Matt Ziesel’s Touchdown Scamper

In case you didn’t see this yet, here’s a feel good story that thankfully is becoming more and more frequent.  It’s about sportsmanship and a love of the game going hand in hand.  Matt Ziesel has Down Syndrome, but that didn’t stop him from living out his dream of scoring a touchdown in a football game.  Always ready to play, that’s how his coaches describe Matt.  And thanks to their opponents, Maryville HS, who were up already 46-0 with 10 seconds to go in the game, St. Joseph Benton was able to hand-off on there last play of the game and, well, see for yourself.

I’ve included a great article below that recaps the story very well.  Enjoy.

Matt is teh Captain of the Freshman All-American Attitude Team

Matt is the Captain of the Freshman All-American Attitude Team

3 responses to “Matt Ziesel’s Touchdown Scamper

  • abritishman

    These are the type of stories that makes sports fun and all the more appealing. If only many of the professional athletes would conduct themselves with dignity and decorum instead of all too often coming off as ignorant oafs.

  • mceezy

    I’ll admit, I got a few goosebumps when he got into the endzone. HOWEVER, could the other team at least made a better effort of selling their, well, effort? I was hoping someone would at least dive at him to make it look like they were trying to tackle him!

  • Alan Parkins


    Have you seen the Bucs’ defense as of late ? Give these some credit. It’s only varsity so at least they’re still said to be enjoying the game.

    Alan Parkins

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