love the end of the Taiwanimation where CP3 is standing over him “taking LA”.

In Case you Missed This Guy…

This video has been floating around youtube for a little while, and since I haven’t had time to write a post, I figured at least I’d let our readers see the best salesman in the world. He doesn’t even give you the opportunity to say no, because after his first line, he has you laughing so much you’re going to buy his product regardless of whether you need it or not! One thing I know for sure is this guy will not have a problem finding another sales job if he somehow gets fired… One thing is for sure, I’ll be looking out for Kenny Books!

David Stern “Locked Out” Rap

The radio station 95.7 in the Bay Area is a station I’ve listened to quite a bit since they were created. Plus, they are the only station that actually incorporates the A’s into their discussions, and they actually talk about the Raiders quite a bit too. The afternoon hosts were talking about this video they made with Stern rapping. I had to check it out, and have to think you’ll enjoy it too!

Random Forgotten Deer Of The Day: Buck Williams

First Bay Area Post; Comcast, AD, and Tinyballs

The last four days I haven’t been in tune with the sports world or anything for that matter. My world is getting a pleasant change. I moved from LA up to the Bay Area, which is probably where I belong, and while driving up you know I bumped this E-40 song a couple times. Anyways I didn’t catch any football, baseball, or anything on TV for that matter Saturday through Tuesday. It feels like a rarity in this day in age.

I never remember having too many problems with Comcast when I lived in Monterey, but MCeezy warned us all of how deceitful and retarded they can be at any given moment. First, they schedule an appointment on Sunday (the day I was moving in) which was perfect, because you want internet and TV the day you start living somewhere. Oh yeah, and that landline too, who can live without one of those! I never understood how a service could be $10 cheaper a month with adding a landline opposed to not having one. Anyways, a rep came out, but couldn’t seem to get the job done for one reason or another. Two days later they finally sent out a competent rep leaving me with a missed weekend of football and MLB playoff games. How did they apologize? A free movie rental on demand. Yipee… Anyways, this is not a good start to my Comcast experience, so hopefully I don’t have to write some rants like Mceezy did (Even though I wasn’t expecting a good experience).

To hear Al Davis died was somewhat shocking, and I think I got about 10 texts about it that Saturday morning. It was an odd way to start packing the moving truck to say the least. I mean he was old, but who would’ve thought the Grim Reaper could really die!?! Al meant so much to football as a whole, and I can’t add too much that hasn’t already been said in tributes everywhere, but he meant even more to Raiders fans than I can even put into words. He will be missed. It’s strange how sports can rally people, and naturally I hope the players dedicate the rest of their games to him this year. I got to catch the abbreviated version of the game against Houston on NFL Network this morning, so hopefully they play with that kind of emotion for the remainder of the year.

I don’t have much else to say except, I’m glad I have the internet to find clips like the two below. Sorry if you’re tired of the whole Moneyball story as we keep bringing it up on here, but here’s a SNL spoof for “Tinyballs” that was funny. The second clip needs no introduction except for lucky popsicle!