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Football Vs. Futbol




Overhyping The A’s

Oh man, here we go some more… Don’t get me wrong, I love the media noticing the A’s, but too much hype can spell doom for a professional baseball team – just ask the Mets. I’m all for the sleeper picks to win the AL West, and even homers like Chappy picking them to win the World Series, but now ESPN’s tagged Jerry Crasnick’s awesome new piece with “AL Favorites?” I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard writers call them the “Giants of 2011.” All this hype just makes me worry more and wish the season would hurry up and get here. Whew… three more days. Trevor Cahill vs. Felix Hernandez on Friday night. Can’t wait!

The NFL Gives Out Compensation Picks?

I saw that there were compensatory picks handed out to some NFL teams on Friday including one’s like a 3rd rounder to Carolina, and a 4th rounder to Green Bay and Tennessee. I guess this is the second year they’ve done this, and last year I must’ve missed it or not cared, probably a little of both. I checked out the rule a little closer and found out what it meant. If you lose a player from your team, and don’t sign as good a player to fill in for them you get a pick, and depending on the value gap you could end up with a pick in rounds 3-7. I’m confused as to why this was ever put in place. Instead of signing a veteran player to a long term deal, the team dumps the player, and they get a pick for compensation of being cheap? Doesn’t feel like something a team should get rewarded for in any scenario. I understand that Carolina sucks, but should they get an extra 3rd rounder because of not caring to re-up the roster a little more? I understand why teams get extra compensation picks in baseball for losing star players, because there is  no way for small market teams to compete with the top half of the league when it comes to spending power. Believe an A’s fan, you’d love to see your team be able to over spend instead of getting some compensation picks for a player about to enter their prime. Since the NFL has a salary cap, why should teams get hooked up for cutting salary? Compensation picks in the NFL are a joke. As a fan I’m offended.

In case you were wondering what I thought of the NFL rule change of moving the kickoff up 5 yards. I care about it as much as I care about the WNBA…


Stumbled upon this a little over a week ago and keep forgetting to post it. I don’t remember this from back in the day, and quite frankly I’m glad, but this is pretty funny. I started out checking out old commercials like the Spyrograph and various Play-Doh contraptions, but then I came across this modified Super Soaker. It’s still a water gun, but it also shoots “ooze”. Not sure who’s idea this commercial was, but they inadvertently made a classic. I guess maybe the name Jizzinator was taken…..

it’s a tad bit late, but Nate Dogg (rip) and Warren G had to oozinate….

Doin MLB Predictions

For every sport, we make our predictions on how they will play out for the season. Last year By nailed it picking the Giants to win the World Series. We all got some right here and there last season making us feel like our predictions should hold some weight. Even if some of them seem laughable, just remember we did get a lot of stuff right last year!

AL East Winner

Chappy picks Boston Red Sox. If they aren’t the favorite in the AL, I don’t know who is. No need to rattle off their acquisitions because all of them were frontline news with each 9 or 10 figure contract that was signed. This team could set some records on offense. I hope the Rays somehow beat them out, but I’m less than confident that will happen.

By picks Boston Red Sox. Not sure how I feel about the BoSox after this past off-season.  Although the Red Sox have never shied away from spending a boat load of money on their players, they have always been second fiddle to the Yanks in the “shoving dollars down a free-agent’s throat” department.  But not this time.  Chappy won’t mention the names, but I will.  Carl “Freakin'” Crawford and Adrian “God Damn” Gonzalez.  You don’t need much else to say here.  Bahstan takes the AL East.

MCeezy picks New York Yankees. I know Boston looks sexy on paper with Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez in tow, but I see huge question marks in their pitching staff and that’s what may very well kill them. Josh Beckett and Jonathan Papelbon had pretty demoralizing seasons last year. The Yankees on the other hand added the AL leader in Saves last year as their setup man.

AL Central Winner

Chappy picks Chicago White Sox. Chicago came on strong at the end of the year, but their sluggish start killed them. I don’t see that happening this year with basically the same team in tact, and an addition of Adam Dunn to the middle of the order. I picked them last year, and think they got better than they were last year over the off-season, so no reason not to pick them again.

By picks Minnesota Twins. I have to go with Minnesota here.  Joe Mauer and the Playstation guy are at it again, and when those two get together (and are both healthy) the Twins are tough to beat.  All jokes aside, remember, if Justin Morneau doesn’t suffer a season ending injury just prior to the post-season, the Twins could have very well beaten the Yanks in the ALDS last season.  O.K. maybe not.

MCeezy picks Cleveland Indians. Yes, I’m dead serious. Research shows that 1 in 7 division winning teams were not very good the year before. This year, that team will be the Indians. Everybody knows that owner Rachel Phelps just wants the team to tank so they can move to Anaheim with the Kings. But in 2011, the year of winning, how can the Tribe not win the whole f***in thing? Charlie Sheen is going to come back as Ricky Vaughn, whether producers allow him in Major League 3 or not. Since they most likely won’t, we may be lucky enough to see Sheen run onto the field with the Wild Thing hairdo just cause he feels like it.

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Coach K’s Pity Party

It would be an understatement of the day to say I was excited to see Derrick Williams and Arizona upset #1 seeded Duke last night. I’m glad I got to see Derrick in person before this tourney started, so I could jump on his bandwagon a little earlier than others. Anyways, after the game Coach K, the guy that’s almost as untouchable in our media as Tom Brady took offense to some questions being asked after the game. First, he wouldn’t admit that Duke melted down, and said they lost, but it wasn’t a meltdown. I guess he’s never heard of the term “meltdown” either from the transcripts. The second and more emotionally charged reactions he gave reporters was when he got mad that a reporter asked about Kyrie Irving’s future with Duke or if he was heading to the NBA. Very fair question in my opinion. His response upset me enough to write a little slander about Duke’s un-slander-able coach.

First off, he answered the question with the ol this is not the time for that. Very good response to start, I understand totally that he wanted to talk about the game more than Kyrie’s jump to the NBA. The thing I didn’t like about his response was that he made the question sound dumb. Seriously Coach K? ?You’ve been coaching for longer than I’ve been alive and groomed numerous pros, and you didn’t expect this question?!? Couldn’t you just say something like I don’t know what his plans are! Even then I wouldn’t take your answer serious, because we all know that when you went to his house to recruit him, you laid out a plan for him to be in the NBA. There’s no way this didn’t happen in my mind. Either way you didn’t need to make the reporter feel retarded for asking the question since someone would ask it eventually.

The second part of Coach K’s response ended with saying that he was hugging Kyrie after the game because he was crying, and he was not asking him about his plans on going pro or not. Let me see if I got this straight, Coach K pulled a Spolstra, and told the world one of his players is crying and the national media doesn’t care? I’ll call this hypocracy at it’s peak, because what’s the difference between what Coach K and Eric Spolstra did? I guess nobody likes the Heat, so it’s a pussy move when they cry. When a Duke player crys, we consider it natural, and caring about the game. I’ve never been against crying in sports. It’s emotional, and when you come up short, you play the “what” if game until you go mad. I guess that’s the main reason why I never really cared about the Heat’s crygate. It never really resonated with me, because if anything it just shows the player cares. Yes, there are other ways to show you care. Some people cry to get it all out and other like Dwight Howard and Rasheed Wallace get it out through technicals. Point is why don’t we make a big deal out of Coach K calling his crying player out? At least Spolstra didn’t name names…

What Would Tebow Do?

I know this is a bit old, and my intentions was to get this post up during the end of the 2010 NFL Season, but things happened, and I delayed the post.  Seeing as to how I’ve had the longest episode of Writer’s Block in the history of my blogging existence, I figured why not just post my past thoughts in the mean time?  So here is WWTD Pt. 2, hope you enjoy!

Randy Moss
Randy Moss is no stranger to controversy, but it was his public dispute with a blue-collar kind of guy who owned a buffet restaurant that created a media frenzy, ultimately contributing to his being cut by the Vikings.  According to the owner, Moss stated his food wasn’t to the standards of what Moss fed his dogs.  It seems as if someone could use some God in his life.
What would Tebow do?
While Tim Tebow is not susceptible to disliking one’s cuisine, what he would have done was use God’s will to turn a negative into a positive.  He would tell the owner he was feeling charitable, then box up the spread and send it to a third world country to feed the poverty-stricken children.  When asked how he would be paying for it, he’d reply, “Straight God homie.”
Brett Favre
Brett Favre has acted like a little girl about his retirement for the past three or four years, so it’s fitting that he and his career won’t ride off into the sunset, because of a girl.  Obviously “sexting” can be inappropriate, especially in the alleged manner in which Favre was doing it, but who’s to say he wasn’t led on by his accuser?  I’m sure a Jenn Sterger reality show isn’t far off in the making.
What would Tebow do?
It’s difficult for any man to avoid temptation and sin, especially when your profession surrounds you with beautiful women who are eyeing your seven or eight figure salary.  But to preserve his purity and commitment to the Lord, Tim Tebow would go to extreme measures, including fixing himself up with a Friar doo.  What better way to detract women from you, than by becoming hideous and creepy?  Now excuse me, I have a Davinci painting to dispose of.

The Government Needs to Move On….

I’ve tried to avoid watching/paying attention to any of the Bonds perjury case, but low and behold we are subjected to updates regularly on ESPN, so there’s no way to avoid noticing what’s going on with it. I don’t think it really matters what the outcome of the trial is. If he’s convicted eight years after his testimony for what he said he didn’t knowingly do, will that really send a message to the MLB or current players? Proving he was a liar in court and trying to make him the poster boy for the steroid era earns a big, whoopitte-de-do-da since there were so many guys taking PED’s. Many fans are still calling Henry Aaron the home run king whether it was the PED’s or the difference in the way the two men carried themselves. We all know Barry isn’t exactly the perfect human or really that nice of a guy in general, but does the ruling in this trial make any kind of difference? I think we can all agree Barry took some type of PED’s (outside a Giants fan or two), and if he didn’t take steroids, then Jimmer is an All-American defender. If Bonds ends up in jail, would I argue? Doubtful. If he gets off with nothing happening, I can see myself caring to the extent of a serious exhale and shoulder shrug combo. I think the public court of opinion is all that matters to him or baseball fans.His legacy amongst baseball fans and HOF voters is more important than the outcome of this trial, which makes me feel that this is a giant waste of time and money for our court system.

This guy doesn't believe Barry would take PED's!

While watching an update yesterday on how the jury selection was going I couldn’t help but think of an article I read in Rolling Stone Magazine a week or two ago on the financial collapse a few short years ago. The article was talking about the executives for AIG, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, JP Morgan Chase, etc., and how nobody went to jail! I’m far from an expert on what happened during that collapse, but I know that those executives that were pulling in billions of dollars out of their companies for themselves, set our economy back as much as the tsunami/earthquake will in Japan, yet one person (Bernie Madoff) is the only one that went to jail. Here’s the article if you’re interested, it’s a pretty solid idiots guide for the financial collapse for people like myself that didn’t quite understand everything that went down. The executives paid minimal fines for these egregious crimes, and the government bailed them out in the end. How is that justice!?! It’s not, and there never really will be as long as those execs have the money to hand over to people deciding their fate. For some reason instead of the government spending the time and effort to chase down the guys that ruined our economy four years ago, they’ve spent the past eight years forming what sounds like a very beatable perjury case against one of baseball’s most hated super stars. Really boggles the mind…

Bonds may have lied to a grand jury, but you could argue that nearly every other player lied as well in their testimonies, yet they still go after Bonds because nobody likes him. I don’t condone lying in federal court, but it feels like there’s about a million other things they should be worrying about. I’m guessing they  hate the guy like much of America does, so they are trying to prove some lame point. Maybe that’s why they seem care about Clemens as well, because he’s a big name that is a jackass. The Clemens case seems a little more solid than the one against Bonds, after he keeps changing his statements, so why not drop the weak case and carry on with the solid one if your trying to make some kind of example out of a baseball superstar. I guess the theme for this post is caring or not caring in this instance. Why should anyone care as much as the government does about whether Bonds lied or not. Why do we care more about Bonds putting a needle in his ass more than we care about executives tearing apart the country’s economy? Probably because our country as a whole reminds me of a functioning addict.

We’ve Got To Put Up With This Now?

Just when it looked like the USF Dons were making their move back into the WCC’s elite, the elite is getting eliter. Gonzaga looked like they had all but fallen from the perch they’ve owned for a decade now, and I even proclaimed that they had – prematurely. St. Mary’s took a big step back this year when they failed to make the NCAA tournament, and subsequently got ousted in the first round of the NIT by Kent State. Though USF has been making strong run to the Elite 8 of the prestigious CIT, surprisingly my attention was squarely focused on the Gonzaga-BYU game yesterday in Denver.

After Gonzaga turned their season around and won the WCC tournament, they dominated St. John’s and looked poised to make another cinderella run in the tournament. But then they ran into BYU. After a pretty close first half, the Cougars steamrolled the Zags and disposed of them 89-67. The scary part is, BYU is coming to the West Coast Conference next season. Gonzaga has ruled the conference for the last 11 years, and BYU has just squashed them like they were nothing. Part of me finds relief in the fact that Jimmer Fredette won’t be around next year, but another part of me knows that Brigham Young is a perennial 20-win team with 8 NCAA Tournament appearances in the last 10 or 11 years. Despite CIT wins over Idaho and Hawaii, the Dons suddenly move down to the fourth best team in the WCC next season. It’s gonna be lot harder to get back into the NCAA tourney for the first time since 98…..

Goodbye Arco

Tonight should be an interesting night. I’ll likely be paying my last visit to a building I practically grew up in. From the first year the Kings played in Sacramento in 1985 through 1998, I paid about 20 visits a year to Arco Arena. For those keeping track, yes I did stop going the year before they acquired Chris Webber, Jason Williams, and Vlade Divac and started winning. That’s when I became a Warriors fan. So, I’ve only seen two playoff appearances between the two while I was a fan.

But unless I end up at one of the five remaining homes games after tonight, this is looking like it’ll be my last time watching the Kings up here. It’d be really nice if they could break out the 80s light blue jerseys for me, but I think they’re trying to avoid any jerseys that says Kings or Sacramento on them. I’m curious to see how tonight will go. Though I’d prefer the Kings to stay, I’m hardly a fan of what’s become of them since the Maloofs took over, so in that aspect, I won’t be sad to see them go. It’s just too bad that someone else is going to enjoy Demarcus Cousins in his prime instead of us. Then I’ll know how Seattle fans feel about Kevin Durant.

Ochocinco Proving My Theory Right!

Back in the beginning of February you may or may not remember my post predicting that between the two lockouts in the NFL and NBA we might see the return of the “two sport athlete”. Low and behold a month and a half after writing that post, Chad Ochocinco decided he wanted to follow his true passion, playing soccer!?! It could just be another one of his publicity stunts, but now that a player is actually going to tryout for a MLS team it might get some of the other NFL players thinking about sports that they were good at growing up. His tryout for the Kansas City MLS team is next week, and will last four days. At the end of the tryout, he will either be joining the team, or be cut. I don’t know a lot about soccer, but Ochocinco sounds like he could be good if he can outrun everyone, but then again, it’s really hard to take him too seriously with anything he does. Here’s a couple of his thoughts on his soccer game;

“I played soccer before football, and I was good. That’s where I get my quick feet, my feet are unbelievable. There’s not one person in soccer right now that would beat me running, that’s including Lionel Messi.” said Ochocinco.

Speaking of the NFL lockout, last night Jimmy Kimmel had his Cousin Sal hit the streets to find out the people’s thoughts on the lockout including a Candian’s point of view. I found it comical enough that it was the perfect video to post after talking about Ochocinco, because some of these questions and answers are as ridiculous as Ochocinco himself!

NBA Refs Gone Wild

This may or may not be Bill Spooner - who actually knows which ref Bill Spooner is?


Minneapolis – An NBA referee has sued the Associated Press and one of its sports writers over a Twitter message suggesting he intentionally made a bad call to make up for a previous bad call that went against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

In a federal lawsuit filed Monday in Minneapolis, veteran NBA referee Bill Spooner claimed AP sports writer Jon Krawcynski defamed him in the Twitter message, sent while he was covering the Jan. 24 Rockets-Timberwolves game.

The Tweet: “Ref Bill Spooner told Rambis he’d ‘get it back’ after a bad call. Then he made an even worse call on the Rockets. That’s NBA officiating folks.”

First off, when did Jim from The Office become a sports writer? The main thing here for me is why is this guy suing over this? I think we already know where I stand on NBA officiating – I made it pretty clear last week. Now they’re denying that the “make-up call” even exists? C’mon, we’ve all accepted it as a suitable way to make up for a previous bad call, but to say you are being defamed and even suing someone for it? The league, of course, found the tweet to be “without substance.”


A Life Changing Six Minutes

I’m not sure how many of Japan’s Tsunami/Earthquake video I’ve watched over the last few days, but it’s probably close to the same amount of sports I’ve watched over that same period of time, and that’s saying something. The video above is the best first person video I’ve seen yet. It starts off as a little water coming down the street with some debris, then cars, then freaking buildings as the person filming heads to higher ground. It’s amazing how much life can change in five minutes, and has me wondering when the next big earthquake is going to hit LA. Should I be worried living on the coast? Videos like this make me think I should be a little.

Of course I feel for all the people in Japan, you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t. One of my friends that has most of his family living in Japan, and visits the country yearly summed it up the day after the earthquake best saying “Today felt so weird. To be around so many people who don’t understand, but to be so far away that you don’t understand yourself.”

On the Harrison Barnes Bandwagon

I’ve been watching a ton of college hoops lately trying to gauge teams for my brackets that will most likely be busted by the Sweet 16, since I always over think the picks and switch them to the wrong ones. Last night I even went to the Pac-10 tournament to watch the semi finals. It was my first chance to see Arizona’s Derrick Williams in person, and I have to say, I left Staples Center impressed about his abilities as a pro. Williams was the best player on the court out of the two games. He has all the tools you want in a scorer that thrives on attacking the rim. He made a few nice moves but one on the baseline had him finishing on the opposite side of the rim that he took off from was his biggest highlight. I think that move made me a believer that he truly is pro material based off hang time and body control alone!

Barnes is always cooler than the other side of the pillow.

Anyways, over the last two or three weeks one player stands alone in the must watch category, and that player would be Harrison Barnes. He put on a hell of a performance today going for 40 points and hitting 6 3-pointers against Clemson in an overtime win. He seems to have everything you’d want in a player. Great jumper, can handle the ball, passes when he isn’t open, can finish in traffic, hits his free throws, shoots a high FG%, and also plays some solid defense. At the beginning of the season everyone was ripping Barnes for not living up to the hype of his All-American status. What did he do to change those naysayers opinions? He decided to work hard and get better (isn’t that something you always want from a player?). A lot of guys just like the games, but the good ones like practice just as much, and this guy is addicted to getting better. Very good sign for a 19 year old. I know I thought Evan Turner was going to be a stud in the pros after his solid season at Ohio State last year, but there’s something a lot different this time around as in, I’m sure Barnes will make it, because he’s a different breed. His demeanor never changes whether a call is for or against him, whether he’s made four shots in a row or missed four shots in a row. Short term memory is a gift not a skill. He’s as clutch a player as you’ll find in college hoops right now. When I watch him, I feel like he’s a shorter version of Kevin Durant, and has been more clutch in the hitting game tying or game winning shots to boot. Everyone talks about how this is a weak draft class, but the same was said about the 2009 draft that had Griffin, Curry, Evans, Derozan, Jennings, Lawson, Holiday, and Collison which have all seemed to turn out good so far. Since we have the blog, I figured I may as well state right now that I think Barnes going to be great on the next level, and am crossing my fingers to have him on the Warriors. Cmon W’s start tanking the season, so we can get some more ping pong balls!

Things I’m Tired Of Hearing About This NBA Season

Anything Heat Related – There might have been one or two Miami Heat squads I actually liked during their entire existence. I can’t name any off the top of my head, but I’d guess that Glen Rice was on the team. To this day, when I think of the Heat, I think of guys like Kevin Edwards, Jon Sundvold, and Rony Seikaly. No matter how much the NBA is trying to shove this Heat team down my throat, I’m not gonna budge. But it’s like Stan Van Gundy said, when you hold the championship celebration in August, the scrutiny will come. I can barely even watch Heat games anymore. If they didn’t have Erick Dampier, they wouldn’t be worth watching at all.

David Stern Still Being David Stern – Seriously, how has this guy not been fired, sued, or bitch-slapped yet?! He’s by far the most arrogant commissioner in the sport with the biggest egos. How is he still in control? (I know, the answer is obvious… money) He has pretty much single-handedly destroyed my favorite sport. I love basketball, but I can barely tolerate the NBA anymore. The officiating has blatantly become just a means of manipulating  the outcome of games. It’s like recess was in elementary school: just as you started breaking a sweat and having fun, some asshole blows a whistle and everyone has to go back in the classroom. Or in this case, stand around and watch one guy shoot a ten foot set shot. Add to that the special treatment various players get no matter how obvious, and it just makes me wanna text Rasheed Wallace and say “look at this sh!t NOW, record hater.” I think I’m even more peeved than usual after reading Stern’s cocky-ass comments about SVG today.

The Spurs – zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sacramento Kings: Will They or Won’t They? I know… no one outside of Sacramento really has to put up with this news, but there is literally a new story about whether or not the Kings plan to leave town after this season, and more often than not, it’s not even news. For example, today’s biggest story is that fans are trying to sell out the second to last home game of the season, fittingly against the team formerly known as the Seattle SuperSonics. Look, few people spent as much time at Arco Arena as I did growing up (not Power Balance Pavilion, not the Livestrong Center, not the Tiffany Dome, and not the Friendship Bracelet Fieldhouse. Sorry, I’ll stop), but at this point, I feel so alienated by this franchise, I don’t even feel like they’re my home team anymore. This is a city that sold out every game for the first 13 years here, and then after a few down months, the next 7 or 8 again. It’s not the city that’s the problem. I love the movie Major League, but I hate seeing the same strategy being employed in real life. At least the movie had two things the Kings don’t: Charlie Sheen, and duh – winning!