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Doin Rants: NBA Trades Have Gotten Ridiculous

Alright, this has gotten out of hand. Enough is enough. I just stopped by espn’s nba page and 4 or 5 of the ten headlines were about contract buyouts. This is my boiling point. My frustration has mounted enough to warrant a Doin Work rant. It all started when the NBA began requiring that all trades need to be within 10% (I believe) of each other’s matching salaries. A few years later it got to the point where teams weren’t even swapping comparable talent. Expiring contracts were all of sudden worth more than good players. NBA franchises are supposed to be run like businesses, so why would your business strategy ever be to hire older guys who are close to retiring and can only perform at a fraction of their prior productivity level. Sure, you want the money to come off the books, but you still have to hire someone in their place. Sure, you save a couple bucks, but what’s the point, you’re surely overpaying a few guys on your team, and guess what… you’re going to do it again. Now, though? NOW…. teams aren’t even keeping the guys they’re getting in trades!! Instead, the trade deadline has really just come to be the day before the league’s BUYOUT deadline, where teams can have their crack at a fresh crop of savvy veterans who can help them in their postseason runs. Guys like Troy Murphy and Mike Bibby are available, all because their former teams gave away decent players to buy them out. The Warriors gave up Brandan Wright and Dan Gadzuric for Troy Murphy (and then not) and a 2nd round pick. Those guys are far from all-stars, but Wright is the guy they traded Jason Richardson for the rights to, essentially imploding the We Believe team immediately after the great upset of 2007. (Imagine that, a rant about ridiculous trades has ultimately led me to the Warriors…)

So Murphy is rumored to be ending up in Miami, as is Bibby. Something doesn’t seem right about this. I’m not talking about Miami getting these two guys, they’re not going to get them a ring or anything. I’m just talking about teams trading a decent player to a better team, subsequently waiving the newly acquired player, and then that player signs with a contender. Or we’ve also got the Hornets and Kings trade that Mark Cuban pointed out. The Hornets were recently taken over by the league to help re-stabilize the franchise to make it a more attractive investment, but their first trade is a move to take on salary? They gave up Marcus Thornton, who was making $10 an hour, for Carl Landry, who’s owed about $3 million. I give them credit for making a good personnel move, but taking on salary doesn’t seem like a wise business decision. Perhaps the worse business decision from the Kings’ side though. Already struggling to attract fans in a one-sport city, they traded away a guy who was the league’s best 6th man when they acquired him, for Thornton, who has some great potential, but isn’t exactly going to convince fans to come out. Teams these days are putting crap on the table and getting mad when the fans don’t eat it. Something has gone terribly wrong.

So I’m looking forward to the offseason. I love the sport of basketball, but the NBA has by far become the kookiest sports league on Earth. Whatever they all end up agreeing to can’t be worse than how it already is. I can’t even began to comprehend how unnecessarily overcomplicated they’ve made it, but so many moves make so little sense. They need to tie in the D-League, so teams can at least get some “prospects” in return.

On Second Thought, The Jazz Got The Better Of The Deron Williams Trade

When I first saw the news, I said “wow, the Jazz just did the unthinkable and traded their star-player without getting a new star player in return.” It doesn’t always work out for the team who acquires the star, but it never works out for the team who gives him up. Unfortunately, due to the increasingly complex financial aspect of the league, it’s becoming more and more common. Gone are the days of good player for good player trades. Now it’s just an unhappy superstar with a bruised ego for an expiring contract, a failed young project worth giving a fresh start, and a draft pick. The Jazz and Nets stuck pretty close to the script in their deal centered around Deron Williams. I still think this was essentially Utah needing to get rid of a cancerous superstar, but they managed to come away with a pretty impressive haul.

What makes it appear underwhelming is that the primary component is Devin Harris, which doesn’t exactly jump out at anybody. But this is a guy who was an all-star just two years ago with the Nets when he put up 21 pts and 7 ast for the season. Injuries have been a problem, limiting Harris to under 70 games in each of the last four seasons. I’d be willing to bet, though, that he’ll find a way to stay healthy for a while now that he gets to run the point with Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson flashing in and out of the lane. It could go either way, but the upside of Devin Harris on this Jazz team is pretty amazing.

Add to that they’ve added Derrick Favors, who hasn’t exactly been getting a lot of rookie of the year hype, averaging 6 pts and 5 reb in 20 minutes a night. But honestly, when was the last time a 3rd overall pick was traded halfway into his rookie season? He’s not exactly the “failed young project” I mentioned earlier. Favors is a kid who played one year of college ball and was drafted purely on physical potential. I don’t think he was really supposed to be NBA ready. There’s still no question that he’ll be a solid player in the league – it’s just not going to happen right away. The opportunity is there for him in Utah though. Fans in Salt Lake are growing bored of Andrei Kirilenko and are quietly rooting for him to get replaced. With Millsap and Jefferson looking poised to anchor the frontcourt for years to come, Favors could be just what coach Tyrone Corbin needs to round out a giant front line. And if Corbin was able to average double figures in his first season with the Jazz back in 92-93, surely he can get Favors to.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE….. the Jazz ALSO get a first round pick this year AND a first round pick year. This year’s draft class isn’t exactly the greatest – the Clippers hate it, in fact. But Utah will likely be looking at a top ten pick this year. Then in 2012 they’ll get the Warriors’ first round pick, and I still have no idea why. It’s somewhat protected, but since the W’s are rarely in the top six, I’m sure the Jazz will get it. That’s two more chances in the next two years that they’ll have to draft their next Deron Williams, minus the driving out your legendary longest-tenured coach in all of professional sports. Just getting rid of that is a win for Utah.

Big Win For Cal Tech

Yesterday while I was driving I heard an interview with Cal Tech’s basketball coach, Dr. Oliver Eslinger. The school in Pasadena is more known for its academic accolades, and is possibly the best school in the country for computers and engineering. Even Einstien back in the 20’s and 30’s spent extended periods of time there. Anyways, if you thought the Cavs 26 game losing streak was bad, Cal Tech’s 46-45 win on Tuesday ended a 310 game losing streak within their confrence that dated back to 1985. Simply amazing that anyone could rack up that many losses even at the Division III level. I get it, they don’t have sports scholarships, and 98% of people don’t even have the resume to get in to the school so that limits the pool of athletes you can get on the team. They have a 100% graduation rate on the team, so basically hoops isn’t on the applying students radar.

A cool story the coach told in the interview on the radio was about their best player. While we wonder which players are declaring for the NBA draft, Cal Tech’s players are being recruited by big time companies, and doing some meaningful things in the world. Ryan Elmquist, a senior, who is their best scorer and rebounder has already signed a contract to be an engineer for Google when he is done with school this spring. Another thing I found funny in the interview was that they get heckled for being smart like people in the stands yell go back to studying and stuff like that. Anyways, I thought this was a classic story that you wouldn’t hear outside of the Southern California area.

By and I were chatting when I was writing this, and we came up with a little mock draft for the brainiacs getting picked by companies.

By: Makes me think, are all the players on the team scrawny little lab geeks who’ve never played sports in their life. It’s funny too because it’s like “with the #1 pick in the hella smart draft, Google selects Ryan Elmquist”

Chappy: yeah I could picture that draft! Facebook is now on the clock. I bet they pick the guy with that huge pocket protector!

By: Lol right? Genetech slipped to having the 3rd pick in the draft despite having an unintelligent 2010
Chappy: hahaha Genetech had zero innnovators last season they are really falling behind in the brain cells race.
By: Google implanted a device in their lottery balls that guaranteed them the first pick even though Genentech had the most balls Genetech hasn’t received a noble peace prize award in science in five years!

Wild Trade Deadline

It’s been a wild couple days since the Carmelo Anthony trade went through. It was the first domino to fall and initiated a lot of wheeling and dealing leading up to today’s noon deadline.  This trade deadline has had an unprecedented amount of big deals, and small deals in effort to shed cap, improve playoff rosters, or get draft picks with a lot of questions hanging over the new CBA. It’s crazy what one summer can do to a league, and Lebron got this ball rolling so fast with the decision, I don’t know if it can be stopped. For today it was nice that the storylines were actually real, and not just speculation on things like whether Dwight Howard and Chris Paul will be traded before their contracts are up. I’ll start with my quick thoughts on the players that were traded over the last couple days.

Melo and Chauncey to NY – No brainer, how couldn’t you make that deal no matter how many starters you gave up. Get the stars and move on.

Deron Williams to NJ – Hmm DWill or Favors, Harris, and some crappy picks. I’d take DWill any day, but Utah got a lot out of it especially since NJ will be in the lottery this year. Takes a superstar to get superstars, and maybe DWill and the $19M of cap space they will have can woo some big name there. I’ve never understood why aren’t the Nets Jersey’s made from Rocawear?

Carl Landry for Marcus Thorton to NO – Cuban is pissed. Can’t argue with his logic on any level. New Orleans gets tougher, and that’s never a bad thing when your star is a tough minded guy.

Kirk Hinrich to ATL – Solid move, an upgrade over the aged Bibby. Not sure it really helps them against Rose, Wade, or Rondo in the playoffs though. It will free up Jamaal as the only scoring guard on the squad. Kirk doesn’t care about points.

Baron Davis for Mo Williams to CLE – Who would’ve thought being traded from the Clippers would be bad for a player!?! He pulled his hammy picking up the phone when his old coach that he always got along with Byron Scott called, and decided he won’t be playing for the next two months. That being said he’ll play enough to get paid. For the Clippers it makes it Blake’s team no questions asked in the locker room.

Shane Battier for Hasheem Thabeet and a draft pick to Memphis – Battier makes them tougher. Not sure why they made this deal, because Gay is out for awhile. Without him they seem to be hitting a rough patch and it will be hard for them to make the playoffs.

Nate Robinson and Kendrick Perkins for Jeff Green and Nenad Krystic to OKC – Great deal for the Thunder. They needed some big guys to knock guys down, and Perk will do that. I like the Thunder’s chances against LA a lot more as he can contain Pau. The Celtics needed a swing man and Jeff Green is solid. Maybe they knew they weren’t signing Perk after the season, so they cut their losses already… I’m not sure I like it, but who am I to say a move the Celtics made was bad.

Nazr Mohammed for DJ White and Mo Peterson to OKC – Another big man that will smack you around on the defensive side of the ball. OKC is probably the biggest winner of the day in terms of helping their championship hopes.

Aaron Brooks for Goran Dragic and 1st round pick to PHO – Wow, this was a shocker to me. I’ve had a mancrush on Brooks since he was at Oregon, so I like it for Phoenix. They need someone to take over for Nash someday, and Dragic isn’t that answer. Houston gets a guy that doesn’t mind being a backup and a draft pick. Books gets to run and gun in a fun offense that would make most players happy. Win-win I think.

Gerald Wallace for Joel Pryzbilla, Daunte Cunningham, and two draft pick to POR – Great deal for Portland, they get one of those hard working blue collar guys that they have targeted since the JailBlazers days. I think this move helps get them to the playoffs. I won’t say it makes them win a series, but they made a big upgrade.

OJ Mayo for Josh McRoberts and a 1st round pick to MEM – Oh wait, this one didn’t end up happening…

I’ll update this if I see any more trades on the Ticker!

The Real Blockbuster Trade

Eddy Curry and Anthony Randolph made ripples around the league as they were traded from the Knicks in part of a deal that sent the expiring contract of Carmelo Anthony to them. I’ll get back to those two amazing additions in a bit, but first a little background on this T-Wolves amazing roster being built.

Minnesota has been working hard for the past couple years to have as many possible top picks turned head cases than any franchise in the league. They started their last offseason by trading for Michael Beasley who proved to be immature. Surprisingly he’s turned into a good player in Minnesota, but with him, you have to wonder how much longer he can hold out from smoking weed, especially with him having some extra time off due to injury. You know he’s ready for a relapse and wants to be lost floating around the court aimlessly again.

Way to sexy for that shirt Darko.

Their second move of the off-season was signing Darko. Yup, the guy that has had his confidence shattered simply for being drafted over Melo and Wade. Wasn’t his fault the Pistons fell in love with him, but he never could deal with the pressure that came with being that pick. He might be a blocking machine this year, but I saw a stat in someone’s power rankings that said when he shoots 10 shots in a game their already pathetic winning percentage goes from 27% to 17%, yikes.

Sebastian Telfair was added to their roster via free agency as well over the summer. He’s one of the amazing character guys from the JailBlazers teams, and a fitting character guy rounding out three head cases that were added to the team this year. Bassy has been as unimpressive as he has been throughout his career. Are these guys on the verge of figure it out in the insane asylum in Minnesota (Can we make that their new arena name)? Based on the T-Wolves record and how casual fans can only name Kevin Love on that team, I’d say no.

Eddie Curry might have been the biggest trade chip in the deal that went down last night, so I won’t talk about him or his expiring contract. Anthony Randolph however was one of those players I always wanted to see flourish, especially in his Warriors days. To say he was a head case would be the understatement of the year if it was Nellie talking. He’s like that super hot girl that still can’t figure out how to get what she wants from guys. He has all the ability in the world, but couldn’t sniff the court on either of his first two teams. It doesn’t look like he will in Minnesota either being behind Eddie Curry’s expiring contract (I think I’ve heard more about his expiring contract over the years than when he was actually playing), Love, Tolliver, Beasley, and Milicic. Maybe Kahn is looking to move Love out of town so this cast of headcases can thrive. Nothing would shock me about this franchise at this point. Free Love Kahn! While your at it you should trade Rubio away to a team that he’ll actually come here to play for.

Rough to be a fan of Minnesota teams right now. At least they have the Twins though.

Dunking On Tuesday

So, I was killing a little time this morning, and was trying to find some cool dunks on youtube. I came across two that were post worthy. The first is an Asian guy of course. He owns the record for the longest dunk ever. He cheated, but it was still some pretty interesting video. You can’t go wrong with a bunch of Asian’s in suits looking worried while the “baller” bounces up and down non-nonchalantly.

The Second clip was much more serious, and is probably one you’ve already seen before. The 720 dunk is something I hope Blake pulls out in next year’s dunk contest. Hopefully he reads this post and starts practicing right away!

Handicapping The Rest Of the Warriors Season

I’m a firm believer that until your team hits the 38 mark in the loss column you aren’t out of the playoff picture during the NBA season. The Warriors have 29 losses, so there isn’t a lot of room for error after the All-Star break, but I’m not giving up on them especially with the West is as open as it’s been for years. It’s up for debate on whether Portland, New Orleans, Denver, or Utah can hold on to the 5-8 spots in the West especially with injuries, coaching changes, and trades lingering for all these teams. By my count on my playoff loss barometer of 38 losses only Sacramento and Minnesota are truly out of the playoff picture with the LA Clippers having 35 losses, they should be the next team out of the picture, which leaves 8 teams including the Warriors for those last four spots.  The Warriors are 4 games out of the eighth spot, but only 5 ½ away from the 5th spot. The Warriors have been playing some great basketball over the last couple of weeks aside from the two games they played against the Suns where they could’ve sent a D-league team on the court in their place and done just as good. During their recent solid streak of play they beat Chicago, New Orleans, OKC, Utah (twice), and Denver over a ten game stretch, which were all quality wins in my book. So, I figured now would be the best time to handicap the rest of the year going through each game deciding if they’d win or lose. I gave them a few big wins along the way, and a couple of losses to bad teams and teams who I know they have trouble against. Continue reading

The Big Easy

I don’t know why, but the past few years I’ve been trying harder to see more states and big cities in the U.S., instead of heading out of the country every time I travel somewhere new. I ended up in New Orleans for the last six days, and have to say that it was a very fun trip. If you’ve never been, you have to go there at some point even if you aren’t much of a partier it would still be a fun trip to make. I’m not sure where this post will take me, but I thought I should write about the trip since I haven’t been paying attention to the sports world as much as normal. Since I have family that reads the blog it will let them know about the trip as well.

My trip started with heading to the New Orleans Arena to watch the Bulls vs. Hornets. Rose vs. CP3 was quite the match up to see first-hand. I’m still not really sure who is better. It’s no secret that Rose has a much better team surrounding him. After watching them go at it, there’s no question in my mind that Paul was the better PG that night even though his team lost. The main I came to that conclusion after watching them duel, is because Paul plays much better defense. Offensively I feel like they were equals, so defense was the tie breaker. The best guy on the floor that night was surprisingly, Marcus Thorton. He couldn’t miss, and was taking Bogans to school all game long! One of the coolest things they do there that I didn’t think I’d like was the “woooo” they scream after every free throw CP3 makes. I wonder if that will follow him to his next team when he leaves New Orleans? I was also wondering how the people there felt about Stern and Co. owning their team. Unsurprisingly, most the people I talked to seemed to just be happy they still have a team in their city.

Everything in Nawlins is old. I usually think of something as old when it’s from the 50’s or 60’s, but there, everything was built back in the 1800’s. The buildings are very close together, the roads are narrow, and if there weren’t cars everywhere you could fool me into thinking it was a time that my grandparents grew up in. Bourbon Street is a strange type of party scene, but VERY fun. It didn’t matter what night of the week it was, it was going off. I think I should’ve gone when I was in college. I really liked how nearly every bar had a courtyard in the back. The walk up bars were cool too, so if you just felt like walking the street with a drink you could. Live brass band music left and right is impossible to argue with as you stroll from one place to the next. Frenchman Street was amazing too. It’s where the locals hang out to see live Jazz every night in about 8 different bars scattered along the street. The food was nose sweat spicy, and lived up to all the hype. I’m also somewhat of an aquarium buff since I lived in Monterey for five years. The Audubon Aquarium in New Orleans was amazing, and had a wide array of displays, and some fish I’d never seen. It was easily one of the top two of the six I’ve been to.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are loved by everyone in New Orleans. We went on a couple of tours, and on both of them I think BraJolie were mentioned numerous times whenever they could be mentioned like where they lived, where their kids go to school, what their favorite bar was, and where they like to eat breakfast, etc. It was a semi-weird celebrity crush the city has going on with those two. Maybe it was all those houses that they built in the flooded areas that won them over. I was shocked to see how many vacant houses/lots there still are five years after Katrina. It’s truly sad, when we are wasting money overseas on wars and not helping our own citizens. I won’t beat that dead horse more than it already has been beaten though. Another thing I found interesting was I saw people wearing nearly as much LSU gear as Saints gear in the streets. I thought it was strange since Baton Rouge was an hour and a half away, and thought the Saints would at least rule New Orleans. I saw more LSU gear than Tulane and Layola gear which are the two colleges actually based in New Orleans. I tried to get into a few SEC sucks conversations, but nobody was having it. Probably a good thing.

Blake the Cyborg

You may remember I was in search of a new mancrush a little while back. Still haven’t found one, but I remember saying that Blake Griffin wouldn’t be it mainly because of his lack of interview flair. Normally I love all the DJ Steve Porter videos that come out, but this one was lacking something, like a truly fun soundbite that pretty much all his videos have had. The dunk montage was cool, but ultimately it shows how Blake doesn’t have the same charisma off the court I need in a true man crush. That being said I’m excited for the dunk contest. Kenny Anderson (Blake’s dunk coach) said a couple weeks ago that Blake would do something we’ve never seen. When he met with Blake to review what they could do, Kenny was shocked that he could add to a dunk Kenny thought was impossible. Hopefully it all pans out that way!

Raider Re-Up on Seymour; President Honors Russell

The Oakland Raiders today re-signed DT Richard Seymour to solidify the return of their solid defensive tackle tandem that features him and Tommy Kelly. The deal is reportedly for 2 years, $30 million. Late last season, Seymour went as far as to say he saw himself retiring as a Raider – quite the 180 from the guy who seemed hesitant to report to Oakland after being traded 2 seasons ago. Nonetheless, Seymour emerged as a leader in the clubhouse and a force to reckon with on the field. Though I had plenty of doubts when he was first acquired, it was apparent, last season especially, that the improvement shown by the Raiders all stemmed from the dominance of the front four. It’s a lot of money, but if he produces at the same level as last year, I’m on board with this deal.

In other news…… Another thing I’m on board with is Bill Russell being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom today. Most know him for winning 11 titles with the Boston Celtics, along with back to back NCAA titles at USF. Most forget about all the work he put in off the basketball court in the civil rights arena.

Below is the official White House transcript of Obama’s remarks about Russell:

When Bill Russell was in junior high, he was cut from his basketball team. (Laughter.) He got better after that. (Laughter.) He led the University of San Francisco to two championships. In 13 seasons with the Boston Celtics, he won 11 championships — a record unmatched in any sport. Won two while also serving as the team’s coach. And so happens, he also was the first African American ever to hold such a position as a coach in a Major League sports team of any sort. More than any athlete of his era, Bill Russell came to define the word “winner.”

And yet, whenever someone looks up at all 6 feet 9 inches of Bill Russell — I just did — (laughter) — I always feel small next to him — and asks, “Are you a basketball player?” — surprisingly, he gets this more than you think, this question — (laughter) — he says, “No.” He says, “That’s what I do, that’s not what I am. I’m not a basketball player. I am a man who plays basketball.”

Bill Russell, the man, is someone who stood up for the rights and dignity of all men. He marched with King; he stood by Ali. When a restaurant refused to serve the black Celtics, he refused to play in the scheduled game. He endured insults and vandalism, but he kept on focusing on making the teammates who he loved better players, and made possible the success of so many who would follow. And I hope that one day, in the streets of Boston, children will look up at a statue built not only to Bill Russell the player, but Bill Russell the man.

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Great NBA Playoff Moments

I’m watching the Warriors vs. Their Old Mascot on ESPN and it hit me that both of these teams represent the two biggest playoff upsets in Western Conference Playoff history: The Warriors over the Mavs and the franchise formerly known as Seattle lost a 5 game series to the #8 seeded Nuggets. Immediately it took me back to that 1994 series. I was a huge fan of that Denver squad, led by Dikembe Mutombo, LaPhonso Ellis, and Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf. My favorite under the radar player was speedster Robert Pack, the ex-USC player and back up point guard. I went to youtube to find a video recap, and found a pretty good one, but I got bored. I didn’t need a 5 minute recap…. there’s only about 5 seconds I need to see. The only part I need to see is when Mutombo grabs that last rebound and lets time expire, at which point he falls to ground clutching the ball with both hands, and smiling like the happiest grandpa on the planet. And this is when he was just 28, allegedly. He almost looks out of this world, and perhaps he is, given his debated age, but I’ve still seen few human moments in my life that compare to him since this display. The Nuggets went on to take the Jazz to seven games in the second round.


….And I don’t mean trade him, I mean play him. Coach Paul Westphal has played Landry just 9 and 19 minutes in each of the last two games. They’ve both been losses. I know that doesn’t say much since 37 of the 49 games the Kings have played have been losses, but here’s a more significant trend for you….

Since January started, the Kings are 5-1 when Carl Landry plays more than 30 minutes. When he doesn’t, they’re 1-13.

I’m all for giving rookie Demarcus Cousins the minutes, and Samuel Dalembert’s been playing some solid basketball this year, but Landry should be on the floor more. It’s not like he can’t play with those guys. Jason Thompson should be the odd man out – which he is often. Whatever the case, it’s clear the organization doesn’t see Landry as a part of their future, which is unfortunate, so they may as well trade him to someone who will utilize him. This is a guy who was putting up 16 pts a night for a .500 ballclub in Houston, making him a favorite for the 6th Man of the Year award for the first half of last season. Now he’s not good enough to play for the worst team outside of Cuyahoga County, Ohio.


Wow, I Didn’t Think I’d Care About That

I won’t lie, I only got through the first minute of the video Chappy posted earlier. I wasn’t going to say anything, and it wasn’t that boring, I just don’t care about the Cavs. OR SO I THOUGHT. Tonight, when ESPN decided to pull a pretty unprecedented move and cut away from the Lakers-Knicks – it was a blowout, I know, but still… they rarely do that – but I found myself pretty happy for Cleveland. I really didn’t care one way or the other whether the streak kept going or it stopped. You never want to wish the piling on of more losing to an already worn down beaten team. But at the same time, it’s history. But nonetheless, the Cavs pulled it out tonight against the Clippers and I found myself feeling pretty good for the guys who’ve stuck it out over there. They’ve had a few legitimate injuries, like Anderson Varejao, but for the most part, no one’s really sandbagging and sitting out games. I think I speak for all of Doin Work when I say Antawn Jamison deserves a lot of respect for this season. Between his Golden State Warrior roots and Cali4Dre’s fantasy obsession (honestly, I think he’s had him like 8 of the last 10 years), none of us have ever had a bad thing to say about the guy. ….except for flaws in his game maybe. Here’s the Antawn Jamison Fun Fact of the Night: He’s played all 82 games in the season FIVE TIMES. This year he’s played 51 of 54, more than respectable. He’s better than this, and a lot of guys of his stature probably would’ve feigned injury or sulked their way to a trade, but he’s kept his head down and kept grinding. Hopefully a contender will snatch him up and reward him with some relevant basketball again.

Cleveland’s U-Turn

Looks like Cavs fans are finally turning the page after seeing their team’s current record breaking losing streak hit 26. I guess even they now realize that Lebron never really had a team that was worthy of his talents. It’s good to see that they are at least fond of the times they had with him. Maybe now, Lebron won’t get his ass kicked when he goes home to visit his family and friends. I loved the Delonte part.