NBA Fundraising Video

No posts on the lockout for two months, then BAM, two in a row! Pretty solid video showing how most people feel about the lockout. As in, who cares what the deal is in the end just get out of our face with the media BS, and make the damn deal. I don’t want to pay to see charity games, I want to see the Warriors take on the best of the Western Conference.

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9 responses to “NBA Fundraising Video

  • tophatal

    Is LeBron still “tweeting” how he feels the fans’ pain ? ’cause the only pain I’m feeling, is the pain in the a_s from the players’ constant whining and the damn stupidity with regard to Stern’s public statements !

    LBJ earned in excess of $30 million last year how can he feel the common man’s pain ?

    How ’bout the players actually doing something constructive during this lockout rather than continuing to bi_ch and whine ?

    Many of ’em could go back to school and complete their education as is currently the case with Kyrie Irving .

    Hear about the issues of Dr J ? He’s auctioning off many of his prized ABA and NBA possessions as he’s got serious financial difficulties as well as being the defendant in civil suit that seeks hundreds of thousands in damages .

    See link concerning Dr J ……….. Georgia bank sues Julius Erving for $200,000

    You Break It Then You Buy It ….

    It Happens For A Reason

    It’s Over When It’s Over But At Times It’s Not !

    It Is What It Is …. ! It’s The AFC West For God’s Sake ,Damn It !

    tophatal ………

    • chappy81

      Whoa, I didn’t hear about Dr. J. That’s sad. I met him when he came to play at Pebble Beach a number of years ago. He was one of the nicest guys you’ll meet. Sad to hear he’s having to sell off his memorabilia. Maybe Lebron can hook him up with a few $$.

      • tophatal


        His life began to spiral out of control several years ago when it became public that he was the father of WTA tennis player Alexandra Stevenson . He kept it on the down low for so many years until he admitted it to the world and that was only after his lover made it public after the daughter made an off the cuff statement .

        Stevenson ain’t a bad looking chic at all ! She looks remarkably like the r&b singer Alicia Keys.

        So the Falcons’ Tony Gonzalez becomes one a select group of NFL players to have 1,000 receptions( [92 TD’s amassed in hi career]) in the NFL and you hear f_## all about it in terms of reporting even from credible outlets that cover the league in the print and tv media . How strange is that ?

        Gonzalez has always been the epitome of class in the NFL and one best TE’s of all-time without a doubt !

        If you can’t split $4.5 billion equitably then it simply shows how fu_@@d up the union , league hierarchy and owners are to begin with ! Billy Hunter the executive director of the union is correct when he says if the stoppage is a prolonged lockout beyond a year then at least one if not two NBA franchise will fold or seek bankruptcy (Chapter 11 protection) reorganization .

        tophatal ……

        • chappy81

          Interesting stuff about Dr. J. Seems like his kid could help him out if he’s hurting financially and she’s making a bunch playing tennis. Actually I bet she makes more than what the Doc did when he played hoops! Too bad they couldn’t hire him to help with the negotiations. I bet he’d put the players and owners in their place….

          Yeah, not much was made of Tony. I guess everyone figures he’s going to add to those numbers, and football records don’t seem to be as big a deal as other sports. I honestly can’t really name a record off the top of my head at the moment…

  • sportsattitudes

    I know on the surface fans hear how much the owners want the players to “come down” in negotiation and may try to rationalize their stance of holding out for the best deal possible. But ultimately, it is the owners’ league and if they want to burn down the existing platform and create a new one it is not only their right…it will be so. Instead of trying to figure out clever alternatives to the obvious owner request for a larger piece of the basketball revenue pie, they are clinging to trying to maintain a status quo that ALREADY is gone. They knew this from Day 1. Imagine them actually winning the PR war if they were prepared from the start to say, “Ya know, 50-50 on the basketball revenue is ok. Here’s what we have in mind for some of the other areas of conversation.” Any of us sports bloggers could have sat down and found a way to try to get some concessions which would have lessened the pain of the “big number.” Most of them never have to pick up a basketball again anyway. The UNION goal should be to maintain as many jobs as they can get, keep the minimum salary as high as possible, etc. for those UNION guys who aren’t millionaires. Oh…great video. Sorry for the rant…

    • chappy81

      Feel better? I totally agree with you. It seems like the players were pretty scattered in that some of them seemed to care and some didn’t. I was pretty curious what solutions Mark Cuban had put out there, he seems to be pretty forward thinking and pretty fair at the same time. It seem like they weren’t even negotiating until the last couple of weeks, which pisses me off. Sounds like they’re making progress though, so things are starting to look somewhat up…

  • tophatal


    Dr J barely acknowledged her (Stevenson) for the first sixteen years of her life so she owes him not a god damn thing !

    Great comeback for the Cardinals last night !

    tophatal ……..

  • ChrisHumpherys (@SportsChump)

    Hysterical, dude!

    Nice find.

    Love the guy handing out pamphlets.

    Sir, ma’am, can I talk to you about the NBA?

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