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Doin Super Bowl Lines

Dyslecix picks Green Bay (-2.5). I just really like the Packers’ playmakers on a fast track indoors. They aren’t a huge run team anyways, and I think the transition is harder for Pittsburgh early, getting use to that indoor turf and style… And by that I mean the Packers got a taste against the Falcons already and as we saw, it suited the team pretty well. 27-21 Packers….with a big 4th quarter push from the Steelers who were down early….

Chappy picks Green Bay (-2.5). There’s  four reasons why I’m picking Green Bay. One, Charles Woodson. He is possibly my third or fourth all time favorite Raider behind Tim Brown, Bo Jackson, and Howie Long. Woodson forced a game winning fumble that should have gotten the Raiders into the AFC Championship game. Yup, still hate the Patriots for that game. Second, I’ve been rooting for Aaron Rodgers since he went to Cal. I’d like to see him with the real Championship belt on.

Third, I just don’t like seeing rapists succeed. If Ben had served a little jail time, I would forgive him a little sooner, but it didn’t really feel like he was ever punished. Four games, whoopity doo-da. I’m sure he found out a valuable lesson about hanging around college kids in BFE. Fourth, I’m no longer liking how good this Steelers franchise is. I get tired of the same teams winning over and over. They do play a fun brand of football though. Maybe I just want there to be another New Orleans type story even though I know it can’t happen. Wisconsin is nice and all, but the storyline isn’t quite as good. Packers win 28-23

By picks Green Bay (-2.5). I’m still uncertain as to why Green Bay is the favorite here, yes the dome and artificial turf can be an advantage to Green Bay’s speed on the perimeter, but we’re talking about the Pittsburgh Steelers here folks, they’ll adjust.  If I do recall, it was the Steelers who just won a Super Bowl two seasons ago.  Not much has changed to their roster since then, maybe except for the fact that they’ve renewed their hunger for another ring.  I’m picking Green Bay here because I’m rooting for them, but in all reality I don’t expect them to win.  I don’t care what the odd makers are telling you, Green Bay is the underdog here, and if I’m a neutral fan, I root for the ‘dogs.  Actually, I’m not that neutral, I’m a big Cal fan and so I’ll be cheering for Aaron Rodgers to equal Brett Favre in Super Bowl victories.  I like pointing that out too.  The fact that if Aaron Rodgers wins on Sunday, he’ll be tied with Favre in Super Bowl victories.  Takes away from Favre’s “legend”.  Also, call me a glutton for pain, but as a 49ers fan, I enjoy how much it hurts to see how successful Aaron Rodgers has become knowing we passed on him for Alex Smith in ’05.  It’s like pressing on a bruise to yourself.  It hurts so good.  The x-factor in this matchup is Green Bay’s defense, specifically their secondary.  For as much hype as Nhamdi Awesome-Muah (yes that’s how I spell and pronounce his name) and Darrelle Revis get for being shut down corners, Charles Woodson is overlooked.  This despite him winning Defensive Player of the Year last season.  Green Bay’s offense is going to struggle for a better part of this game against the vaunted Steelers’ D, but if Green Bay’s D can keep it close, all bets are off and Rodgers and co. have a chance.  Here goes nothing, Pack 21 Steelers 17.

MCeezy picks PITTSBURGH (+2.whocares) No spread needed… I think the Steelers will beat the spread because I think they’ll WIN. Everyone’s real high on the Packers right now, including me, but it doesn’t mean they’ll have success against the Steelers. Pittsburgh’s got too many big game players.  Green Bay’s almost there, but not quite. They’ll be back though. They will need to replace some receivers in the next few years, and they’ll continue to have a revolving door at running back, but they’ve got enough pieces in place to be a perennial postseason threat. This weekend though, will belong to the Steelers. I won’t be particularly thrilled about it, but I see the Steelers pulling away in the second half and winning decisively. Largely because my high school and college, and my beloved Oakland A’s, all donned the green and gold, I’ll be rooting for the Packers, but this one’s gonna be all black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow… Steelers 36 Packers 17

Ryder Cup E-mail Thread

With the Ryder Cup about to kickoff tomorrow, we chatted about the storylines (mainly Tiger) in our daily e-mail chain. It all started with this Gene Wojciechowski article.

Dyslecix: (Without reading it) Wild guess, the US team gets thoroughly trounced this weekend, and Tiger breaks even at 2-2 in his matchups sitting out a best ball or alternate shot round.

Cali4Dre: More along the lines of how much more Tiger needs this Ryder Cup than in the past… And how much getting a win would mean, how he can use it to repair his image, how he can mentor the 5 rookies, etc.

Chappy: I thought it was interesting watching Tiger’s interviews yesterday. I agree though Woods needs the Ryder Cup more than it needs him… And I agree with you Tony, the US team is going to get owned… I think the course favors the Euros… Aren’t there a bunch of hazards there that make the longer hitters club down right?

Dyslecix: I’m not really interested in individual story lines with the Ryder Cup, by Sunday when the single matches are going on, and the crowds are going crazy it’s more of a team story to me as they battle….It certainly didn’t miss a beat without Tiger in 08’ and was just as interesting to me at least.

I just read that despite what Monty said, the changes off the fairway to the course are pretty noticeable. It’s playing a lot like a US Open course with thick nasty rough.

Chappy: Yeah, I read that they were going to have the rough around 3 ½ inches, brutal… Oh and I disagree that this event alone would change Tiger’s image. I think winning Majors is the only way Tiger repairs that image…

Dyslecix: Nice little Monthly special…and predictable with Bubba, Phil, Tiger and crew and there wayward tee game.

Damm this is gonna be fun to watch.

How about just winning on the Tour again for starters?

Cali4Dre: I think that was Wojo’s point, not winning all year is weird for Tiger, this is his last chance since he usually doesn’t play in the Fall Series.

Dyslecix: Wasn’t Wojo a big Tiger supporter in the past?

Cali4Dre: Who wasn’t?

Chappy: I wasn’t 🙂

Dyslecix: Well at first everybody was on his side sure, but as he got older there was the crew of writers that were haters….Mainly the Lefty group, and the other group who thought he swore and cusses too much, the “gives the image of golf a bad name” writers.

Cali4Dre: Sure you weren’t, everyone loves a winner.  There does appear to be water on half the holes, and I believe the woods are in play on just about every hole looking at the pictures…

Dyslecix: It’s built along a river, and is amazingly incorporated in the country side. Visually it looks awesome in pics, should be fun to see it live on TV.

Chappy: Ok, I was on his side up until around 2002 or 2003, then I started rooting against him. He just rubbed me the wrong way, I never liked how robotic he was, he didn’t even seem human. It’s hard for me to like guys that don’t seem human at all…

Cali4Dre: I’ll admit, I only rooted against Tiger because I prefer to root for the underdog or no-namer, but who couldn’t be a fan of how Tiger dominated??

Dyslecix: You guys were a real minority…

Chappy: Totally, I was a fan of his game, and didn’t give a crap about how he acted on the course, but when he cussed and cried I was reveling in it. I guess just like MJ and Kobe, I just hate the best, and like to root against them. Not to say I don’t enjoy watching them, but still root for the underdog like dre…

Dyslecix: New article on the pairings.

Cali4Dre: Interesting… I think Pavin might be one of the bets mental players in terms of strategy in the game of golf because he has had to be since he wasn’t exactly the most physically gifted.  I think he’ll do just fan on the strategy parts… what do you guys think?

Dyslecix: I agree…Maybe he doesn’t have to with the “Pod” strategy because his players and pairings are developing despite it. Anyways, Pavin won’t get out “coached” by Monty in any way. This comes down to talent straight up I think.

Cali4Dre: It’s amazing how balanced the team is in terms of distance and accuracy, it’s almost too easy to make pairings that way…

Chappy:I don’t think it matters what the pairings are, the US is going to lose…

2010 Fantasy Football Mock Draft

Before each season we try rep our fantasy knowledge, err, get in a little pre-league draft practice reps with the mock  before we take on the real thing. It’s slowly becoming a tradition here at DW for every sport and every season. Since there’s only five of us, we have to draft for multiple teams, but we try to make each pick based on how we’d want the first three rounds to go for a given team. Some of the picks make more sense than others, but just like real drafts, some people throw out the ADP rankings and go with their gut/guy! If you get nothing out of this, we hope you at least enjoy the team names, and the sh** we talk on some of the players!


#1 Huge Fake TD’s – Chris Johnson

Not sure there’s much to say here.  2500 total yards last year, over 2,000 on the ground.  Made Big Fat Lendale White’s 15 TD’s from the previous year expendable.  One of the fastest guys in the NFL.  And in tandem with VY, the Titan backfield is ridiculous with the variety of spread plays they can run.  Everyone has CJ and his golden grill #1, and so do I.  But my grill has diamonds.

#2 Just Win, Maybe – Adrian Peterson

I haven’t finished higher than 10th place since 2002, coincidentally the last time the Raiders were good hence the team name. I get “rewarded” with one of the top draft picks every year, and it never helps probably because the snaking draft order system, which is the gayest thing in the world if you ask me. I guess AP is going to be solid this year especially with Favre losing his number one receiver, so he should be getting more carries and probably even be involved more in the passing game too! It’s a shame on my team he’s more likely to get hurt all my first rounder picks do…

#3 Richmond Rapists – MJD

So, this is an easy pick. The back up to this pick is obviously Ray Rice, however I would only think about taking him in a keeper league situation. MJD is a TD machine and great building block for my draft in the later rounds.

#4 Bloodfart – Frank Gore

The 49’ers are getting better, so the Bloodfarts will get better as well.  Alex Smith has continued to improve (when healthy), the addition of Michael Crabtree at WR and the blossoming of Vernon Davis at TE will only help make the run respectable.  Frank Gore runs like his teachers are chasing him, and that’s definitely a good thing for fantasy owners.  He still feels he has a lot to give, and a lot to prove.

#5 Scott Pilgrim vs. Your Mom – Aaron Rodgers

Let me start by saying I suck at fantasy football.  Now that I got the waiver out of the way, let me explain why I selected Aaron Rodgers so high in the mock draft.  Did you not see last season?  Yes, I totally just explained my reasoning with a question, and that makes me totally awesome.

#6 Washing Headskins – Ray Rice

Great to see a player like this fall! When I saw I was drafting six, I was going to pull the trigger on Aaron Rodgers, but having Rice fall to me instead is a great consolation price. Hard to make the sixth position a great draft spot, but this certainly helps. Continue reading

NFL’s Hardest Hits From 2008-2010

I saw this floating around today, and thought what the heck I’ll take a peak. 10 minutes later, I had to snap myself out of a trance. I seriously couldn’t take my eyes off this video. Typically I find Youtube annoying, it always feels like it’s filled with crap that takes a ton of time to sort through. But I gotta say nuggets of gold like this make me take back every bad thing I’ve ever thought about it. Enjoy some bone crushing destruction, I know I sure did.

Are you a Working Stiff That Loves the World Cup?

Then worry not, here is your complete guide to slack off at work and watch from your desk….AND GET PAID!!

Live Streaming Sites

ESPN 3 is the online streaming version of the popular sports network in the U.S.A. Their upcoming live streaming schedule includes the kick-off on June 10th, the opening ceremonies on June 11th followed by the FIFA World Cup matches. According to the NY Times, ESPN 3 will be streaming all 64 games.

ESPN Mobile TV will be streaming the kick-off, opening ceremonies and 56 world cup matches including semifinals and final to Sprint customers on the new HTC EVO smartphone, according to MarketWatch.

CBC Sports is Canada’s national public broadcaster. The CBC Sports website states “Between June 11th and July 11th 2010 watch every game streamed LIVE on”.

Optus is the #2 Australian telecommunications carrier and will be live streaming 2010 World Cup matches for free to customers with compatible 3G mobile devices.

TVU Networks is a live streaming Internet TV platform and, according to Ask MetaFilter, should be carrying the 2010 World Cup.

BBC Sport states that “All BBC matches will be available to watch live online in high quality video” according to this article, which also contains a schedule of which matches are on the BBC and which will be on iTV.

iTV is the biggest commercial television network in the UK. According to their FIFA World Cup Live description they will have select content from all 64 games, and be broadcasting live any matches that iTV carries.

FIFA 2010 World Cup Schedule

To find out when your team is playing, check out the official World Cup soccer schedule on FIFA’s website.

Regional Restrictions on Live Streaming

Many of these live streaming video sites are infamous for using geographical restrictions to lock out certain viewers. The BBC will almost definitely be blocking anyone not located in the UK, and other sites may have similar policies.

Random Internet Clip to Start your Morning

Now look, I don’t condone violence. And frankly I think drugs are very very bad, hell I’m scared to death having to talk to my kids about them. But then again when they produce a world famous Youtube clip, that literally makes your jaw drop open, what can you do? Well post it of course!

On a side note, how freaking scary would it be to be the homie in the PT Cruiser? Holy mackerel, he seemed to play it pretty cool, I would freaked out and rammed the car in front or busted up on the curb and get the hell out.

Woody Harrelson is Clutch!

In the United States charity soccer matches don’t mean anything, however on the other side of the pond certain events bring out thousands of fans to watch celebrities, ex-professionals, and current footballers play a game for a good cause. Perhaps the biggest of these celebrity events is Unicef’s Soccer Aid charity football match, 65,000 people turned out to support the cause and some of football’s biggest names came out. Anyhow, the match went to penalty kicks, and with score 10-10 it was up to Woody to put away the winning goal…………

Los Angeles Lakers Anthem

Doesn’t get much better this, easily one of the sickest mix-tapes I’ve ever heard all dedicated to your Los Angeles Lakers. The highlight of which is Ice-Cube straight dogging Paul Piece, this brought a smile to my face after last nights shitty game 2. Shit, I don’t know what else to really say about it, just click the link and start bumping.

Lakers still in 6 bitches!

List 10: Ten excuses Celtics fans will use if they lose to the Lakers

(Borrowed today, but I had to post it)

Suggested by @AmandaRykoff, also known as “Company Woman Amanda” from the podcast

1. Kobe got all the calls. And his fingers weren’t hurt enough. Or his toes. I don’t know. Kobe sucks.

2. Rondo was banged up, and everyone knows you can’t win a championship with three future Hall of Famers if your fourth-year point guard has muscle spasms.

3. The Lakers stole Gasol! Rip-off trades should only happen when a beloved former power forward becomes the GM of another team.

4. Simmons jinxed us.

5. The tech/ejection/suspension on Rasheed/ KG/Perkins is because the refs are out to get them, not because they’re crazy and/or jerks who have complained about every call ever. (Not gonna lie — Artest doesn’t do well in this category either. But at least we only got one crazy).

6. If we aren’t going to get a 38-to-10 free throw advantage like we did in Game 2 of 2008, how does anyone ever expect us to win?

7. Wait, they’re still playing? I jumped off the bandwagon last year. OK, I’m back! I never bailed! Celtics forever! What? They lost? Why does this always happen to me?

8. Fisher is a dirty player. That’s KG’s move!

9. Gasol flops too much. That’s KG’s move!

10. Pierce got confused on which injury to fake.

The Lakeshow Open a Can of Whoop Ass in Game One

This basically sums up the game; Kobe along with the rest of the squad was in the zone last night. Straight from the tip the Lakers played smart, hard nosed basketball. They never backed down, and hit the shots that needed to go down. Stat of the night: Kevin Garrnett’s plus/minus was -17, and Ron Artest’s was +27…..End of story on that stat alone! Not to mention the Lakers out rebounded the Celtics by 15.

On another note the Celtics can’t play much worse then that, I wouldn’t be surprised if they came out Sunday and played on of there best games of the playoffs. The Lakeshow better be ready for game two, with the bullshit 2-3-2 format, you can’t afford to let game two slip away. Were keeping things short around here for the next few days, so here is a bonus clip to get your Friday morning started with, enjoy.

North Korean Football Drops the “Ball”

-Associated Press

“Kim Myong-won was put on the DRPK’s final 23-man roster, as the third goalie. North Korea had better hope their first two stay healthy, because Kim isn’t actually a goalie. He’s a striker, who the defensive-minded Chollima were counting on to provide a little extra offense. They apparently listed him without first consulting with FIFA to see if that was legal.”

It wasn’t, as FIFA announced today:

The squad lists that the teams had provided to Fifa by 1 June 2010 are final and can no longer be changed. On the final lists must be no more than 23 players, three of whom shall be goalkeepers.

“The three players listed as goalkeepers can only play as goalkeepers during the World Cup and cannot play outfield. This will be communicated to the teams in the team arrival meetings and will be enforced on match days.

“Kim Myong-won will not be allowed to play as an outfield player if he has been put on the list as a goalkeeper.”

Seriously who does North Korea think they are? Some sort of real world super power? Sinking submarines, violating human rights, taking international prisoners, faking World Cup rosters? I’m not one to advocate violence, but I think FIFA should mandate a soccer assination by Brazil and demand that North Korea be soccer bombed back to there country, anything less then a 10-0 win should not be allowed.

Freaking North Korea!

Update: Jim Joyce Feels Like Shit

  Well, what can you say after last night? Between ESPN, ESPN News, MLB TV, and every website and blog out there we’ve had it broken down from every conceivable point of view there is. And after it’s all said and done, you’ve got to feel pretty bad for Mr. Joyce who will now only be remembered for this call as long as he works in baseball. It’s a shame, and after hearing the audio its pretty obvious nobody feels worse this Joyce himself. The call was tee’d up and he just missed it, simple as that, Yikes. If you have a spare moment listen to the audio and you’ll feel for for this guy a ton. 

Jim Joyce Shits on Armando Galarraga’s Perfect Game

Way to go Jim, you just made the single worse call in the history of regular season baseball! Stealing Galarraga’s  perfect game on the third out in the 9th no less, on the most routine of calls.  I’m pissed and I could care less about Detroit or the AL.

Hopefully I see you this weekend at my little cousins pony league game, because thats where you should umping for the rest of your days.

Anybody Else Feeling Another Lakers Title?

Maybe you’ve figured out already that our two regular writers around here are die hard Bay Area sports fans. And generally speaking hate anything LA (despite  a certain “Chap” living down there), so for the next two weeks I’ll be doing my best to even things out around here as the Lakers embark on the quest for another title. On that note, here is the extended version of Derek Fisher’s assasin shot in Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals against the Spurs.

Quick side note: I think Shaq drops one of his all time great quotes in this clip, brillant stuff from Superman.

Wayne Rooney Nick’s More then Goals!!

Granted as a Chelsea fan when it comes to any Manchester United I should simply hate it out of hand. But how do you not love this clip of Wayne Rooney trying sneak in a beer as he watched his team play on Saturday. It was a massive affair and the lad surely had nerves that needed calming. So, what do you do? Hijack that beer (I’m betting you ordered in the first place) that a waitress had dropped off at a nearby table.

Hat’s off Mr. Rooney, after the season you’ve had you deserve as many pints as you want. Not even this Chelsea fan can deny you that. You may need a few more after the World Cup!