Daily Archives: March 28, 2011

The NFL Gives Out Compensation Picks?

I saw that there were compensatory picks handed out to some NFL teams on Friday including one’s like a 3rd rounder to Carolina, and a 4th rounder to Green Bay and Tennessee. I guess this is the second year they’ve done this, and last year I must’ve missed it or not cared, probably a little of both. I checked out the rule a little closer and found out what it meant. If you lose a player from your team, and don’t sign as good a player to fill in for them you get a pick, and depending on the value gap you could end up with a pick in rounds 3-7. I’m confused as to why this was ever put in place. Instead of signing a veteran player to a long term deal, the team dumps the player, and they get a pick for compensation of being cheap? Doesn’t feel like something a team should get rewarded for in any scenario. I understand that Carolina sucks, but should they get an extra 3rd rounder because of not caring to re-up the roster a little more? I understand why teams get extra compensation picks in baseball for losing star players, because there is  no way for small market teams to compete with the top half of the league when it comes to spending power. Believe an A’s fan, you’d love to see your team be able to over spend instead of getting some compensation picks for a player about to enter their prime. Since the NFL has a salary cap, why should teams get hooked up for cutting salary? Compensation picks in the NFL are a joke. As a fan I’m offended.

In case you were wondering what I thought of the NFL rule change of moving the kickoff up 5 yards. I care about it as much as I care about the WNBA…


Stumbled upon this a little over a week ago and keep forgetting to post it. I don’t remember this from back in the day, and quite frankly I’m glad, but this is pretty funny. I started out checking out old commercials like the Spyrograph and various Play-Doh contraptions, but then I came across this modified Super Soaker. It’s still a water gun, but it also shoots “ooze”. Not sure who’s idea this commercial was, but they inadvertently made a classic. I guess maybe the name Jizzinator was taken…..

it’s a tad bit late, but Nate Dogg (rip) and Warren G had to oozinate….