Doin MLB Predictions

For every sport, we make our predictions on how they will play out for the season. Last year By nailed it picking the Giants to win the World Series. We all got some right here and there last season making us feel like our predictions should hold some weight. Even if some of them seem laughable, just remember we did get a lot of stuff right last year!

AL East Winner

Chappy picks Boston Red Sox. If they aren’t the favorite in the AL, I don’t know who is. No need to rattle off their acquisitions because all of them were frontline news with each 9 or 10 figure contract that was signed. This team could set some records on offense. I hope the Rays somehow beat them out, but I’m less than confident that will happen.

By picks Boston Red Sox. Not sure how I feel about the BoSox after this past off-season.  Although the Red Sox have never shied away from spending a boat load of money on their players, they have always been second fiddle to the Yanks in the “shoving dollars down a free-agent’s throat” department.  But not this time.  Chappy won’t mention the names, but I will.  Carl “Freakin'” Crawford and Adrian “God Damn” Gonzalez.  You don’t need much else to say here.  Bahstan takes the AL East.

MCeezy picks New York Yankees. I know Boston looks sexy on paper with Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez in tow, but I see huge question marks in their pitching staff and that’s what may very well kill them. Josh Beckett and Jonathan Papelbon had pretty demoralizing seasons last year. The Yankees on the other hand added the AL leader in Saves last year as their setup man.

AL Central Winner

Chappy picks Chicago White Sox. Chicago came on strong at the end of the year, but their sluggish start killed them. I don’t see that happening this year with basically the same team in tact, and an addition of Adam Dunn to the middle of the order. I picked them last year, and think they got better than they were last year over the off-season, so no reason not to pick them again.

By picks Minnesota Twins. I have to go with Minnesota here.  Joe Mauer and the Playstation guy are at it again, and when those two get together (and are both healthy) the Twins are tough to beat.  All jokes aside, remember, if Justin Morneau doesn’t suffer a season ending injury just prior to the post-season, the Twins could have very well beaten the Yanks in the ALDS last season.  O.K. maybe not.

MCeezy picks Cleveland Indians. Yes, I’m dead serious. Research shows that 1 in 7 division winning teams were not very good the year before. This year, that team will be the Indians. Everybody knows that owner Rachel Phelps just wants the team to tank so they can move to Anaheim with the Kings. But in 2011, the year of winning, how can the Tribe not win the whole f***in thing? Charlie Sheen is going to come back as Ricky Vaughn, whether producers allow him in Major League 3 or not. Since they most likely won’t, we may be lucky enough to see Sheen run onto the field with the Wild Thing hairdo just cause he feels like it.

AL West Winner

Chappy picks Oakland Athletics. Yup, the hometown pick with a little more confidence than usual this year! They added some bats and built up the bullpen so we don’t have to rely on Michael Wuertz late in games. All signs point to an improved record over last years. Hopefully their pitching staff can come close to duplicating last year’s daily shut down performances.

By picks Texas Rangers. I must say I like the direction the A’s are heading, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Chaps were right here, and Oak Town takes the West.  But I’m still going with Texas here despite the fact they are getting destroyed this Spring.  The Rangers were ahead of the AL West prior to gaining Cliff Lee, and although Lee helped cement their place, he wasn’t the end all, be all.  Still like Texas’ fire power on offense here.

MCeezy picks Anaheim Angels. Texas is the defending AL Champion, and the A’s are a trendy sleeper pick, but I still think the AL West goes through the Angels. They look terrible on paper heading into this season, but I just think they have enough savvy veterans that will put together one last run at the pennant together. Guys like Torii Hunter, Bobby Abreu, and Vernon Wells may just will their team to the title. They could also be terrible this year…. which would be just fine by me.

AL Wild Card

Chappy picks Minnesota Twins. I still can’t figure out how the Twins ran away with this division last year without their best power hitter, without their closer, and without a true ace starter, but they did. They seem to figure it out one way or another and almost always end up in the playoffs. I’m not feeling NY this year, unless they somehow steal King Felix from Seattle, which I don’t see why Seattle would give up their only good player.

By picks New York Yankees. Well if the BoSox are taking the East, there’s no way the Yanks don’t make the post-season.  I’d hope for the young guns out in Tampa to step up and take the Wild Card spot away from the Evil Empire, but “The Force” will be too strong in the Big Apple.  Plus, A-Rod is still pretty damn good, and that Robinson Cano guy can play a little bit, huh?  I think he’s going to be a decent player one day.  Oh God I hate the Yankees.

MCeezy picks Boston Red Sox. It doesn’t really matter who wins the AL East. These two teams are getting in, no matter which one grabs the wild card spot. The good news about the wild card spot is you probably get to stay in the Central time zone, instead of heading to the West Coast to play the A’s or Angels. They won’t be able to stop the Indians though!

NL East Winner

Chappy picks Atlanta Braves. The Braves played well last year, and are a very young team. They picked up one of the best second basemen around in Dan Uggla this offseason. Their lineup is actually starting to look a little scary with quality hitters up and down the lineup. I wonder now that Bobby Cox is gone if they go and win the whole damn thing…

By picks Philadelphia Phillies. The Yanks of the NL, the Philadelphia Phillies.  That rotation might be something teams are going to have to deal with, don’t you think?  That lineup is something teams will have to deal with, don’t you think?  Man, the Giants have a tough task ahead of them.

MCeezy picks Atlanta Braves. I’m too heavily vested in the Phillies on my fantasy team for them to have a good year (Rollins, Ibanez, Lidge). I want to pick the Mets, but that’s like putting your hand on a hot stove. I still think Chipper somehow puts together one last run at the World Series before he calls it a career for some reason. I thought it was going to be last year, but I guess he’s back for one more shot – this time with Dan Uggla on the squad.

NL Central Winner

Chappy picks Milwaukee Brewers. Two years in a row I’m rolling with Milwaukee. They have Greinke, and will have a healthy Gallardo, so I think that turns the tide for their fortunes. Plus, Prince in a contract year has to yield some career type numbers right!?! Braun is always a solid launching pad so something’s gotta give with this team. Also, there’s always one team that was below .500 from the previous season that makes the playoffs, the Brew Crew is my pick for the turnaround.

By picks St. Louis Cardinals. I might be going out on a limb here, but I think Albert Pujols will hit 60 + HR’s this season and lead the Cardinals to a division pennant.  In fact, not only will he hit 60 + HR’s, but he’ll win the Triple Crown this season.  Pujols has been consistent throughout his stellar career and if anyone can prove he’s worth a billion dollars, it’s him.  And if he’s putting up those numbers, I can’t see the Cards not finishing in first in the Central.

MCeezy picks Cincinnati Reds. They can’t be terrible forever. And if you haven’t noticed, they’ve put together a pretty dynamic team. They’ve had some guys take some big steps the last two years (Joey Votto and Jay Bruce). This year, they have a couple guys who could make big strides of their own (Aroldis Chapman and Mike Leake). If things click the right way, the Reds could be a factor. Their pitching staff will have to stay healthy.

NL West Winner

Chappy picks Colorado Rockies. If the Rockies didn’t have such a bad first half of the season last year, they might have had a chance to beat out SD and SF. I’m not in love with this pitching staff, but Tulo and C-Gon in the middle of that order are as scary as it gets. They are a very young team that looks like it only has one way to go…

By picks San Francisco Giants. Really?  Do you have to ask?  Gigantes baby!  All the way!  Aside from the Phillies, can you name a better staff, with a better man behind the plate?  In fact take the Phillies out of the equation here, the Giants are the best pitching team, period.  If we’re talking about starters to middle relievers and of course, to the closers, it’s not even close.  Excuse me if I’m still on an ultimate high, but I haven’t had a chance to celebrate a Championship team since 1995.  I’m going to be boast.  Giants to the end!

MCeezy picks San Francisco Giants. Can’t see any reason for them to not repeat this year after winning the World Series. Well actually, I can. Miguel Tejada at short, Tim Lincecum suffering a Tommy John-requiring injury, or Brian Wilson taking a mescaline induced naked run down Folsom Street and getting hit by a Muni bus. Even still, the other four teams in the NL West will all suffer worse fates than any of those this year. No one will challenge the Giants in 2011.

NL Wild Card Winner

Chappy picks St. Louis Cardinals. Yeah, they already have some disasters onboard already like Waino getting hurt. Pujols and his contract are going to be a big elephant in the room, but this team is still solid. Jaime Garcia should be improved from his rookie season, and looks like an ace when he’s on the mound. I have more confidence in them than Cincy or SF jumping in here. I felt like both those teams overachieved last year, and will fall back to earth.

By picks Colorado Rockies. The Colorado Rockies are the team I fear the most (as a Giants fan) this season.  The Rockies don’t have a great staff, but they do hold a trump card in Ubaldo Jiminez, who I do believe will follow up his amazing 2010 season with something very similar in 2011.  But the real juice on this Rockies team, are Tulo & Carlos Gonzalez.  Those two studs alone will be enough to power Colorado into a Wild Card spot, where they might be able to do some damage come post-season time.  Like I said, scary.

MCeezy picks Colorado Rockies. I’m still undecided on how I feel about Carlos Gonzalez, but he and Tulowitzki make a nasty duo in the Rockies’ lineup. I just don’t know if they’re deep enough to make the postseason, but I feel like their pitching is just good enough to help them get there. Not sure they’ll make much of a ripple in the playoffs though.

WS Prediction

Chappy picks Oakland A’s vs. Braves. You thought last years WS ratings were bad, wait until you see these numbers come out, it would easily be the least watched series ever. I’m never close on WS predictions so I figured I’d pull a rabbit out of the hat and cross my fingers. Plus, it worked for By’s Giants last year, so why can’t it work for my A’s!?! A’s win in 6 games!

By picks Giants vs. Yankees. Chappy picks Oakland, I don’t blame him, I’m going with the Giants (again)!  If it’s one thing we all learned from last season’s “Doin-Predictions”, it’s that now is the time to have faith in your team.  Come October 2011, I have San Francisco taking on New York in a battle of most conceited cities in the nation.  SF & NY will be neck and neck, but ultimately NY’s lack of “foodies” will hurt them during crunch time.  SF wins.  As far as the World Series is concerned, the Giants sweep the Yankees, lol, why not?

MCeezy picks Reds vs. Indians. Baseball is all about getting hot in the postseason. It’s likely neither of these teams will even get there, but if they do, why not meet in a battle of Ohio? Cleveland has pretty much reached an all-time low after Lebron left town, and Cincinnati has never really had much to brag about – at least since WKRP had a format change. The Reds go on to sweep a tired Indians team, 4-0, and Brandon Phillips wins the WS MVP trophy on the strength of 4 home runs and 9 RBI.

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10 responses to “Doin MLB Predictions

  • Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America

    Whoa…A’s / Braves? … Yeah, not so good as far as ratings will go. It would be a killer series though


  • Chris Humpherys

    I’ll leave Chap’s A’s pick alone since as he said, he’s still riding high from last year.

    And I’m with Mac. I know it was only a few innings and I know they traditionally choke worse than Ohio State, but I watched the Mets the other day and this might finally be able the year they put things together. Nice little lineup.

    I don’t know how they’ll do in the post-season but I definitely like them over 76 wins.

    • classic17

      I’m going to disagree about the Mets. They would be okay if they could stay healthy. Beltran hasn’t played over 81 games in the last two years, Jose Reyes might be dead, Jason Bay was awful last year, and Johan Santana has already had some shoulder issues this spring. The rest of their rotation isn’t good and there’s always a chance that David Wright goes all 2009 again (I’m not counting on it, but there’s a chance)

      The Phillies have that division with the Braves behind them, I think.

      • Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America

        The Mets can’t get to 76 wins because the Phils and Braves are so strong. And I don’t see anything that has convinced me that they aren’t poised for their regular September tank job.

        I don’t think Johan Santana is ever going to be the same.


        • chappy81

          Yeah there’s some serious question marks with the Mets, but if they somehow put it all together they could be a scary team. Bay, Reyes, Beltran, and Johan are tough to figure out at this points. I like how they added often injured starters Chris Capuano and Chris Young. They were both good pitchers when they were healthy, but again with every other player on the Mets, you have to ask if they will be healthy for very many games. On paper I like their chances, in reality, I don’t see the paper team playing that many games together…

      • mceezy

        I’ll say this about the Mets…. expectations are as low as they’ve been in the last 10 years, so at least there won’t be as much pressure on them. We know they can’t handle pressure, so maybe it’ll help them fly below the radar….

  • tophatal


    I can’t see the Yankees being part of the big picture unless the Red Sox implode over the course of the season . There’s a reason why Epstein is amongst the best GM’s in the game today . He knows how to pick talent and then build a team .

    In the NL it’s going to be intriguing because the expectations are high with the Phillies and their pitching staff . Nonetheless I think it’s going to come down to them and quite possibly the Reds and Braves if that team can actually fire on all cylinders .

    tophatal ………………

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