Lebron in Spacejam

Awesome video. I usually get a kick out of the college humor website. I’d love to play with Stegosaurus and that Purple Guy, they sound like beasts! I couldn’t figure out if Taz was supposed to be Delonte or not, but either way that part made me laugh…

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I'm a dude that just hit 30 years old. Pretty much like everything that is funny, insightful, and has to do with the Warriors, A's, and Raiders. View all posts by chappy81

2 responses to “Lebron in Spacejam

  • Chris Humpherys


    Yes, Cleveland is enslaved. Good thing for the Indians this year.

    Here’s hoping DWade plays for the Monstars as well otherwise LeBron’s not winning their either.

    • chappy81

      Wade is playing with the monsters. He’s either Stegosaurus or the Purple Guy, and Chris Bosh is the other one! Don’t fear though, Jameiro Moon is there to save the toons from getting enslaved!

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