Doin Lines Week 3

50 yard line moneyAnother week down in the NFL season, and I have little to show for it. This week didn’t even start off promising like last week did as I went 7-9 vs. the spread, and now am 15-17 on the year. I think there’s a chance I could be entering a Lamar Odom type state as he slowly realizes he’s tying the knot with Khloe. Whatever state of self doubt it is, I may have to reconsider continuing to post these picks publicly throughout the rest of the season. On a brighter note, I once again did good in my confidence games, and am now 9-3 on the season with picks that had a confidence rating of 4 or 5 on! This gives me hope, and has made me realize that I shouldn’t be picking every game out there. I have reconsidered, and will go a different route. Say goodbye to confidence ratings, and get ready for the six LOCKS of the week. I’m guessing there’s as good a chance I’ll have a few $$ on these games come Sunday.

San Francisco (+7) Over Minnesota

Patrick Willis Adrian Peterson 49ers Vikings

Cmon AP, I just want to give you a hug!

I like taking the points here. Minnesota has looked really good this season, but on the other hand who have they played? Cleveland and Detroit to jog your memory. This will be their first real test against what I deem a good team, and most likely the only team that’s remotely worth preparing for in the NFC West. The 49ers had a win against last year’s Super Bowl loser, and I thought they showed a lot winning that game on the road. I think they’ll do just fine in Minnesota, keeping it within a touchdown. I have a feeling that Patrick Willis will be spelling Peterson all day long, which could be fun to watch. Same goes for the other featured back (Gore) in his quest for a resurrection year!

New York Jets (-2.5) Over Tennessee

I’m not sure if the Jets are “Super Bowl” good as many media outlets seem to claim on the east coast, but their defense “the Rexecutioners” has shown that they are going to be tough to score on. I didn’t think I’d pick the Jeff Fischer lead Titans to go 0-3 on the season, but in a very hostile and fired up crowd, it’s going to be tough to convince me to bet otherwise. Although Tennessee has a great running game, I think they can be tamed the way the Jets did with Steve Slaton was in Week 1. The Titans are also in the midst of a four game losing streak dating back to last season. Mark Sanchez has impressed everyone so far, and put to rest Pete Carroll’s doubts about him being ready enough to enter the draft. I guess we now know why he wanted Sanchez to stay so bad, because USC doesn’t seem to trust anyone they have to be in there!

Detroit (+6.5) Over Washington

I don't think the coyote e-mailed Jessica with any tips...

Whoa settle down! I didn’t pick Detroit to win or anything, I just picked them to cover! This game has the same excitement level as Jessica Simpson losing her dog to a coyote. Washington went against St. Louis last weekend, and pulled out two point victory. I couldn’t believe they weren’t blowing out the Rams. The Rams are dysfunctional at best, and just showed that Washington has no identity and no offense. I think Detroit will put up a good fight at home to try and put an end to their losing streak. I don’t think they will, but I see this one being close enough to take the points.

New York Giants (-6.5) Over Tampa Bay

I’ve never given Eli much credit even though he’s won a Super Bowl, and going into this season I still viewed him as mediocre. This season everyone was to saying how he’s going to have a bad season, because he has no recievers. I’ve been very impressed with how well Manningham and Smith have played for him. If you look at it more closely is it really the recievers or is Eli really that good? As for the Buccaneers, they are the worst they’ve been since before the Tony Dungy era.  They are in the midst of a six game losing streak dating back to last year. I don’t see the bleeding stopping this weekend, and forsee TV blackouts for Bucs fans in the near future!

Chicago (-2.5) Over Seattle

Jay Cutler Bears hit

Cutler getting the insulin knocked out of him.

Seeing this line raise a point over the last day and a half has me convinced that the Bears are the right pick. With Hasselbeck hurting his ribs for a second straight season, I have a hard time picking them especially after getting pounded by San Francisco last weekend. The Seahawks just aren’t a good team, and I don’t see how changing to the Jim Mora Jr. Era will make things better. It seems like Cutler is getting some fluidity with his receivers as he showed the Bears faithful the kind of a Pro Bowl QB they traded for pulling out a win from the defending champs last week!

Oakland (+1.5) Over Denver

I don’t really like picking this game, because I’m not a fan of betting on my own team and jinxing them. Seriously though, how can I curse the Raiders any more than they already are. They already lost a game to the catch or no catch rule that was analyzed by David Flemming as a catch when other catches this season weren’t ruled incomplete. The Broncos got lucky against the Bengals in week 1, and followed that up with a strong performance at home against Cleveland. I think on the road it’ll be another nail biter. The Raiders looked good in their first game and lost, looked bad in their second game and won. I don’t know what to expect from their offense, but I have a feeling that their recievers that torched them last year, won’t have that same success this time around!

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13 responses to “Doin Lines Week 3

  • abritishman


    So Hedley Lamar and Khloe’ are tying the not ? Does that mean Kim’s pi_sed off at her elder sister for beating her to the punch in landing an athlete ?

    I think that the Jets’ll come back down to earth against the Titans . The Titans are far too good a team to let this game slip away from them. Ryan’s boys are still on an emotional high after dumping on the Pats. If they’re not ready then I expect the Titans to take them out.

    As to other games I’ll just watch , wait and see. My time this weekend will evolve around the big fight taking place at the Staples Center between Vitali Klitschko and Chris Arreola. There’s going to be a massive Latin presence there in support of Arreola.

    And also at the same time I’m attending a martial arts tournament locally in my area. One of my buddies , his kid is entered in the kid’s kata for the under 14’s . I’ll be there to throw my support behind him and offer him some advice as well.

    • chappy81

      Yup, they’re tying the knot, and I’ve yet to figure out why…

      Yeah, the Jets may come down to earth agaist a team that started 10-0 last season, but I think the Titans need to get Collins out of there. Can you tell me any teamt that Collins has lead anywhere. That’s why he’s been on so many teams, he just can’t get the job done… I trust Sanchez almost more than I trust Kerry…

      Sounds like a good weekend…

      • Alan Parkins


        Either he’s hung like a horse. Or she’s of the opinion ….” once you go black there’s no turning back”.
        When he was with the Panthers he led them to the NFC championship game. And then his demons set in with regard alcohol and drugs. So in essence he lost a great deal before choosing to turn his life around.

        Know your NFL folklore . He’s better than Leinart , Grossman , Orton, Vince Young. So becareful what you’re saying. As I wouldn’t entrust any of those others to lead my team as they’re far too inconsistent for my liking.

        Sanchez is a star on the rise. Let’s just hope that he can also take the good with the bad as when it arises.

        What the hell is going on now with the Niners and Crabtree ? Now they’re saying that the Jets and Rex Ryan have been accused of tampering ?
        Either Ryan is that stupid or Crabtree and his agent are ?………..

        Alan Parkins

        • chappy81

          Well, to be fair he has done fairly well for himself since his substance abuse days, but the guys you mentioned only one of them is a starter (Orton), so obviously he’s better than them… Collins can manage a game, especially with a spectacular running game that he has now, but do you really want to count on him late when it counts? I think not…

          Yeah, the verdicts still out on Sanchez, but so far so good. I’m rooting for him to do good though…

          This link doesn’t work for some reason…

        • Alan Parkins


          You’d be surprised by this but the guy does have some come from behind wins under his belt. So don’t count him as easily as that. In effect it also has a lot to do with the player he has around him whether they too can get the job done.

          That’s what made the likes of Elway , Montana , Young – now Manning and Brady so great !

        • chappy81

          Agreed, I wouldn’t want Orton starting for my team, that’s why I’m glad he’s in our division. Too bad we have a possibly worse QB in JaMarcus… We’ll see how much longer he can hang onto his job…

          Kerry’s been around long enough that he has to have had a few comeback wins. Hell even JeMarcus has a couple! I’m not going to put him in any elite status anytime soon though. The guys you mentioned are on another level!

        • abritishman


          I look at the AFC West and I can only think that other than the Chargers , there’s in effect nothing at all to feel proud about in terms quality or quantity.

          JaMarcus has tremendous arm but either his work ethic isn’t all it should be. Or the fact of the matter is the quarterback’s coach for the
          has given up on the guy. It’s as if nothing can sink into his head. What the hell has he learnt and where are the improvements in his game to begin with ? He’s actually regressed as quarterback and as a player. He’s more of a liability rather than an asset.Hell if he’s meant to be an improvement on Andrew Walter and Marques Tuiasasopo. Then let me know what it is . I mean inquiring minds need to know ? How much have they committed to this guy financially ?

          Alan Parkins

  • Alan Parkins


    We Already Knew There Was Trouble In Paradise But Who’s Now Stirring The Pot ?

    This’ll be an unending saga unless the NFL clamps down on someone and acts with authority.

    Alan Parkins

  • Alan Parkins


    I wouldn’t want Orton starting on a women’s lingerie team much less an NFL franchise. He’s better off in the UFL. Well that’s where it’s said all lame dogs and horses are now going. I mean Dan Orlovsky and Brooks Bollinger ? What’s next the return of Simeon Rice ? Ooh my bad he’s said to be having try outs with one the four teams in question within the UFL.

    Dropped this NBA piece .

    The Russians Are Coming The Russians Are Coming ….

  • abritishman


    I’ll understand if you’re not a Danica Patrick fan. Here’s my take on her remaining within IRL.

    Why Not Bask In The Limelight Danica Patrick Just Get Busy And Show Us Your ….its

    Alan Parkins

  • chappy81

    Quantity? I’d agree the division is poo, but someone will win it. SD needs to get it’s running game figured out… As for the comments on JaMarcus, they speak for themselves. I just hope our running game can win us some games. Maybe they can bring in Gannon to help Russell out…

  • abritishman

    Somewhere along the way the Raiders have lost all notion as to what it takes to be sucessful. Now it’s as if they’re trying learn it all by numbers or joining the dots . I don’t know that Russell would prepared to listen to anyone at this juncture.
    I mean has he been listening to the quarterback’s coach , much less anything at all that Cable has to say ? He’s just not that bright as first thought. I wonder what his score was on the Wonderlic test ?

    Alan Parkins

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