Doin Predictions

We decided to put up our predictions up for all to see. There really isn’t a reason to think that our predictions will work out, afterall who knows what teams will get owned by the injury bug.We are all going for that  I called it moment at the end of a season, and we will see who has the last laugh! Who knows, maybe we won’t get anything right, and go to this page to know who we are jinxing for the year.Anyways, we’ll add to the page as we feel out our inner Nostradamus coming on.

Doin 2012 Eastern Conference Predictions

Big shocker, the Heat are the team to beat in the East followed by the Bulls. After that it gets a little muddier as we disagreed on which teams will even be in the playoffs. We both see the Dwight Howard distraction hurting the Magic, and we’re both high on the Pacers making it to the playoffs, who would’ve thought!

Doin 2012 Western Conference Predictions

Oh yes, we each picked the top 8 Western Conference teams for 2012 including the Kings and Warriors!?! Sounds like some homer picks in here, but let’s face it, we always have a few homer picks! Everyone seems down on the Spurs this year, but up on the Clips and Sonics. Should be fun to see how the compacted schedule shakes out and especially our beloved Pacific Division.

NFC 2011 Over/Under Predictions

Interesting post, considering the three guys picking the over/unders closely follow the AFC West. Alas, we seem pretty confident in these picks. There were a few that we all seemed pretty sure on, so you might want to lock in some bets with those teams. On the ones we couldn’t agree on, I guess you’ll have to decide for yourself.

AFC 2011 Over/Under Predictions

Yup, every year we make these picks on teams win/loss records. Last season we did quite well falling just short of getting 70% right, so make what you will of that high percentage. I think we’re all just glad we are having the season and can make some predictions!

Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions 

Mceezy is our only hockey expert we have on the staff, so he pulled together his best efforts on predicting how the first round would go. He’s got a lot of helpful insight to the un-informed hockey fan. You might even learn a few players names along the way!

Doin 2011 MLB Playoff Predictions

Interesting picks came from this bunch. I guess it must be the time to believe, because two of us just went with our homer picks, but we all had surprises in the playoffs and especially in the World Series holding out powerhouse picks like Boston and Philadelphia from the biggest series in the game. The Brewers, Reds, Indians, Braves, Giants, A’s, and Yankees were picked by our panel to go to the World Series.

Doin 2010 Western Conference Predictions

Looks like both of us are living in 2006, and thinking that the Seattle Supersonics are going to be a great team. How we both picked the Clippers to make the playoffs is beyond comprehensible. I guess we didn’t take into account Bill Simmons theory of the Clippers being cursed Indian Burial Ground style. We made a deal with the Sportschump that if we are wrong and Denver does make the playoffs we will write an apology. Might have to get started on that already!

Doin 2010 Eastern Conference Predictions

None of us really follow the Eastern Conference like we do with the West, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have some predictions about how it will all shake out! It’s going to be a bloodbath this year in the East, and it really could shake out anyway for those top five teams.

Doin 2010 NFL Over Under Predictions

It’s been a little while since we added some predictions to the page, and what better way to add to the page than to get out our over/under predictions for wins and losses totals for the NFL season that kicked off last night. Some of the lines were pretty tough, but others were relatively easy like saying the Colts will win more than 11 games, that’s not much of a prediction as much as it’s a given each year.

Doin Free Agent Predictions

We put in our best efforts to predict where the barely hyped free agents of 2010 will land. It pretty much all depends on where D-Wade and Lebron end up, everyone else will fall into place afterwards. We should see plenty of fireworks in the NBA on July 1st this year, which might just be different cities putting on a show to entice the best in the league. Check out where we think the guys will land here.

Doin NBA Playoff Predictions

Our first installment of NBA picks for this year’s playoffs are now up! We had some wild predictions as some of us crowned the Suns and Jazz as the NBA Champions. There was a prediction that the Durantula’s will take out the mighty Lakers in the first round because Phil fired them up. In the east we didn’t have a whole lot of surprises, as the Lebron’s seem to be there favorite here on the blog as well as in real life. Looks like the Bay Area fans are rooting for Nash get it done this year. More than likely we will be completely wrong, but that’s what making predictions is all about! You can bet that our 14 team parlay will hitting this first weekend! To see all of our NBA postseason predictions click here.

Doin 2010 MLB Predictions

We slightly slacked on getting our baseball picks up until the second day of the season. So if you want to disregard these picks, I totally understand, because we had the benefit of seeing the first full day of baseball. After 1/162nd of the season, we made our picks on the outcomes of pretty much every category we could think of. We had no unanimous decisions, and some wild surprises in the predictions that included: The Angels, Rays, and Giants winning it all, Ichiro winning the AL MVP,  Atlanta Braves winning the NLCS, Brian McCann winning the NL batting title, Brian Matuz as AL ROY, and much much more. We all commented on our own picks whether it was to curse a team/player or that we truly hope or think that outcome will happen. Check them out the post by clicking here.

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