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Mythbusters for Sports

I’m not usually big on gushing about every new site I run across, but the is the exception to that rule. I spent numerous hours on the site reading most of the myths that they busted. It might not be the site for you if you aren’t into basketball, but yesterday they broke down a subject near and dear to me on whether Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis can play together, which made me want to write a post to recognize this site. Obviously this matchup is a nightmare for any team when they are on offense, but can be exposed when they are on defense. Monta has backed off his original statement from last year which is refreshing, so hopefully the mythbusters are right and they can play well together. If you love analysis and overanalyzing things like free throws, footwork, and Dwight Howards post game, then you will love this site. Just be sure you have some time to read for a bit!

Fantasy Sports Help

We rarely cover much fantasy sports here at Doin Work, even though all of us are in multiple fantasy leagues playing nearly every sport, including golf and hockey! Sure we do our mock drafts, and some awards when the season is over, but no up to the minute fantasy news. One reason might be because our friends over at The Fantasy Geek, are on top of all the important relevant news, that we figured we should just go to their site instead of doing the research ourselves! Plus, if it were me writing our fantasy stuff, I’d just rant about my teams, and everyone can agree, your team is VERY important to you, but everyone else you talk to could really care less about it. Maybe this is why a win in fantasy is only mildly satisfying, because you feel like your team should win every week, and losses are completely devastating because of that same reason. They’ve had a few podcasts, and I was a guest on the 4/24 episode as a caller. Yesterday they had a great podcast on just about everything from the NBA Playoffs, to what prospects you might want to think about picking up, since they might be getting called up to the big leagues sooner than later. If you are in seach of some help in your fantasy league, you should check out their podcasts and website to help build yourself a winning team!

Sweet New Time Wasting Site!!!

I’m not in the time wasting business anymore, but I’ve clocked a lot of hours over at the FailBlog network. It started with Failblog, then I spiraled out of control, frequenting such ridiculous sites as Engrish, Graphjam, and even LolCatz. Today, a friend pointed me over to, and I’m pretty sure it’s the best one yet. For me, at least. See, I’ve always been a fan of funny graffiti. Hacked IRL is all about it.

Instantly, it reminds me of some of my favorite funny graffiti sightings over the years….

  1. Circa 1998, I got off the freeway at Watt Ave, and someone had painted a T in front of Watt.
  2. Circa 2001, I was in a bathroom, and someone wrote CODY LAMBERT PISSED HERE. If you aren’t a dork like me, then you wouldn’t know that Cody Lambert is the surfer dude nephew on Step by Step.
  3. Circa 2004, in a porta-potty in the parking lot at the Oakland Coliseum, someone wrote on the case of toilet seat covers, FREE GIANTS HATS, and lastly….
  4. Circa 2007, on a garage in Portrero Hill in San Francisco, someone simply spraypainted, POOPDICK

The Best Sports Blogs You’ve Never Read

There’s handful of blogs out there on the web that I visit on a weekly basis, if not daily. Just thought I’d take a moment to recommend some of these sites for your viewing pleasure….

ATHLETICS NATION – With the Winter Meetings in full swing, and the A’s already active in the offseason “frenzy”, check here for all the latest transactions, rumors, and analysis on everything that is the Oakland Athletics.

GOLDEN STATE OF MIND – The best blog on the Golden State Warriors, if not all team blogs in sports. I haven’t been here as much recently, because the Warriors aren’t doing too well of late, but still the benchmark for NBA team blogs.

SACTOWN ROYALTY – Another great NBA team blog. As my excitement about this year’s Kings squad grows, so does my frequenting this site.

A’S DRUMBEAT, SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE – Not the most comprehensive source, given the fact that the SF Chronicle is largely a pro-Giants newspaper, but Susan Slusser always breaks A’s news first.

BARSTOOL SPORTS – In case you haven’t noticed, I’m pretty anti-Boston. But somehow I can tolerate these guys, and even respect them. It’s always the first site I check after the A’s beat the Red Sox.

FANHOUSE – One of the best blogs out there. A true example of a small sports blog rising to the top. They always have the breaking news.

TOPHATAL’S BLOG – I don’t like this guy right now, but damnit if I don’t respect him! He may be clueless when it comes to the A’s, but he knows his sports and definitely doesn’t hide his opinion.

SPORTS GUY BY – Reminds me a lot of our site, but By certainly has a different perspective. Also largely focused around Bay Area sports teams.

AND…. a couple non-sports blogs worth checking out to pass the time during the work day….


TEXTS FROM LAST NIGHT – Remember that text you shouldn’t have sent last night?  They do.