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Sapporo Commercial

I feel like I’ve seen this before, but I don’t remember being as impressed with it as I am now. Maybe it’s because American beer commercials are either funny or stupid, or both.

Jordan Vs. Lebron Parody

Ran across this clip this morning, and have to say it’s awesome! I’m on the fence if it’s actually real or not, since I don’t know why Nike would want MJ to rip on their golden boy Lebron. Either way, I don’t really care if it was doctored, and the words MJ is saying are from a completely different interview, because I bet this is how Jordan actually feels deep down. All I know is if it’s real Lebron might wish he didn’t tell everyone in the league to not wear 23 anymore

Instant Classic Ipad Parody Commercial

Well, this is the second post I’ve taken from Anthony over at Drippet, which you should check out if you happen to have a few spare moments. I felt the need to share this one with our readers though. No need for an intro or analysis, just sit back and enjoy this instant classic.

Steve Nash IS: The Most Ridiculous Man in the World

I can’t say I was ever all that into the Dos Equis commercials. I get it, the guy is interesting, but seriously how do you earn the title the most interesting man in the world ! It’s like giving your dad a coffee cup with #1 dad written on it. It’s all subject to opinion! I’m much more into Nash being the most ridiculous man in the world! I guess he might not be the most ridiculous person in the world but he could be the most ridiculous man in the NBA!

Will The Lakers Play the Grinch on Christmas Day?

I guess it’s much like having the Lyons and Cowboys on Thanksgiving, that the Lakers have to be on prime time for Christmas. It’s the perfect amount of time to fill in the void between opening presents and dinner on Christmas day. I for one, have seen more Lakers basketball than I ever wanted to living in Southern California. I’ll admit that I’m not the biggest on celebrating Christmas probably because I’m past the years when I found it fun, and now I have became the type of adult that feels like it’s more like of a hassle than fun. Every year I find myself watching the Lakers win on Christmas marking the ending of celebratory part of the day. It’s not enough that we have to see them get call after call during games all season and in the playoffs, but the Stern lead league gives them the Christmas premier match up too. It gets old fast to the rest of us non-Laker fans… Continue reading

Jack In The Box Stoner ORIGINAL

this one is classic…