Monta Doesn’t Want to Play with Curry and SJax Still Wants Out…

Most media days for the beginning of the NBA season are pretty boring, but when it comes to the Warriors they always seem to have something interesting going on. It’s not a good thing, but I feel it was mildly better than last year. Last season they had a lot to talk about with, the direction of the team, the big contracts that they should have given to Baron over Maggette, and Monta’s scooter accident. Once again, Monta made a splash at the media day, and SJax had his fair share to say about his ongoing trade demands. All of the hoopla this season doesn’t really discourage me as much as last seasons distractions did.

Don Nelson Steven JacksonWell, since I’ve been following SJax on his rampage of trade demands, I’ll start with him. It sounds like not much has changed since his Dime Interview when he said he wanted to go to a contender. He basically reiterated that he did want out of Golden State during media day, but also verbally vomited on a few other subjects that I found interesting. He answered my question as to why he signed that extension just before asking to be traded, which was “Who’s going to turn down that money? I’m not stupid. I didn’t go to college but I’ve got a lot of common sense,”. I see his point of view as nobody would have given him that much, but if you really want to be on a winner why would you handcuff your team like that? Shouldn’t he have taken the Artest route and signed for less than what he was worth on a contender when his contract was up?! Honestly though, I don’t find SJax as being a distraction, because one thing is for sure, when he’s out on that court you know he will play his hardest. Whether he’d rather be somewhere else or not he’s just the kind of player that tanks games, he’s competitive and wants to win games period. If he doesn’t play hard for himself he’ll do it for his teammates, which is why I still agree with making him a captain. He played a lot of meaningless minutes last year and seemed to give it his all, so if we don’t move him I don’t see it being a big problem. For some reason he also spouted off about not regretting anything he’s done including going into the crowd with Artest in the Detroit melee.Monta Ellis Dunking Warriors He felt that may have been one of the reasons the NBA picked to fine him $25K for his comments, and didn’t fine a guy like Kobe for making the same statement. Here’s the whole interview, but don’t take TK’s words too strongly he’s a douchebag.

Monta came out to talk with the media a little while after Jackson did. He usually is pretty boring in interviews, and rarely says anything of relevance. He started off good saying the right things just about winning, and how his ankle was 100%. He want’s to show everybody that his hard work over the off-season would made him better than he was before his injury. When asked about playing PG this year he kept re-iterating that he didn’t care where he played just as long as he was on the floor. He didn’t seem fazed by SJax’s situation either as he knows that when the ball is tipped off Jackson will be there ready to play. He also said that it’s Jackson’s deal to work out, so he can’t be concerned with it.

Monta Ellis Anthony Randolph Warriors

Randolph and Ellis ARE the future of the Warriors

The interesting /controversial part of the interview came next when he was asked about playing with Stephen Curry, their newly acquired first round draft pick. He stated that they couldn’t play together, because it’s not a way to win having two small guards on the floor. He was very adamant that it wouldn’t work unless there was a rare case that the other team went really small. I’ve had a man crush on Curry since before he took Davidson to the Elite 8, and for some reason drafting him was bittersweet as I knew in the back of my mind that we were going to be upsetting Monta, since before the draft he pleaded for the W’s not to pick a PG. Well, it looks as though it didn’t really upset him, but didn’t address any area that he felt they needed. He felt they’ll lose if Nellie goes small and plays them both. Here’s the rest of the interview with Monta, keep in mind that TK’s analysis is off the wall at times. Nellie already said that Jackson, Randolph, Biendris, and Ellis would be starters, but who is the fourth? Azubuike, Morrow, Wright, or Curry? Only time will tell, but I hope it’s Buike or Morrow. I’m not sure why I’m even worried about Nellie playing a rookie too much anyways! At least the Warriors problems this season are more on the court instead of off the court distractions!

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6 responses to “Monta Doesn’t Want to Play with Curry and SJax Still Wants Out…

  • Alan Parkins


    In all honesty to your mind which is the worst ran NBA franchise at this present moment in time ?

    Knicks ? Clippers ? Warriors ? Suns ?

    These are the type of franchises that always tend to implode because of the cast of characters there. And the idiocy of the decisions made by the executives.

    This is the piece I dropped on the Trojans’ tailback Stafon Johnson and his unfortunate injury sustained. What type of effect do you think that it’ll have on the Trojans ? And in particular on their fans ?

    It Still Has Its Dangers Be It On The Field Or Off It …

    Alan Parkins

    • chappy81

      There’s a big list of incompetent owners/teams in the NBA. You could add the Bobcats, Grizzlies, Timberwolves, and the Kings to the list. I’d say the Clippers are the worst though on an all around standpoint. They have a lot of talent, but still just plain suck. I feel bad for Eric Gordon and Blake Griffin, Dunleavy will find someway to screw them up… I guess I’m not completely clear on your question though. Did you mean worst front office or worst collection of players that destroy thier own team?

      • Alan Parkins


        You know what the real problem is ? Incompetence
        is now rewarded more often than not with increases in salaries. It’s just like on Wall St and with several of the Fortune 500 companies. And it’s the same sort of bull_hit that now happens and will continue to happen in the NBA. If it were based on
        productivity then I wouldn’t mind it at all.

        But you still get these bitchy primadonna athletes who’ve done shit but expect to be treated like f_ckin’ All Stars . Personally I’d like to send their as_es off to either Iraq or Afghanistan and let them get a dose of reality.

        Let me know what you think of the following ?

        I Think I Could Do That ……

        Alan Parkins

        Alan Parkins

        • chappy81

          Yeah, I guess you can’t blame it all on the players, because I think it’s the agents wispering in their ears telling them they can get more here or there. In Jackson’s case he just outplayed the Warrriors front office, period. I wish they could make contracts more structured to incentives, but it is what it is, and we’re stuck talking about teams expiring contracts coming off the books, and how much cap space that will leave them to sign X player…

        • Alan Parkins


          The moment a player opens his mouth in the context of them wanting a trade. I can guarantee you their agent isn’t far behind orchestrating the maneuvering as to what’s going on.

          Alan Parkins

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