Daily Archives: September 15, 2009

RFP of the Day: Lloyd Moseby

Let me first admit I completely stole the idea of the RFP aka Random Forgotten Player of the Day.  Some genius used to run THIS BLOG, but mysteriously stopped posting a little over a year ago.  Not sure why he left off on Danny Tartabull, but I hope he’s okay.  And if you’re reading this, Mr. Originator of the RFP of the Day, I’d really like to know why you stopped.

Anyway, without further ado, I present to you Lloyd Moseby.  It’s no coincidence that I chose Moseby.  Chappy and I went to kindergarten with his daughter.  One day he came to give our class a pep talk, and he was our favorite player for a good portion of the late 80s.  He played 12 seasons from 1980-1991, 10 with Toronto and his final two with Detroit.  He was an all-star in 1986, but his best season came in 1987, when he hit .282 with 26 HR and 96 RBI, along with 39 Stolen Bases.