Doin Links

There’s handful of blogs out there on the web that we visit on a regular basis, if not daily. Just thought I’d take a moment to recommend some of these sites since they are the best blogs you’ll never read!

By & By – Reminds us a lot of our site, which is why we were so happy to sign him to the team! You should also check his blog for some random rants and funny stuff.

TOPHATAL’S BLOG – Probably our most loyal commenter, Alan is always doin work on his blog.  AP offers an opinion whether you like it or not, and if you leave him comments, he’ll surely have an opinion on those as well!

WELLER AND BRIAN’S SPORTS BLOG – These guys take analysis to a new level. They are as knowledgeable about what they write, as any site we go to. Never a disappointing stop on a stroll through blogosphere.

THE FANTASY GEEK – For anything that is fantasy you might want to check it out with the Geek first. He’s better than the If your hardcore articles they put up on ESPN.

THE SPORTS CHUMP – Chris Humphries leads this site, and is probably better than us at breaking down the crazy questions in the world of sports. He’s fluid with his ideas, and will always respond to your comments!

WHALEN ILLUSTRATIONS – Ever wonder where we got out amazing logo!?! My buddy Steve Walen made it! He can do pretty much whatever you want if your interested in a logo for your blog or even a T-shirt design just let him know and he’ll show you what he can come up with! He can do some amazing stuff with computer graphics, and check his site out if you don’t want to take my word for it!

ATHLETICS NATION – Check here for all the latest transactions, rumors, and analysis on everything that is the Oakland Athletics baseball. This has to be one of the best run team websites I’ve ever run across!

GOLDEN STATE OF MIND – The best blog on the Golden State Warriors, if not all team blogs in sports. I haven’t been here as much recently, probably because the Warriors are just collecting ping pong balls for the lottery. They are on point and have a great deal of funny posts and commentary.

SACTOWN ROYALTY – Another great NBA team blog. As my excitement about this year’s young Kings squad grows, so does frequenting this site.

A’S DRUMBEAT, SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE – Not the most comprehensive source, given the fact that the SF Chronicle is largely a pro-Giants newspaper, but Susan Slusser always breaks A’s news first, so check this site to see if the rumors you heard were true.

BARSTOOL SPORTS – In case you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty anti-Boston. But somehow we can tolerate these guys, and even respect them. It’s always the first site we check after the A’s beat the Red Sox.

FANHOUSE – One of the best blogs out there. A true example of a small sports blog rising to the top. They always have the breaking news, and aren’t nearly as dry as the usual ESPN article.

THE BIG LEAD – They always are on top of everything, and getting the dirt on every situation within sports. You could call them the TMZ of sports, and daily stop for all of us!

DRIPPET – Anthony has A LOT of random stuff going on his blog. He throws up a lot of sports highlights/lowlights, and funny posters. Always good for a couple laughs every visit.

GOLDEN STICK WIFFLEBALL LEAGUE – The premier Wiffle Ball league recently expanded to 4 new regions this year. Winners from each region go on to battle for the Championship in Las Vegas.

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