Football Vs. Futbol




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  • tophatal


    Many of the teams in question in particular those on the continent of Europe are owned either by major corporations or multi billionaires . Hence the outrageous fortunes paid to the soccer players there in Europe . Berlusconi the Italian Prime Minister owns AC Milan of the Serie A . Apart from that his business conglomerate owns newspapers , hotels , insurance companies tv and radio stations as part of his business entities. Real Madrid is owned in part by some of Spain’s biggest industrialists who sit on the board of the team.

    Look at Man U of the Premiership (EPL) ? They may well be wealthiest sports franchise on the planet but they’ve amassed a debt that the Glazers who also own the Bucs in the NFL haven’t at times been able to meet and service the scheduled debt repayments to their creditors on time. And look at the mess of the Rangers of the MLB before Tom Hicks and Ken Gillette Hicks sold the team ? They also took Liverpool to the verge of bankruptcy before being forced by the High Courts in London to sell the team after being unwilling to pay his creditors . You’ve got simpleton owners whose egos are just as inflated as the players who you’ve mentioned in your piece . You wonder why they’re paid so much ?

    Within the NFL what you have a are bunch of owners who’ve in part made their wealth in corporate America but business wise when it comes to running a major professional sports’ franchise they do need to pull their heads out of their a_s . The business mantra of the league (NFL) while on the face of it appears healthy it is in fact a mess !

    The owners within MLB aren’t that far behind with their stupidity either !

    tophatal ……….

  • tophatal


    Want in on the actions of the execs who oversee the Fiesta Bowl ?

    How naive are the NCAA ? They’re pi_sed that the executives who ran the Fiesta Bowl were out there hiring hookers to make sure that they had sex with the right people in order that the Bowl game and the Fiesta Bowl got favorable reviews and sponsorship deals for and during the event. SEC Commissioner —– Mike Slive says he wants nothing to do with that type of an organization . Who’s he kidding ? That’s like Charlie Sheen saying he’ll no longer associate or have sex with hookers or porn stars !

    tophatal ……………….

    • chappy81

      Hahaha I was reading about that. I have a feeling if people are wasting that kind of money Cuban should have a good shot at coming up with a good way to make a playoff system that would take money away from d-bags like this!

      • tophatal


        I say let Charlie Sheen run things with regard to the Fiesta Bowl and its executive committee because at least then we all know what to expect right off the bat !

        Cuban ought to stick with what he does best and that’s to look at himself in the mirror and admire himself and his ego ! He gets mixed up college football and it’ll only get messier than it already is ! He came within a hair’s breath in being jailed for insider trading last year . The Justice Dept < fu_ked up prosecuting the case it was so friggin' ridiculous to watch the proceedings as it unfolded . Lawyers with degrees don't necessarily make the best lawyers especially the ones who work for the Federal government . 9 times out of 10 they'd prefer a plea agreement from a defendant rather than going to trial . They couldn't indict a ham sandwich if it came with all the trimmings and dressing as a side menu.

        And speaking of sex how ’bout the former players on the Auburn Tigers’ football team from 2004-07 coming out and saying that they were paid as part of the program’s recruiting process ? Not only that but many of ’em actually had sex with hookers or female co-eds on the school’s campus doing their recruiting weekend visits to the school. Makes the crap concerning Cam Newton now seem minuscule in comparison don’t you think ?

        I’m thinking enrolling there and see if I can become a walk on the school’s MMA program if they’ve got one that is ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!! I want ’em to lay out the red carpet for my visit ……….. with all the tail they can muster so I can get laid while there ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!! Chris ( sportschump ) has already said he’d write me a letter of recommendation should one be needed . That’s so kind of him ! LOL,LOL ,LOL !!!! You want in on the action as well ?

        tophatal …………………

  • sportschump

    Terrell Suggs really makes that much?


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