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Rooting For Ryo This Year…

The Japanese sensation Ryo Ishikawa made a very nice tribute to Japan’s earthquake relief fund for the rest of the current PGA season. The 19-year old is from one of the hardest hit areas in Japan, and while his family was all in the states when the quake struck that doesn’t mean he has forgotten about his countrymen. He said today at a Masters interview that he’d be donating all his tour earnings to the relief of his country. Last year he made a little over $2M, and showed that he will be a force in the near future once he gains a little more experience. I think this generous donation will make me lay off on the jokes when I see him. He usually wears some of the ugliest clothes around, but maybe that’s Yonex’s fault for making those clothes…

If you couldn’t tell, last year I was a huge Dustin Johnson fan, and pretty much rooted for him to win any event that he was in. I’m not abandoning my boy DJ, but with the selfless act that Ryo has decided to put forth, I can’t help but start rooting for the guy to win every tournament or at least make a lot of top tens. I’ve never had a million dollar earnings year, but at the age of 19 I don’t think I’d be able to give it up like he is. To go along with his nice gesture he’s also donating $1,200 per birdie to charity, which will be a very nice chunk of change by the time the year is over considering he gets a few per round. Rarely do I write about things that are good in sports, and this is clearly one that should garner more attention than it does in the national media.

A Life Changing Six Minutes

I’m not sure how many of Japan’s Tsunami/Earthquake video I’ve watched over the last few days, but it’s probably close to the same amount of sports I’ve watched over that same period of time, and that’s saying something. The video above is the best first person video I’ve seen yet. It starts off as a little water coming down the street with some debris, then cars, then freaking buildings as the person filming heads to higher ground. It’s amazing how much life can change in five minutes, and has me wondering when the next big earthquake is going to hit LA. Should I be worried living on the coast? Videos like this make me think I should be a little.

Of course I feel for all the people in Japan, you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t. One of my friends that has most of his family living in Japan, and visits the country yearly summed it up the day after the earthquake best saying “Today felt so weird. To be around so many people who don’t understand, but to be so far away that you don’t understand yourself.”