Kobe Spoof on Lockout Issues

I posted the original funny or die spoof when the Lakers got beat by the Mavs. I did like the first one slightly better, but this one was worthy of posting as well. He brought up the very important point of heating in arenas. Players shouldn’t have to be wearing sleves to keep themselves warm, that will be an interesting talking point as the negotiations heat up, if they ever actually do. While scouring the internet for videos, I also ran across this new Steve Nash commercial, which was pretty funny as well if you have another minute to kill…

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2 responses to “Kobe Spoof on Lockout Issues

  • tophatal

    I hear the real reason Kobe wears a sleeve on his arm is because to put it politely …… Vanessa’s lips is the sleeve that goes on the end of his _ick !

    Is the NFL using that $ 1billion set aside for veteran NFL players simply a way of gaining sympathy ?

    Crap The NFL Could Be Back In Business

    Former Niners’ great Forrest Blue dies at the age of 65 in an assisted living facility. Now what from the NFL a letter of condolence to whatever living member of his family that now survives him ?

  • ChrisHumpherys

    This guy’s funny as shit, man.

    Love Michael Jordan dying in the end of Space Jam II.

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