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Kimmel Invading Doin Work

Iron Mike was on Jimmy Kimmel last night, and when I saw it I thought it was funnier than when I watched it on youtube this morning, but since we haven’t put up any clips in a while I thought we were due for one of them. Ripping on Kobe will always get me to smile. Then I remembered another skit he did last night that I also thought was funny at the time where he busted out a trick shot compilation making fun of all those Sportsnation kids. The domino shot was simply amazing… I guess I thought both of these were more funny last night, but since I’m don’t really want to write about Dirk’s amazing performance, I figured may as well take you into the weekend with a laugh or two instead…


Ochocinco Proving My Theory Right!

Back in the beginning of February you may or may not remember my post predicting that between the two lockouts in the NFL and NBA we might see the return of the “two sport athlete”. Low and behold a month and a half after writing that post, Chad Ochocinco decided he wanted to follow his true passion, playing soccer!?! It could just be another one of his publicity stunts, but now that a player is actually going to tryout for a MLS team it might get some of the other NFL players thinking about sports that they were good at growing up. His tryout for the Kansas City MLS team is next week, and will last four days. At the end of the tryout, he will either be joining the team, or be cut. I don’t know a lot about soccer, but Ochocinco sounds like he could be good if he can outrun everyone, but then again, it’s really hard to take him too seriously with anything he does. Here’s a couple of his thoughts on his soccer game;

“I played soccer before football, and I was good. That’s where I get my quick feet, my feet are unbelievable. There’s not one person in soccer right now that would beat me running, that’s including Lionel Messi.” said Ochocinco.

Speaking of the NFL lockout, last night Jimmy Kimmel had his Cousin Sal hit the streets to find out the people’s thoughts on the lockout including a Candian’s point of view. I found it comical enough that it was the perfect video to post after talking about Ochocinco, because some of these questions and answers are as ridiculous as Ochocinco himself!

More Fun With Tiger

Yeah, I know that you’ve probably heard millions of Tiger jokes by now, but at our annual Christmas Eve party I was shown this Billy Dee Williams clip from the Jimmy Kimmel show that was pretty funny! If there’s one thing Tiger has given us for the holidays, it is plenty of new jokes and skits from all the great comedians out there. I guess it’s a little too late to get this fabulous plate set and meat clever for Christmas, but it would be a solid birthday gift that keeps on giving! Happy Holidays!

Corey Maggette’s Dream

I might be the only Warriors fan that likes Corey Maggette.  Despite being in attendence for his low point in Oakland, going something like 2-12 from the line and getting booed throughout the game, I still like him.  Is he my favorite player?  Far from it.  But I feel like you knew what you’re getting when we signed him, so no one should be surprised.