Favre Does It Again! ….Or Does He?

First off, I’m not a 49ers fan, so sour grapes this is not.  However, I am a Northern California guy, so I will admit the thought of them going 3-0 to start the season did have me a bit tingly inside.   See, I’m a Raiders fan, and since they already got their win for the season, I have to hope for something else good to happen.  It seemed to be in hand late in the game when I tuned in upon my return from Costco.  (Side note: although they have huge ribeye steaks, I was left unsatisfied tonight)  ANYWAY…. with the Niners up 24-20 in the latter stages of the 4th, it looked like if they could just hold on for one more Vikings’ drive, they would have this thing locked up.  They did, and got the ball back with under 2 minutes to go – I believe.  Three quick Glen Coffee runs and three timeouts later, the Vikings got the ball back and didn’t particularly look like they were going to do anything with the ball.  Then, on what would turn out to be the last play, Favre, under pressure, manages to escape and rifle one downfield that was caught, albeit miracuslously, by none other than… wait, who was it?  I know it was one of those sloppy seconds the Vikings like to employ at wideout.  Oh, man… not Bernard Berrian.  Not Bobby Wade.  Billy McMullen?  No, we’re on the right track though.  Greg Lewis! I knew it was one of those ex-Philly receivers.

So, my first thought was, “damn, Favre does it again!”  But the more I watched the replay, the less complimentary I became.  Sure, he did a great job of avoiding the blitz, but when you watch the replay from the behind-the-pocket cam, it looks like Favre is simply throwing toward the end zone with nary a preference where or to who.  I heard something to the effect of Favre admitting he had, in fact, no intended receiver on the play.  My less than substantial efforts to track down his quote surprisingly went unfulfilled.  However, if he said that, good for him.  Greg Lewis also disclosed the fact that he wouldn’t have been in on that play except that Percy Harvin had run, like, 9 or 10 deep routes leading up to that play.  What I do know is Percy Harvin doesn’t make that catch.  Nate Clements was covering that play about as good as you can, but ultimately it was the couple inches that Lewis had on Clements in height that made the difference.

So here’s my question Doin Workers…. Does Brett Favre deserve credit for the game winning play, or was it just lucky?  (even though he’s Brett Favre)

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