The Government Needs to Move On….

I’ve tried to avoid watching/paying attention to any of the Bonds perjury case, but low and behold we are subjected to updates regularly on ESPN, so there’s no way to avoid noticing what’s going on with it. I don’t think it really matters what the outcome of the trial is. If he’s convicted eight years after his testimony for what he said he didn’t knowingly do, will that really send a message to the MLB or current players? Proving he was a liar in court and trying to make him the poster boy for the steroid era earns a big, whoopitte-de-do-da since there were so many guys taking PED’s. Many fans are still calling Henry Aaron the home run king whether it was the PED’s or the difference in the way the two men carried themselves. We all know Barry isn’t exactly the perfect human or really that nice of a guy in general, but does the ruling in this trial make any kind of difference? I think we can all agree Barry took some type of PED’s (outside a Giants fan or two), and if he didn’t take steroids, then Jimmer is an All-American defender. If Bonds ends up in jail, would I argue? Doubtful. If he gets off with nothing happening, I can see myself caring to the extent of a serious exhale and shoulder shrug combo. I think the public court of opinion is all that matters to him or baseball fans.His legacy amongst baseball fans and HOF voters is more important than the outcome of this trial, which makes me feel that this is a giant waste of time and money for our court system.

This guy doesn't believe Barry would take PED's!

While watching an update yesterday on how the jury selection was going I couldn’t help but think of an article I read in Rolling Stone Magazine a week or two ago on the financial collapse a few short years ago. The article was talking about the executives for AIG, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, JP Morgan Chase, etc., and how nobody went to jail! I’m far from an expert on what happened during that collapse, but I know that those executives that were pulling in billions of dollars out of their companies for themselves, set our economy back as much as the tsunami/earthquake will in Japan, yet one person (Bernie Madoff) is the only one that went to jail. Here’s the article if you’re interested, it’s a pretty solid idiots guide for the financial collapse for people like myself that didn’t quite understand everything that went down. The executives paid minimal fines for these egregious crimes, and the government bailed them out in the end. How is that justice!?! It’s not, and there never really will be as long as those execs have the money to hand over to people deciding their fate. For some reason instead of the government spending the time and effort to chase down the guys that ruined our economy four years ago, they’ve spent the past eight years forming what sounds like a very beatable perjury case against one of baseball’s most hated super stars. Really boggles the mind…

Bonds may have lied to a grand jury, but you could argue that nearly every other player lied as well in their testimonies, yet they still go after Bonds because nobody likes him. I don’t condone lying in federal court, but it feels like there’s about a million other things they should be worrying about. I’m guessing they  hate the guy like much of America does, so they are trying to prove some lame point. Maybe that’s why they seem care about Clemens as well, because he’s a big name that is a jackass. The Clemens case seems a little more solid than the one against Bonds, after he keeps changing his statements, so why not drop the weak case and carry on with the solid one if your trying to make some kind of example out of a baseball superstar. I guess the theme for this post is caring or not caring in this instance. Why should anyone care as much as the government does about whether Bonds lied or not. Why do we care more about Bonds putting a needle in his ass more than we care about executives tearing apart the country’s economy? Probably because our country as a whole reminds me of a functioning addict.

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14 responses to “The Government Needs to Move On….

  • JW

    The trouble is that the Bonds case represents the perfect thing for government types love to waste time on rather than attacking a serious issue, like Charlie Sheen.

  • tophatal


    Bonds may well have lied to a grand jury but the bigger problem was that his first lie was to the FBI during the course of the original investigation. In doing so he committed a felony punishable by law with up to 5 years in prison . He made it even worse byb then lying repeatedly even after sworn affidavit and subpoeanad testimony . Only a dam idiot would do that ! But my biggest concern is the fact that the Justice Dept has spent in excess of $15 million on the case alone covering almost 7 years of investigation and appellate hearing because of evidentiary mishaps by the prosecution and wasted thousands of man hours without obtaining a gulity plea or verdict . Now they’re back to square one with being indicted on less charges than before and more likely than not his lawyers will now look for a plea deal after his admittance of steroid use albeit he still claims Greg Anderson gave him flaxseed oil. A dumb a_s nigga athlete witjh no god-damn brains ! Who in this day age puts anything in their body without checking ?

    tophatal ………………….

  • Chris Humpherys

    I’m with you, Chap.

    I could care less.

    Well said, sir.

  • Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America

    I totally misremembered everything about the Clemens case


    • chappy81

      All you need to know is he changed his story a couple times in court, and basically screwed himself into a trial when he didn’t even need to appear in court in the first place. It was a pure arrogance move on his part, and now he’s going to pay for it….

      • tophatal


        You’re right ’bout Bonds’…… arrogance but also consider this his litany of attorneys who he’s paying thousands of dollars to are either that stupid or they simply know f_ck all about the law . Care to decide on which might be true at this juncture concerning his lawyers ? They had the chance of a plea deal early in the proceeding which’d have him if anything pay a monetary fine and perhaps do some community service . At the same time the Justice Dept and the lawyers prosecuting the case have screwed this thing up so damn badly that it’s now become a complete joke watching them perform !

        From the original 12 charges it’s now down 6 and never mind the number of Appellate Court hearings that’ve taken place with regard to evidentiary procedures .

        Glad to see that the government can spend the taxpayers’ money like drunken sailors but yet they can’t balance the damn economy much less the budget deficit !

        tophatal …………………….

      • Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America

        The cover up is always worse than the original crime. That goes for the punishment as well.


  • JW

    “Probably because our country as a whole reminds me of a functioning addict.”

    Pretty much nails it in one sentence.

  • Chris Humpherys

    Someone please awaken his Chappitude from his peaceful slumber and remind him to get me his Final picks.

  • tophatal




    The only thing you really need to know ’bout this case is the prima fascia evidence that the Justice Department based the case on and that was and still is the testimony by Bonds’ former trainer Greg Anderson . With him not wanting to self incriminate and place Bonds in further jeopardy as well as landing himself in jail that was the case wrapped up in a bow for the prosecution. Now with there only being obstruction of justice ans perjury charges to go on that’s the case !

    tophatal …………..

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