First Bay Area Post; Comcast, AD, and Tinyballs

The last four days I haven’t been in tune with the sports world or anything for that matter. My world is getting a pleasant change. I moved from LA up to the Bay Area, which is probably where I belong, and while driving up you know I bumped this E-40 song a couple times. Anyways I didn’t catch any football, baseball, or anything on TV for that matter Saturday through Tuesday. It feels like a rarity in this day in age.

I never remember having too many problems with Comcast when I lived in Monterey, but MCeezy warned us all of how deceitful and retarded they can be at any given moment. First, they schedule an appointment on Sunday (the day I was moving in) which was perfect, because you want internet and TV the day you start living somewhere. Oh yeah, and that landline too, who can live without one of those! I never understood how a service could be $10 cheaper a month with adding a landline opposed to not having one. Anyways, a rep came out, but couldn’t seem to get the job done for one reason or another. Two days later they finally sent out a competent rep leaving me with a missed weekend of football and MLB playoff games. How did they apologize? A free movie rental on demand. Yipee… Anyways, this is not a good start to my Comcast experience, so hopefully I don’t have to write some rants like Mceezy did (Even though I wasn’t expecting a good experience).

To hear Al Davis died was somewhat shocking, and I think I got about 10 texts about it that Saturday morning. It was an odd way to start packing the moving truck to say the least. I mean he was old, but who would’ve thought the Grim Reaper could really die!?! Al meant so much to football as a whole, and I can’t add too much that hasn’t already been said in tributes everywhere, but he meant even more to Raiders fans than I can even put into words. He will be missed. It’s strange how sports can rally people, and naturally I hope the players dedicate the rest of their games to him this year. I got to catch the abbreviated version of the game against Houston on NFL Network this morning, so hopefully they play with that kind of emotion for the remainder of the year.

I don’t have much else to say except, I’m glad I have the internet to find clips like the two below. Sorry if you’re tired of the whole Moneyball story as we keep bringing it up on here, but here’s a SNL spoof for “Tinyballs” that was funny. The second clip needs no introduction except for lucky popsicle!

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9 responses to “First Bay Area Post; Comcast, AD, and Tinyballs

  • tophatal

    My response concerning Stafford

    The only issue I see with regard to the Lions will be the health of Matt Stafford ! People tend to forget that he’s yet to play a full season in the NFL . Physically he’s softer than a roll of Charmin .

    What the Niners did to the Bucs was more than a surprise to me ……… but who saw that 48-3 blowout coming down the pike ?

    Alex Smith if continues to play like he has been then all of the talk about Luck will be placed on the back-burner . “

    The Bay area will fully appreciate what you bring to the locale . Just make sure that you don’t cause any harm however .

    tophatal ………

  • tophatal

    If at all interested ? shortlink .

    tophatal …………………

  • mceezy

    Welcome home Cousin… “where the Oakland Raiders and the 49ers play…”

  • JW

    That popsicle will be melted into my brain all day…

  • sportsattitudes

    I probably belong in the Bay Area also…sigh. Perhaps someday. Living in Comcast’s “backyard” of Philly and having used them for 20 years, I can say my experience with them has been like most monolithic organizations…they’ve given me both good and bad days. They aren’t always the best on appointments and scheduling, but I have had great luck with techs knowing their stuff when needed. As well, our cable has gone out maybe twice in the last 5 years and that was during severe weather. (I probably just jinxed myself…) Now if you want to talk about Philadelphia Electric…I could rant for a week about their service.

    • chappy81

      Deep down, I think I always knew I’d make a return! I feel like Comcast can’t be any worse than Verizon, Time Warner, or any of the others I’ve had over the years. I DO remember having to wait forever on hold when the internet was out back in the day, but I doubt that will be an issue this day in age. The first tech that came was an idiot, so I wasn’t shocked he didn’t know how to set us up. The second Tech was much better, I was pissed it just took two days to get the right person here. Not a good start haha.

  • tophatal


    For $20 million it’s amazing how your life can change . See look at Theo Epstein and the Cubs ? That’s a marriage that’s either made in heaven or hell dependent upon your point of view .

  • ChrisHumpherys (@SportsChump)

    Who thought the Grim Reaper could really die. Good one.

    • chappy81

      Haha, I’m glad someone caught that. I think I thought that because the episode of Family Guy when Peter becomes “death” was on the night before. Did TBS know something we didn’t and that was their tribute to AD!?!

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