The Snowman Graveyard

For some reason WordPress and/or youtube won’t let me embed this one, but here’s the link.

I could see making a snowman village, and having a few cocktails while doing it, being pretty fun. I’m guessing there’s probably no power or there wouldn’t be such a large amount of the neighborhood partaking. I thought it was funny how pissed people were. I mean, where do you want the plows to go!?! It’s their job to clear the streets snowmen or not!

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4 responses to “The Snowman Graveyard

  • mceezy

    Well, the lights on in the background would indicate there was power, BUT college + no classes due to snow + beer = snowman village. It’s too bad we all went to college along the coast of California. NAH…. forget I said that.
    I guess it reminds me of SUN days in San Francisco when it was too hot to do anything but go to the beach. They just do it a little differently in Wisconsin.

  • tophatal

    chappy 81

    Well they all looked as if they were enjoying themselves . And that ain’t such a bad thing. At least there wasn’t a cop their drawing his weapon on someone.

    You may well need to add a widget in order to display the youtube video ? But I can’t see how you weren’t successful in the first place. Given the fact that you’ve been able post other youtube content.

    Alan Parkins

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