Golf Cart Crashes

I don’t know one person that hasn’t had their share of fun in a golf cart. whether it resulted in a crash or injury, there’s always a classic moment right around the corner. Sometimes crashing or flipping your cart might be the best part of your round. Or maybe being intoxicated by the end of the round helps create the phenomenon that is pushing your cart to the limit. No matter what the circumstances are, every incident ends up being funny and a “remember that one time” moment.

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7 responses to “Golf Cart Crashes

  • ChrisHumpherys (@SportsChump)

    I’ve had my fair share of those… usually under the influence of Southern Comfort.

  • tophatal

    I don’t mind the incidents but what’s scary in those situations are the individuals who actually cause them . A few years back I was at Doral &GC in Miami as part of the event down there . One well known South Florida athlete plowed his cart into the lake and almost drowned having been drinking way too much for his own good. He had the whole thing hushed up to save himself and the team embarrassment .

    He was warned by the front office after the incident albeit that he’s still not given up drinking .

    tophatal ……

    • chappy81

      Never heard that story. I’ve heard of people driving into ponds before though. Maybe they should add a life jacket under the seat or make the seats a flotation device to keep everyone safe from themselves!

      • tophatal


        Rumor has it that Woods would like to see drive his former caddy Steve Williams drive r the edge of a cliff but not necessarily with him strapped into to a buggy . I wonder how Tiger Woods must be feeling after Adam Scott trounced the field Bridgestone in that WGC event ? It seems as if Scott and Williams made for a great partnership .

        tophatal …………

  • JW

    Why am I not surprised to see an instant connection between golf carts and booze?

  • sportsattitudes

    There should be driving ranges for golf carts so people can go…practice…driving them.

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