Overhyping The A’s

Oh man, here we go some more… Don’t get me wrong, I love the media noticing the A’s, but too much hype can spell doom for a professional baseball team – just ask the Mets. I’m all for the sleeper picks to win the AL West, and even homers like Chappy picking them to win the World Series, but now ESPN’s tagged Jerry Crasnick’s awesome new piece with “AL Favorites?” I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard writers call them the “Giants of 2011.” All this hype just makes me worry more and wish the season would hurry up and get here. Whew… three more days. Trevor Cahill vs. Felix Hernandez on Friday night. Can’t wait!

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9 responses to “Overhyping The A’s

  • tophatal


    This is merely cannon fodder for the writer to have fans out there chime in with their thoughts . I know you’re an avid fan of the A’s but in reality how do you view their chances this upcoming season ? I personally would rather listen or read the comments of the fans who if anything are following the team more closely than a writer merely looking to create some readership for his column.

    tophatal ………………

  • chappy81

    Dude, I was thinking the same thing when I saw that on the front page of the baseball section. Awesome article though, I hope the pitchers can stay healthy this year! Your three year mancrush on Gio seems to be paying dividends finally!

  • JW

    I love that pitching staff, but not sure I’m ready to say they are as good as the one across the bay…yet.

  • classic17

    I took a flyer on Gio late in my fantasy draft. He’d better not disappoint.

    • classic17

      I was going to make fun of myself for saying flyer instead of flier, but apparently both are correct. Who knew?

      Anyway, Gio had a nice start today. Four walks is eh, and it was the Mariners, but I’m hopeful!

      • chappy81

        I’m happy we didn’t get swept in the opening series. I was scared it was going to happen after predicting them to win the WS. I’m not sure I’d be as panicked as Boston fans are right now, but I would’ve been worried! Gio’s always had problems with walks. That’s really the only knock on the guy, so hopefully he’ll improve on that as the season goes along!

  • mceezy

    I think the A’s have a good chance to win the division. However, I think the Rangers and Angels have equally good chances to win the division as well. It’ll be tough to top their 3.56 team ERA from last year. That was National League territory….

  • Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America

    I still have the Rangers in our standings challenge.



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