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Introducing the Fung Brothers

When I was living down in LA, I didn’t spend a ton of time in the 626 (San Gabriel Valley), but if you want to go there without actually going there, watch this video. It’s all about the Asians and the food there anytime of the day or night. Like they said, everything is actually reasonably priced, and quite tasty. Oh and one of them was repping a Jeremy Lin Warriors jersey, so that pretty much put this one in the must watch category for me…

Lin on Me

Naturally any song that can combine Jeremy Lin and Sprewell will get my attention, and this wasn’t the exception to the rule. I know I’ve posted a couple times already about the Asian persuasion, but couldn’t resist putting up one more on him, and I’ll stop it now for awhile! Oh and SNL opened their show with a pun on the Lin puns too if you missed it here’s the link.

Worst of 2011

It’s always funny to see what was and wasn’t a big deal over the year. This song covers most things I can think of, at least for the bad of 2011. I have to admit this guys flowing abilities are pretty solid in a Weird Al type way…

Boardwalk Empire State of Mind

Not sure how many of you out there watch the Sunday’s HBO series Boardwalk Empire, but even if you don’t, you will still enjoy this music video. If you do watch the show, it’s pretty awesome how they incorporated a lot of the characters and themes from the show into the lyrics, and the song is pretty catchy to boot. Either way, it’s probably better than most of the stuff you’ll hear on the radio today…

David Stern “Locked Out” Rap

The radio station 95.7 in the Bay Area is a station I’ve listened to quite a bit since they were created. Plus, they are the only station that actually incorporates the A’s into their discussions, and they actually talk about the Raiders quite a bit too. The afternoon hosts were talking about this video they made with Stern rapping. I had to check it out, and have to think you’ll enjoy it too!

Dubbing Up Your Tuesday

I was thinking of writing about Rory and his very impressive US Open win, but didn’t really watch much of it, so that went out the window. Is he the next Tiger or Arnie? I don’t really want to debate that since he has ONE major, compared to Tiger’s 14 or Arnie’s 7. Hell, why doesn’t anyone like to compare him to Gary Player? I feel like his 9 majors are the most overlooked of any of golf’s “superstars”. Lets wait until Rory wins each of the majors before we make comparisons to the all-time greats. It feels like comparing Lebron to MJ a couple weeks ago all over again. Anyways, I said awhile back I’d put up some reggae artists, but haven’t really come through on that. Since I called reggae the golf of sports awhile back, in that everyone plays/listens to it, but most don’t really know many artists/players. It seemed like a good time to revive the series as I start bumping more reggae with the weather heating up.

This Sizzla song is as close as you’ll see me listening to the Beanie Man or Sean Paul type of reggae. I’m more of a dub reggae fan, but once in awhile you break the mold. The one below is my favorite of his, and my second favorite song of his is, Give Me a Try.

It’s Monday… Light It Up

What can I say, it’s Memorial Day weekend. Nothing happened in sports. Unless of course, you’re a fan of the Indy 500. But in that case, we have different definitions of sports. What did happen though, is I came across this old music video from an old friend from college. Every time I watch this video it gets better. So, until something more eventful happens in sports, let’s go and light this Monday night up….

Dubbing Up Your 420

Today is the unofficial holiday in the US for weed. In Cali there’s always quite a bit of celebration going on, and especially in cities like SF. I remember one year going to a parade in SF, and many people were dressed up like different types of weed, bongs and hippie stuff. One thing is for sure during this day, there’s no trouble started from these groups celebrating. It might be one of the least threatening holidays there is. This John Holt song came out back in 2001, and was one of my favorite songs in my early college years! For some reason a lot of people think this is Eek-a-mouses song, but it doesn’t sound like him so I’m not sure why that is…

Dubbing Up Your Friday

With opening day for baseball, and the weather hitting the high 80’s and low 90’s over the last couple days in LA, I found myself busting out the reggae music. I’m not sure why, but every year I seem to listen to a lot more reggae during the summer than the other months in the year. Maybe it’s the whole kick back and chill outside by the grill attitude that summer brings. Whatever the case, I thought I’d share with our readers my favorite reggae DUB band 10 Ft. Ganja Plant. It’s strange that of all my friends I can only think of two that really listen to reggae as much as me. I’m kinda glad it’s not mainstream like hip-hop. It’s like following the golf of music, everyone kinda likes playing it, but most people don’t know much about it or the bands. This Born Free track might be better served for a holiday like the 4th of July, but it’s my favorite track of theirs, and the lead singer sounds a lot like Bob Marley. Plus, when I was in little league our baseball coach used to play reggae for our batting practice to try to give us some riddim mon. If you want me to keep posting reggae artists that you probably haven’t heard, let me know. If not, this could be a one and done with the reggae posts.

Cleveland’s U-Turn

Looks like Cavs fans are finally turning the page after seeing their team’s current record breaking losing streak hit 26. I guess even they now realize that Lebron never really had a team that was worthy of his talents. It’s good to see that they are at least fond of the times they had with him. Maybe now, Lebron won’t get his ass kicked when he goes home to visit his family and friends. I loved the Delonte part.

Eklips Owns the Mic

Whether you’re a fan of hip-hop or not, you have to be impressed by Eklips’s skills. I wish I had a talent, maybe one will develop by the time I’m 50… I’m out of breath just watching him go! Eklips is not a new player in the beatbox world, but the one above just hit youtube a couple of days ago and re-reminded me of him. Here’s another Eklips session for you if your in the mood.

DJ Porter Gets Randy

I didn’t see this a few days ago when it came out, but since I posted his other ones I figured I may as well throw this one up. It’s funny, but if I got anything out of it, that was just a reminder if why I should be glad the Raiders didn’t want to have a second fling with Randy. STRAIGHT CASH HOMEY!!

Saturday Wake Up Jam

I’ve gotta go get my college football picks in, but here’s some tunes to get your Saturday (or Saturday night) started. Legend has it this was made by a friend of a friend, but no favortism here. It’s got cool camera angles and a lot of other stuff I like: the song, better yet the Wayman Tisdale verson of the song, bart, head-bobbing, and the always popular surveillance  cam shot.

Apparently There Was A Memo Passed Out

Apparently there was a memo passed out, the memo stated this:

All touchdown celebrations will consist of doing “The Dougie”

For those of you who are not well versed on the fresh, “The Dougie” is a hit record performed by the California Swag District.  Yes, that is their name.  Oh and by the way, I hate the word “swag.”

Anyway, if you want to see what “The Dougie” is all about, simply tune into an NFL game, and wait for any player to cross the goal line to score …

Here’s an example

And here’s another

Apparently the 49ers aren’t good at winning, but they can sure tear the club up!

Of course this post wouldn’t be complete without a “Heisman Dougie“, or a “DUIgie”

This is all just fun and games, but don’t you dare let your offensive lineman spike the ball for you on a touchdown … that’s plain disrespectful!  Ask Jason Witten and Marc Colombo about it …

Dad’s are Pretty Gangster

I know, I know, this video is a few months old. I seem to find myself going back to it every few weeks though, and the reason I brought it back out, is because this weekend I’m heading to a wedding for one of my college buddies. I’m going to see two of my good college friends there that just became fathers. I figured it was only right to post this video of how gangster dad’s are these days, and use it as a dedication to my homies and their new seeds. Hopefully this music video takes you into the weekend with a good laugh if you haven’t already seen it.