The NFL Gives Out Compensation Picks?

I saw that there were compensatory picks handed out to some NFL teams on Friday including one’s like a 3rd rounder to Carolina, and a 4th rounder to Green Bay and Tennessee. I guess this is the second year they’ve done this, and last year I must’ve missed it or not cared, probably a little of both. I checked out the rule a little closer and found out what it meant. If you lose a player from your team, and don’t sign as good a player to fill in for them you get a pick, and depending on the value gap you could end up with a pick in rounds 3-7. I’m confused as to why this was ever put in place. Instead of signing a veteran player to a long term deal, the team dumps the player, and they get a pick for compensation of being cheap? Doesn’t feel like something a team should get rewarded for in any scenario. I understand that Carolina sucks, but should they get an extra 3rd rounder because of not caring to re-up the roster a little more? I understand why teams get extra compensation picks in baseball for losing star players, because there is  no way for small market teams to compete with the top half of the league when it comes to spending power. Believe an A’s fan, you’d love to see your team be able to over spend instead of getting some compensation picks for a player about to enter their prime. Since the NFL has a salary cap, why should teams get hooked up for cutting salary? Compensation picks in the NFL are a joke. As a fan I’m offended.

In case you were wondering what I thought of the NFL rule change of moving the kickoff up 5 yards. I care about it as much as I care about the WNBA…

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18 responses to “The NFL Gives Out Compensation Picks?

  • Chris Humpherys

    The old saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

    I’m not so sure I agree with that anymore after the spring that the NFL is having.

  • Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America

    Man, I wasn’t aware of this either. How does the league define “As good of a player”?

    Humphreys: Preach, hammer…


  • tophatal


    What about the $1.5 billion they’ve got nestled away in their treasure chest that they rarely use in actually assisting in the building of a new stadium but yet they expect cities where their teams are domiciled have to pay for those new venues ?

    They ought to as an act of goodwill dole out some of that money to those cities instead of the owners pleading poverty . Screw the bull_hit about doling out complimentary players in the draft . I mean after the NFL Draft over seven rounds and over 200 picks they still have a supplementary draft that isn’t even televised . So what’s new about this to begin with ? It’s fecal matter …………. no other way to explain it !

    tophatal ………………….

    • chappy81

      Yup, not too fair on any level. I just thought it was a weird rule when it’s tough to really value a player in football. Especially players like linemen…

      • tophatal


        Who ever said that the NFL in its present guise was said to ever make any sense ? Given a choice between the owners , league hierarchy , the members of the Congress and Senate who’d you rather listen to at this juncture ?

        This upcoming draft isn’t necessarily short on talent but now many of the pundits out there are saying that Blaine Gabbert is the best qb in the upcoming draft ?

        I for one wasn’t overly impressed with that Mizzou Tigers’ team last season in spite of their overall record (10-3) in the Big 12 !

        I just hope the hype is said to be worth it ! If not then some NFL team could very well end up with a very expensive dud on their hands !

        tophatal ………………

        • chappy81

          Yeah, not sure why Gabbert is all the rage these days, but I’m no NFL scout so maybe he’ll be good. I’d rather wait and take a chance on Locker in the third round or something like that so you don’t risk wasting a ton of money… Any player is going to have their work cut out for them if they stay locked out for awhile. I’m just glad the Raiders don’t have a first round pick to waste this year. I’m sure your Pats will make a more logical pick than we would’ve with that pick…

    • classic17

      The Supplemental Draft has had 40 players taken total since 1977. I don’t think it would be ratings driver for the NFL. It would be like televising the waiver process.

      • tophatal

        classic 17

        The supplemental draft is a complete joke much like the NFL hierarchy , owners and union ! When was the last time you heard any common sense being uttered out of the mouth of anyone there ?

        I’ve no time for the whole process of the draft and the inane comments coming from the likes of Mortensen , Clayton or that pompous as_hole …… Mel Kiper or Todd McShay for that matter !

        Kiper on the first hand is a fraud as it’s recently been noted that he often meets with the agents of potential draftees and then the next you know he’s hyping up these guys without really looking at a player’s resume’ over his college career. Need I say anymore when he’s the same guy who hyped up Leaf over Peyton Manning and then tried to kid us all into believing that Akili Smith would set the NFL alight with his arm and agility ? If memory serves me correctly Smith acted like ….. Tarzan but played like Jane !

        tophatal ……………

  • tophatal

    Funny the NFL lockout is giving a whole new meaning as such to Spring Break .

    tophatal …………..

  • colts18

    Compensatory picks are the extra draft picks awarded to teams based on the players that the team had lost to free agency the previous year. Where at in the draft the compensatory pick will take place is determined by a formula taking into account how much the player’s salary is, how many games they played in, how many games they started in and postseason honors with his new team. There are 32 compensatory picks given out each year, the earliest that one can be is at the end of the third round (or the 97th overall pick) unless a team or teams had to forfeit any picks. For example, the patriots had to forfeit their first round pick in 2008 because they are cheaters, thus the first compensatory pick was 96th overall.

    • chappy81

      Nice, thanks for the info. That clears it up a lot more than the articles I found trying to explain it! I still don’t feel in a salary cap league you should ever have compensation picks… Maybe that’s another way they hope to get parody. At the same time, why should playoff teams like the Packers get a fourth rounder and Baltimore get a fifth rounder? Doesn’t seem fair when those teams are already good…

  • tophatal


    Don’t get me wrong Gabbert may well turn out to be good but I’d rather take that wait and see attitude than the constant hype that’s created because a guy has an arm like a cannon . Hell your boy Jamarcus “Dumb Ass” Russell had an arm but a pea sized brain and about as much ability as would be desired by a three legged thoroughbred race horse !

    tophatal ………………

    • chappy81

      There’s noway Gabbert is dumber than Jamarcus. He could be the next Ryan Leaf though. It’s so hard to tell how a prospect will end up. I’d rather take my chances with Cam. At least if he sucks as a QB you could always have him run the wild cat, and maybe switch him to another position…

      • tophatal


        I never did put much faith the Wonderlic test and if anything if players were adjudged via the MENSA Test then where’d that have placed Jamarcus on their scale ? Let’s put it this Aunt Jemima can’t be any dumber than any of the elected legislators in either the House of Reps or the Senate can he ?

        Bucs’ cb Aqib Talib has turned himself in to local authorities after he’d apparently been involved in some gun play where the victim had been shot in the stomach in Garland, Tx . Another reason why the guy can’t be trusted to keep his word to stay out of trouble . Trouble it seems to flocks to him like flies around sh_t or bees around honey . This is now his fourth felony or misdemeanor offense he’s been involved in since was drafted by the Bucs 20th overall in the 1st rd 2008

        As for puttin’ faith in someone I’d rather insert somethin’ into Cameron Diaz rather than puttin’ faith in Cam Newton ! Can he really be trusted at the next level given his tendency for being anything less than truthful after the Tressel fallout at Ohio St ? You tell me ?

        tophatal ………………….

      • classic17

        Gabbert scored a 42 on the Wonderlic. Not exactly an IQ test, I know, but I think we’re safe to assume that he’s smarter than JaMarcus.

  • tophatal


    Here’s a pick I’d like to see the NFL make ! I’d like to see ’em pick up the tab for all of their season ticket holders’ PSL’s for the upcoming season should there be one !

    For Whom The Bell Tolls It Tolls For Thee ……….. !

    Either of the above links .

    tophatal ………….

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