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Wednesday Video Mania

On Monday night Conan showed what his Super Bowl correspondent, Billy Eichner, did during the game, which was find out the all important questions of what people thought of Madonna and other celebrities in the area.  It was quality comedy, including some of the reactions from the players.

The second video I ran across was one that showed if the roles were reversed in the bar scene as in, what if men were women and women were men…

Last but not least, if you aren’t into the whole comedy theme and wanted some sports, there’s 7’5″ HS junior Mamadou Ndaiye playing in my old stomping grounds, Huntington Beach, that might just become a pro one day if he gets a little growth spurt! Not sure how he’d do against players over 6 feet tall, but you can never teach height!

This Season Has to be Better…

I mutter the “this can’t be worse than last season” phrase for a lot of my teams too many times to count. I’m also hoping that Eastbound and Down is better than last season was. Based solely on the trailer, I’m thinking it will. It felt like they were a little lost with what to do with Kenny in Mexico even though there were some funny parts, it just didn’t have the same feel as season one. Now that he’s back in the US and on top of his game, this season hopefully the show will regain the humor that drew me to it in the first place. One thing I never understood about this series is why they only have 7 or 8 episode per season, and took a year off for the hell of it. This is supposedly the last season of the show, so hopefully they give us at least 10 episodes before Kenny falls into obscurity…

Norm MacDonald as Blake Griffin

Yesterday Mceezy sent me a text telling me I needed to check out the spoof that Norm MacDonald did on his new show with Comedy Central. After watching it, I have to say, maybe I didn’t give Blake enough credit for having a personality or the ability to be funny, because in this skit Blake was pretty funny. Now that Blake is used to being a star, maybe he’ll show us some more of his personality. I hope Norm Macdonald Sports Show lasts, but I have a feeling it won’t…

Daniel Tosh’s Un-Aired Super Bowl Commercial

It’s never in bad taste to poke a little fun at a woman’s sport, and if you’ve seen Tosh.0 ever, you’ll know he’s pretty good at pointing out the shortcoming in anything. This commercial SHOULD have aired last Sunday, it was worth $3M a lot more than some of the other ones…

The Death Of Free Sports

Tonight we lost a valuable commodity… fell victim to the “ICE”. For the last few months we’ve been able to enjoy out-of-market games at no cost on the web, but it was too good to be true – like everything else on the web. No more Warriors games in LA and Sacramento for us.  We invite you to share your favorite ATDHE memories in the comments section….

What Should I Do?

I caught the most recent episode of South Park yesterday, and found Cartman mocking Lebron’s commercial pretty damn funny. For some reason the first clip can’t be embedded, so here it is. He continues to use the “Lebron James technique” throughout the show. Classic stuff if your a SP fan.

And one last spoof with the BP guy!

In Case You Missed It….

Finally, a 30 for 30 on ESPN got my attention. It’s been a pretty successful series so far and has won over plenty of sports fans, but “Once Brothers” really became the defining episode of the series for me. It’s not saying much, because I still associate sports documentaries with Kobe Bryant Doin Work. I’ll spare you the movie review and simply say that I was old enough to remember Vlade Divac and Drazen Petrovic on the floor, but too young to understand what was really going on between them and back home. I was a huge Nets fan in the early 90s, because of Kenny Anderson. So naturally, I became a fan of Drazen, since he was the real star of the team. (Sorry Derrick Coleman)

Here’s the trailer, but find a way to check out the whole thing.

More to LeBron’s Move to Miami …

Inspired by Chappy’s latest post (see post below this) I have decided to keep up with the “random thoughts” theme, as the world of sports is sloth like to me at the moment.  Stagnant.  So why not combine my fascination for two things I can’t turn my eyes from, and write about it?  

Forget Wade & Bosh, these are Bron's real friends in Miami

It’s been about a month since we were all witnesses to “The Decision”, yet the media still talks about it as if it happened yesterday.  Rightfully so.  My first reaction to his hour long special was, “What a douche!”  I mean, that was about as classy as “The Situation” is from Jersey Shore.  To pick the bigger douche between the two would be a difficult task after that.  His decision to make “The Decision” was a complete train wreck, just like the Jersey Shore shows, but, we were all tuned in.  We love train wrecks don’t we America?  A lot of us were hoping that LeBron would announce he was staying in Cleveland, to fulfill the contrived destiny we create for our stars.  But, some of us were hoping for the opposite.  Some of us were hoping for exactly what happened.  Just like how some of us hope Snooki’s drunk date pukes all over her when she attempts to kiss him.  Tell me you didn’t find it all entertaining.  And get this, now that the Jersey Shore cast has moved to Miami for the second season, wouldn’t it be great if LeBron was the surprise new roomie?  I mean, judging by the way he’s carried himself since the end of last season to now, wouldn’t he fit right in with the orange people?  Bron looks like a total “Juice Head” right?  Is all of this going down like it has, a coincidence?  I’m sure he’s ran into Sitch & DJ Pauley D in Vegas once or twice, they all get along, have a few drinks and then maybe come up with a pact to be casted on a reality show together in Miami.  Pending his other pact to sign with the Heat falls through first, of course.  Would that be impossible?  I think not.  LeBron better not bring “grenades” to the house though.

In Case You Needed Some Coco in Your Life Again

We’ve made it well known that we are fans of big fans of Conan O’Brien, and he IS the comedic voice of our generation. I will watch him whether it’s on youtube or TBS. I feel like he’s sincere in his approach to comedy, and really understands the younger generation. Some late night hosts, put off the vibe that they truly do view their show as a job and only worry about plugging the sponsors and the network. Conan on the other hand, feels like he’s actually having fun doing his job. I think that is what has drawn me to the guy over the past decade plus. I really wish I had known about his comedy tour before I saw the youtube clip below from his trip to Google’s headquarters, because I definitely would’ve tried to go. I guess I’ll have to follow his twitter account a little closer now.

Anyways, if you enjoy Conan, and are missing him in his absence from late night TV, here’s a great hour long video that is well worth a watch. He has some great insights into being a celebrity, and the crazy people he runs across that think they know him. He even busts out his best Ludacris impersonation. There’s also a portion where Andy Richter is with him on stage, and I have to say some of the employee questions were pretty good. The best part about this whole appearance may not have been his comedy, but when he described his falling out with NBC (around 15 minute mark he gets into it). He continues to talk about the breakup sporadically throughout the rest of the hour.

Melo and Nike Confused Everyone

While watching game two of the Nuggets-Utah series the commercial above came on, and I had an immediate WTF moment. I rewound the commercial two or three times just to see if I’d heard it right, and found that my ears weren’t deceiving me. I couldn’t figure out why the people of Utah would support the future champion Carmelo Anthony. It made no sense at all, especially since he was playing against Utah’s beloved Jazz in round one. We debated in an e-mail chain what the motive behind this ad was. We found no ties to Melo in Utah. He went to Syracuse, and was born a New Yorker, so not connection there. The only thing we really came up with was that they shared a state border. Dyslecix claimed it was a Nike covert commercial operation, and low and behold, he was right!

Today it was let on that Melo teamed up with Nike’s Jordan brand to create this confusing, but creative commercial. When first approached about the ad Melo asked “You like it, think it’s funny?” I fully fell for it, I thought it was a serious PSA from the state of Utah, and the fans of Melo! Turns out it was geared towards riling up the Utah fans. I’m not sure why Denver wants Energy Solutions Arena any louder than it already is, those Mormons are pretty wild. Melo had this to say about the ad, “To make it seem like all the fans in Utah are rooting for me. It’s just stirring some stuff up. If we had played Phoenix, it would be the same thing.”

Good stuff Melo, I’m sure the Mormons hate you and your tatoos a little more now. He was also asked how he thinks the fans will react to him in Game 3, Melo said: “Of course, they’ll boo me. . . . It’s the playoffs.” Good to see we’re on the same page with this one Melo… All in all I liked the ad, and it made me think way more than I should’ve had to for any ad. I guess Nike got their wish, because even I felt it was postworthy material…

Doin ESPN Short Film Review

I know I’ve said in the past how much I love ESPN’s 30 for 30 series. If there was a channel dedicated to these short documentaries, my DVR would be full no question about it. Last night ESPN aired a 30 for 30 on the origins of fantasy sports. I was really excited to see what they came up with, but it was the first time I was truly disappointed by one of their short films. They’ve done a great job up to this point making moments in time or people that I didn’t care about, and turned them into interesting stories. I figured that a 30 for 30 about fantasy sports would be great, because I’ve been playing since 2000, and figured I’d see some more insight on how it grew. Maybe I expected too much or this film maker wasn’t up to the task. I mean, it’s pretty cool how it all came about, and these baseball nerds made the game that millions of Americans waste thousands of hours on each year. The problem with this short film wasn’t the story, so much as the execution. They had all the original guys, they interviewed the right people, but the acting, and set up sucked. I’m not sure if they were trying to be funny or not, but I felt like I was watching a group of porn stars acting without taking off their clothes. Continue reading

Conan Doin Late Night Again

Our favorite funny man will be returning to his late night throne. We here at Doin Work have a special connection to Conando, because he is our generation’s best late night show host. Conan O’Brien has agreed to terms with TBS, and will be starting his late night show in November at the 11:00PM slot. This will move George Lopez’s show to midnight. Make what you want out of him pushing someone back a timeslot after he had the same thing happen to him, and caused a huge uproar, but in my eyes Conan can do no wrong. Most had predicted he would go to Fox, but he ended up going to TBS. Lopez welcomed him to the network last night on his show saying that he would happily move time slots to accommodate Conan, and that they would be the best late night duo out there in a pretty weak list of options. Personally, I thought wherever Conan landed he would instantly give the station he went to the best late night show. I’ve been a huge fan of his for the past decade, and probably watched late night TV two or three times a week when he was on. Now I’d rather just watch a rerun of Family Guy or The Office, so it will good be good to have a little Coco back in my life next winter. Conan had this to say about getting the new show, “In three months I’ve gone from network television to Twitter to performing live in theater, and now I’m headed to basic cable. My plan is working perfectly.”  

I can’t say the Lopez Show really piqued my interest at any point in its existence, so moving it back an hour won’t be making me stay up any later to watch it. I’m not a fan of George’s comedy, but I do like him as a person. He used to come into my old workplace a lot (Pebble Beach) and would hand out money to people, and make fun of my bosses. He once tried to give me $100 for giving him a ride up to his car after his round. I told him it wasn’t necessary, and he said everyone has to eat, so I accepted. At the AT&T Pro-Am tournament he regularly throws wads of $20’s into the crowd making it rain on the 18th green before he posts his scorecard. The guy is plain unselfish, and is the kind of guy that wouldn’t mind giving the spotlight away to Conan.

Eastern Martial Arts Meets Western Sports

I’ve heard of many athlete’s taking up different types of conditioning regiments, and know that some turn to different types of fighter training to get their stamina up. Whether it’s boxing or martial arts keeping them agile and strong for the rigors of their sport they do what they need to stay at the top. I’ve never really seen it go the other way though. You don’t often get to see a well rounded martial arts guy playing non boxing/MMA sports. Anyways, whoever this guy above is, he took it to a new level with his nun chuck abilities. He shows us he can hit for power in the batting cages. I don’t think there’s a pitch that’s out of his zone with that kind of unorthodox swing. He’s got a different type of nun chuck when he feels like hitting the links. I wonder if he has a full set? Amazingly his swing still looks better Charles Barkley’s does! If he wants to pimp a chick, he can even impress the ladies with his badminton skills. If he was on your team for anything, you know he’d be able to help you celebrate in style opening champagne bottles for the team. He’s the full package in a multi-sport athlete. If West Eastern State can find the Ivan Brothers then why not look for some talented young kid in some crazy martial arts community in Asia!

Boner Nowhere To Be Found

Los Angeles, California (CNN) — When former “Growing Pains” actor Andrew Koenig missed his flight home to Los Angeles from Vancouver, British Columbia, last week, his father became worried.

Walter Koenig, an actor known for playing Pavel Chekov in the original “Star Trek” series, had just received a letter from his son that had a “despondent tone,” according to a family statement on the father’s Web site.

Two days later — on February 18 — the elder Koenig and his wife, Judy, called Vancouver police to report their 41-year-old son missing.

Koenig appeared in 25 episodes of “Growing Pains” from 1985 to 1989, playing Richard “Boner” Stabone, according to the Internet Movie Database Web site.

This isn’t intended to poke fun at Boner’s misfortune. This is simply to take advantage of a phenomenon that will soon be gone. Probably the last character to bear the name Boner on a network television show is in the news, and the may be the final time. I never really knew how to feel about the fact that there was a fellow on Growing Pains named Boner. All I know is it’s one of the top 10 most notorious sitcom character names of all time; up there with the likes of Screech, Urkel, Carlton, Corky, and Cockroach. So all jokes aside, I hope he’s okay and they find him. All jokes back inside, I’d like to have a few more Boners in my life.

UPDATE: Boner’s body was found today (2/25) in Vancouver.

Steve Nash IS: The Most Ridiculous Man in the World

I can’t say I was ever all that into the Dos Equis commercials. I get it, the guy is interesting, but seriously how do you earn the title the most interesting man in the world ! It’s like giving your dad a coffee cup with #1 dad written on it. It’s all subject to opinion! I’m much more into Nash being the most ridiculous man in the world! I guess he might not be the most ridiculous person in the world but he could be the most ridiculous man in the NBA!