Daily Archives: September 22, 2009

Michael Jordan at 46 Still Has Game

This clip has been popping up in various places around the web for a bit, with MJ’s recent Hall of Fame speech making headlines, I thought it appropriate to put some context behind those words. Simply put, the man is a KILLER on the basketball court, and he said as much in his induction speech. Take this video of Michael at his Flight School in Santa Barbara, a little innocent smack talk with Slamball super star (is that an oxymoron?) Chris “The Ghetto Bird” Young, leads to a standing reverse dunk, in jeans no less, followed by a quick one on one beat down. If he had to rip your throat out on the court to get a W he wouldn’t blink to do it. Maybe stodgy reporters like Rick Reilly can hate on Jordan these days, but sports fans in the trenches like us will give him is due anytime….Well played MJ shutting up that young buck.