Things I’m Tired Of Hearing About This NBA Season

Anything Heat Related – There might have been one or two Miami Heat squads I actually liked during their entire existence. I can’t name any off the top of my head, but I’d guess that Glen Rice was on the team. To this day, when I think of the Heat, I think of guys like Kevin Edwards, Jon Sundvold, and Rony Seikaly. No matter how much the NBA is trying to shove this Heat team down my throat, I’m not gonna budge. But it’s like Stan Van Gundy said, when you hold the championship celebration in August, the scrutiny will come. I can barely even watch Heat games anymore. If they didn’t have Erick Dampier, they wouldn’t be worth watching at all.

David Stern Still Being David Stern – Seriously, how has this guy not been fired, sued, or bitch-slapped yet?! He’s by far the most arrogant commissioner in the sport with the biggest egos. How is he still in control? (I know, the answer is obvious… money) He has pretty much single-handedly destroyed my favorite sport. I love basketball, but I can barely tolerate the NBA anymore. The officiating has blatantly become just a means of manipulating  the outcome of games. It’s like recess was in elementary school: just as you started breaking a sweat and having fun, some asshole blows a whistle and everyone has to go back in the classroom. Or in this case, stand around and watch one guy shoot a ten foot set shot. Add to that the special treatment various players get no matter how obvious, and it just makes me wanna text Rasheed Wallace and say “look at this sh!t NOW, record hater.” I think I’m even more peeved than usual after reading Stern’s cocky-ass comments about SVG today.

The Spurs – zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sacramento Kings: Will They or Won’t They? I know… no one outside of Sacramento really has to put up with this news, but there is literally a new story about whether or not the Kings plan to leave town after this season, and more often than not, it’s not even news. For example, today’s biggest story is that fans are trying to sell out the second to last home game of the season, fittingly against the team formerly known as the Seattle SuperSonics. Look, few people spent as much time at Arco Arena as I did growing up (not Power Balance Pavilion, not the Livestrong Center, not the Tiffany Dome, and not the Friendship Bracelet Fieldhouse. Sorry, I’ll stop), but at this point, I feel so alienated by this franchise, I don’t even feel like they’re my home team anymore. This is a city that sold out every game for the first 13 years here, and then after a few down months, the next 7 or 8 again. It’s not the city that’s the problem. I love the movie Major League, but I hate seeing the same strategy being employed in real life. At least the movie had two things the Kings don’t: Charlie Sheen, and duh – winning!

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11 responses to “Things I’m Tired Of Hearing About This NBA Season

  • tophatal


    What did you expect ? The Maloofs want to bolt off into the night in a similar fashion to Art Modell ! And given the fact that the organization’s lease at Arco Arena doesn’t expire for a while they’ll either have to pay the city off or simply stay put for now . That organization is being so badly ran they’d make the Senate and House ——– feel proud !

    tophatal …………

    • mceezy

      Yeah, and now they’ve got a sugar daddy offering to pay off all their debt. They’re better off selling.

      • tophatal


        The Maloofs should stick to the casino ,.hotel and beverage industry because they’ve no longer got a clue how to run an NBA franchise either efficiently , successfully or for profit !

        tophatal …………………….

  • chappy81

    After the Dubs decided to play like crap after the All-Star break, I’ve found myself a lot less interested in the league. Maybe it’s the officiating and them only getting two free throw attempts a game, but I’m not really sure.

    I think just like the NFL, I’m rooting for an NBA lockout. I think all these leagues could stand to lose some fans. If they do, that would put their pocket books in place, and maybe they’d start caring about what the fans want!

    I heard a funny caller the other day saying that if the Kings move to Anaheim, they should re-name them the Queens in Shaq’s honor….

    • mceezy

      I’m on the bandwagon rooting for lockouts too. It took a while, but the big strike in baseball back in, what, 94, made the game great again. Funny how baseball is the most boring sport, but it’s by far my favorite league. They let the players decide the game.

      And I can only imagine what they would change the name to in Anaheim. I can’t see them keeping the Kings with the NHL team already there. I’d bet my life it’s something even worse than the Thunder.

      • tophatal


        Baseball isn’t great again ! It’s a friggin mess financially and almost as bad as the NBA from that standpoint . Stern had to borrow deeply to stave off ruin for at last 15 NBA teams last year . Not only that but he stated that $250 million loaned to those teams shouldn’t be viewed as a bailout . WTF ?

        One team in the game is actually worth more than almost four teams combined in the entire league . And the talent within the game for a large part is mundane and average at best !

        Hockey and baseball are their own worst enemy as they’re being ran by a bunch of fu_king idiots whose brains are now said said to be suffering from muscular atrophy . And it now seems that the NFL isn’t that far behind ! Two lawyers (Goodell and Smith) seated across the table from one another if either farted they’d suffer an aneurysm .

        tophatal ……………

    • classic17

      I’m pulling for an NBA lockout as well. Get your hockey tickets now! Bring back NHL2Nite! Get Barry Melrose more air time!

  • Chris Humpherys

    Oh, that’s just Stan being Stan and Stern being Stern.

  • tophatal

    Everyone in the know has their wish it’s official now let the finger pointing begin . NFL lockout is here ……….. and for those who think won’t hurt a community think ’bout thousands of jobs at stake as well those stadiums that are city owned . Loss of revenue there will be enormous !

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  • Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America

    This would be best addressed piece by piece:

    Heat: I watched them get butthoused by OKC last night and I laughed my ass off. The only thing better than seeing the Heat lose is seeing the Heat lose at home.

    Stern: Douchbaggus Maximus. Stern’s been a boner for so long I’m surprised he hasn’t been removed due to gangreen

    Spurs: Easily the most boring good team ever assembled. I remember thinking: Maybe when they get rid of David Robinson I’ll like them more…Yeah, not so much. I actually hate them more then I did before which I wasn’t even sure was possible.

    Kings: I know you guys don’t wan’t to hear me talk junk here because it’s so close to where you live, but nothing Sacramento does interests me at all.


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