Doin 2010 NFL Over Under Predictions

We always end up being a little slow on getting these predictions up, and with one game in the books it makes all of these predictions so much easier right!?! No, not really… We took a look at the Vegas over under wins and losses for each team and picked if we thought that team would win more or less than that. Skip around to the teams you care about it’s in alphabetical order, if you can’t make it through the whole thing (very understandable).

Arizona Cardinals regular season wins 7 ½

Chappy: Under, even though I think Derek Anderson is going to do better than people think, he still won’t get them to where old man Warner had them.

Dre: Under, no way that offense is the same without Warner and Boldin.  Will end up on the wrong side of some low scoring games.

Dyslecix: I’ll take the over, 8 wins in a terrible division is very possible. However, I don’t see them winning 9 games, so this will be close.

Atlanta Falcons regular season wins 8½

Chappy: Over, I really like this Falcons team. Turner didn’t get overworked last year because he was hurt, so he should be good for another 300+ carry season like his first year in Atlanta. Their defense is questionable, but the offense will make up for it.

Dre: Under, division will be tough this year.  Even the Saints will struggle to 10 wins, and the Falcons will settle in at 8.

Dyslecix: Under, never been a believer of the Falcons. In a tough division getting to even 8 games might be a feat.

Baltimore Ravens regular season wins 9½

Chappy: Over, Their defense might not be as good as it used to be, but their offense might actually carry this team for once. I see them winning their division.

Dre: Over, I think the Ravens can get it done by winning 5 of their 6 division games this year.  The Bengals on the road will be tough

Dyslecix: Over, they win the division and ride that to 10 maybe 11 games.

Buffalo Bills regular season wins 5½

Chappy: Under, They have way too many question marks at key positions. They are in a really good division, and I don’t really see them winning any of those games. Bad year to be a Bills fan.

Dre: Under, I think 4 wins will be a miracle.  You will see them draft a west coast QB next year with their top 3 pick, either Jake Locker or Andre Luck.

Dyslecix: Under, I think this maybe the easiest pick of the teams. In fact they may end up with the worst record in football at years in.

Carolina Panthers regular season wins 7½

Chappy: Over, as much as people are doubting Matt Moore you know they can run the ball. Moore had 8 TD’s an zero INT’s to finish out the last four games last season. This kid might be for real!

Dre: Under, again this division will all finish bunched together, but I think Matt Moore will have growing pains and the defense is a question mark at this point.

Dyslecix: I’ll go over, I love the Carolina D, and believe in Matt Moore being able to provide a steady hand. 8-8 is very doable for this team.

Chicago Bears regular season wins 7½

Chappy: Under, I don’t feel like I need a good reason for this one, they are third best in their division, and honestly I think the Lions might have a better season than them pushing them down to the cellar, ouch!

Dre: Over, I’m going out on a limb here and saying the Bears will get to 9 wins this year.  Mike Martz will breathe new life into the offense and Jay Cutler, and Matt Forte will be reborn.

Dyslecix: Over, this team has a lot of question marks coming off a bad year. But with Martz at the helm, and a year under his belt Cutler will be much better.

Cincinnati Bengals regular season wins 8½

Chappy: Under, I have a feeling they get off to a good start only to implode and miss the playoffs. Plus, I don’t think Cedric is going to be able to handle carrying the ball 300+ times again.

Dre: Over, I think the AFC North will get two teams in, the Bengals will win 11 games and so will the Ravens.  Will be interesting to see how Carson Palmer uses all of his weapons on offense.

Dyslecix: I like the Bengels this year, and think they have a new identity and a new moxy to them. I think they could pull out 10 wins this year.

Cleveland Browns regular season wins 5½

Chappy: Under, the Browns will suck unless they sign Lebron, oh wait never mind, he would rather be a Dolphin because they would actually have talent around him…

Dre: Under, right at 5 wins sounds right to me.  One more year of rebuilding, because Jake Delhomme is not the answer to Holmgren and Mangini’s prayers.

Dyslecix: Under, another easy choice. The Browns have a million issues across the board. A 6 win season seems awful hard to envision.

Dallas Cowboys regular season wins 10½

Chappy: Under, see Wade Phillips.

Dre: Over, this is the year of the Cowboys.  I think they go deep in the playoffs after winning 12 games in the regular season.  Tons of talent and experience on both sides of the ball.

Dyslecix: Over, this team is loaded on both sides of the ball.

Denver Broncos regular season wins 7½

Chappy: Under, Dumerville is a huge loss to their defense. Even in the weak AFC west I don’t see them getting to .500 this year. If Tebow starts, this is a lock for the under!

Dre: Under, I think the Broncos will struggle against their revamped division mates KC and Oakland.  Shaky on both sides of the ball, may need Tebow to play both ways.

Dyslecix: Under, I can’t see this team winning 8 or 9 games. To many tough teams to go thru for a team that is still rebuilding.

Detroit Lions regular season wins 5½

Chappy: Over, I don’t know why I’m so high on them this year, but this offense might actually be potent. They’ve got Stafford, Megatron, and Best moving the ball. Suh is going to be dominant on defense, they look like a team on the rise.

Dre: Over, the Lions will be better than they have in a long time, 6 wins is doable.  Lots of upgrades on both sides of the ball.  This team might struggle in conference, but don’t be surprised if they take one from both the Vikes and Bears.

Dyslecix: Over, 6 wins for an improving team with more talent than it has had in years seems like a great bench mark they can hit.

Green Bay Packers regular season wins 9½

Chappy: Over, with Minnesota having question marks heading into the season this is the Packers chance to jump on the division lead early. They are great on both sides of the ball, a 10 win season is almost a guarantee.

Dre: Over, Green Bay has to be the team to beat in the NFC.  This is a passing league, and this is perhaps the best passing team.  Will be hard for the Saints to repeat, so I like GB/Dallas in the NFC.

Dyslecix: Over, wow just 9 ½ seems very surprising. Green Bay is a great team with amazing talent on offensive and a fantastic defense.

Houston Texans regular season wins 8½

Chappy: Under, I picked them to make the playoffs last year and they disappointed me. Can they make it tough for the Colts this year? Prognosis, doubtful.

Dre: Over, the year has come for the Texans to get to the playoffs.  Schaub, Johnson, Foster, and a healthy Owens make for a solid offense, and the defense will hit full stride by week 5.

Dyslecix: Under, not sure why for this. Sometime tells me that the Texans aren’t ready to make that next step. 9 or 10 wins seems out of a reach.

Indianapolis Colts regular season wins 10½

Chappy: Over, they win 12 games every year, how could you bet against that happening!?!

Dre: Over, maybe the days of 14 wins are gone, but they should be able to get to 11.  The Texans will push them however.  How long can the Colts last without a running game?  Long enough…

Dyslecix: Over, does this team ever finish with less than 11 wins?

Jacksonville Jaguars regular season wins 7½

Chappy: Under, I want to say over, but they have no receivers. Since their games are blacked out, I don’t really care about this pick.

Dre: Under, the Jags just don’t intimidate anyone at this point.  The offense is weak with no passing game and MJD on the mend, and the defense is a shadow of itself.  Maybe Del Rio should have taken the USC job…

Dyslecix: Jack Del Rio’s days are number, has this team tuned him out? Not a great deal of talent on D, and a QB that is iffy from game to game. Maybe they break even this season, but I don’t see it.

Kansas City Chiefs regular season wins 6½

Chappy: Under, I think they are the worst team in the AFC West. They can put up some points, but their defense would have a tough time stopping the girls in the lingerie league.

Dre: Under, but not by much.  I think they will split with the Raiders and Broncos, but not the Chargers.  They seem to have improved with playmakers, but not in the trenches on either side of the ball.

Dyslecix: Another awful team. I do like some of the pieces they have been putting together on offensive and in the front office, but this team needs another draft class a few more free agents to hit 7 or 8 games.

Miami Dolphins regular season wins 8½

Chappy: Over, For some strange reason I feel like they are going to win more games than the Jets this year. I’m hoping Rickey has a big year, after my mom had a yoga class with him during his hiatus, I’ve been even more of a fan.

Dre: Under, the Dolphins are going to take a step back, and this time it won’t be because of the Offense, even though they have a bunch of new pieces in place.  The defense has not improved, the secondary is in shambles and I see them losing a lot of high scoring games.

Dyslecix: Under, mainly because I want to see Chad Henne produce for an entire season before I’m ready to say they are making the playoffs, which they will if they surpass 8 ½ games.

Minnesota Vikings regular season wins 9½

Chappy: Over, Minnesota returns to the pound it out with AP team that they were two years ago. Favre might not be as good as last year, but he wouldn’t have come back if he didn’t have something left in the tank.

Dre: Under, it won’t happen again, the magic is gone after just one year.  The defense is a little older and the offense has lost a couple of big weapons on offense, namely deep threat Sydney Rice and 3rd Down specialist Chester Taylor.

Dyslecix: Over, Favre will find a way to get them to 10 games. This team has too much talent, and knows how to win close games (unless it’s the NFC title game).

New England Patriots regular season wins 9½

Chappy: Over, this team has to be pissed off the way last year went. You never see them having this many down years in a row, so I think they should be back to putting up ridiculous Madden video game scores.

Dre: Under, lucky to win 9 this year.  The offense looks like it’s back to normal, but the defense is a travesty.  They are starting a rookie and second year player at their CB spots, and their D-Line is aging as we speak.

Dyslecix: Over, but this was easily my hardest choice of all of the picks. Lots of questions about this team heading into the season. I’ll bank this pick on a Brady/Belichick combo.

New Orleans Saints regular season wins 10½

Chappy: Under, unfortunately no teams usually come back as strong after a Super Bowl. I still see them snagging a wild card spot with 10 wins, but with everyone gunning for them, it’s going to be a lot tougher road this year.

Dre: Under, the Saints will struggle a bit more this year, but I do believe they will reach 10 wins.  People forget how the Saints came out of the blue last year to compete, and I think reality will strike this year.

Dyslecix: Over, coming off a Super Bowl win the wiser choice is too take the under, but this team is scary good with a defense I think can shore up there late season struggles from last year. This will be close but I think the Saints get to 11 wins.

New York Giants regular season wins 8½

Chappy: Over, I like this team more than the Cowboys this year. They are only two years removed from a Super Bowl, and Eli seems to have fallen out of the spotlight, so that makes for a solid comeback year.

Dre: Under, the East has lost its swagger I suppose.  The Giants are a .500 club playing in a .500 conference at best.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching Eli’s face almost peel off during the preseason, pure karma still reigning down from San Diego fans.

Dyslecix: Under, I actually see the Giants finishing the season at 8-8. I’ll hold on to that record and take the under.

New York Jets regular season wins 9½

Chappy: Under, they only won 9 games last year, and squeaked into the playoffs.  Getting Revis back is huge for their blitz packages, but doesn’t help them on offense. I’m worried about the Sanchize in year two. People are expecting too much out of him.

Dre: Under, unless the Defense scores a touchdown a game, the Jets will struggle to put up points and lose too many close games to make the playoffs.  Last year was an apparition, the Jets never should have made it that far.

Dyslecix: Under, there schedule especially early in the year is horrendous. In fact it’s so difficult they could very well start off at 0-4. Regardless the Jets just have to go through too many teams to win 10 games.

Oakland Raiders regular season wins 5½

Chappy: Over, again and again. If I predicted that they’d make the AFC Championship game, then they better win more than six games! Seriously though, why is Denver projected to win 7 ½!?!

Dre: Under, the Raiders will be in the running for second best team in the division, and they might even take 3 out of 4 from KC and Denver.  That’s not saying much though, they still have issues on the line on both sides of the ball.

Dyslecix: Under, yikes I know the Raiders are better this year, but until I see them break up the cycle of losing I’ll take the under on winning 6 games every year.

Philadelphia Eagles regular season wins 8½

Chappy: Under, I don’t like this Kolb guy, I’d rather have Matt Moore. I guess having Maclin and Jackson to throw to should make him decent, but this guy is basically a rookie, and that’s usually a tough transition.

Dre: Under, chalk it up to growing pains in Year 1 of the Kolb era.  He’s got the weapons at receiver, but the running game will be a test as McCoy didn’t exactly impress last year.  Might see Mike Bell take a few more carries than expected.

Dyslecix: Over, I think this team has enough talent to win some close games and come out of the season with 9 wins maybe 10. I think there better than a 8-8 team, I know there are a ton of questions about the offense, so this isn’t a straight forward pick by any means.

Pittsburgh Steelers regular season wins 8½

Chappy: Over, Not sure why I think they will be good. I really like Mike Wallace, he looks like he has vacuum hands syndrome. Maybe I’m picking them because I think Ben has changed and when he gets back he’ll be focused as ever.

Dre: Under, the Steelers reign over the AFC North comes tumbling down, and they would be lucky to split their division games.  I see Cincy and Balt sweeping those four games.  Lack of threat in the passing game even when Roth comes back.

Dyslecix: Over, noway this team has back to back awful years. The early games with no Ben is tough of course, but a strong D, and a sturdy run game makes up for it somewhat. I like the Steeler to make the playoffs and will roll with the over.

San Diego Chargers regular season wins 10½

Chappy: Under, but by only a half a win. I think they end up winning the west with a 9 or 10 win season. Unlucky for Charger fans though, because that’s just enough wins for Norv to keep his job!

Dre: Over, but not by much, I say 11 wins this year.  Rivers is now the cagy vet who will rely more than ever on his superstar TE to help lighten the load for his dynamo rookie RB Mathews and his young receivers. The pick-up of Patrick Crayton from Dallas for a 7th rounder was a steal.

Dyslecix: Under, I like them to win 10 games this year….there will be some real tight games so I could easily see them hitting 11. Tough call here.

San Francisco 49ers regular season wins 8½

Chappy: Over, they can almost chalk up five or six wins in their own division, no reason to think they won’t win four more against the others in the league. If they don’t get over .500 this year, goodbye Alex Smith.

Dre: Over, and Alex Smith will finally come into his own as they dominate their division.  And by dominate I mean win 9 games. With Gore, Crabtree and Davis the 49ers have a formidable big three, and the Defense looks ultra-stingy.

Dyslecix: Under, again until I see the 49ers break the cycle of mediocrity, I’ll call this team a .500 ball club and stick with the under.

Seattle Seahawks regular season wins 7½

Chappy: WAY Under, Who made this line? I guess they have a nice home field advantage, but c’mon! I think they’ll be lucky to get to four wins with this crappy squad.

Dre: Under, but not by much.  I think a good year could net 7 wins, but Hasselbeck won’t last the year and Whitehurst is Green-behind the ears.  The Defense may be the key, as the offense looks like it may not do much this year.

Dyslecix: Under, Peaty needs a year with this team to get to .500 or better.

St Louis Rams regular season wins 5½

Chappy: Under, they are moving in the right direction, but they aren’t there yet.

Dre: Under, and they will win 5 and take a good receiver in the next draft.  Julio Jones?  AJ Green?  They need something to complement Bradford, and a lot of help on Defense as well.  Maybe two years down the road for the Rams before .500.

Dyslecix: Under, One of the worse teams in the NFL, with a rookie QB, and a missing star WR really adds up to a bad season, they would be lucky to win 4 games.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers regular season wins 5½

Chappy: Under, see above, same as St. Louis

Dre: Over, as the Bucs are very intriguing to me.  They have some weapons on offense, solid young receivers and depending on a healthy Caddy and Winslow Jr, the offense could be respectable.

Dyslecix: Under, young QB (hurt in preseason) that needs a few more season to grow, couple that with other multiple question marks on offensive and I see another long year in Tampa.

Tennessee Titans regular season wins 8½

Chappy: Under, I’m going to say Vince regresses a little this year. I also think CJ will a little too. Tough carrying the ball that many times and not having it eventually wear you down. His gold teeth might help him through that though.

Dre: Over, love the Titans, don’t love the division.  They may have 3 teams over .500, and I think the Titans will be the odd man out.  I see the Texans and Ravens taking the Wildcard spots behind the Colts and Bengals, respectively.

Dyslecix: Over, this was a tough call because so much depends on Vince Young and his ability to take the next step in his NFL development. I think he can do it, and I always like Jeff Fisher at the helm.

Washington Redskins regular season wins 7½

Chappy: Under, their division is too much better than them. I’m even putting the Eagles ahead of them, even though I don’t like what I see out in Philly.

Dre: Under, way, way under.  I don’t see the ‘Skins winning 5 games this year.  The Defense is in transition and their best player won’t buy in, the offense has a group of underperforming RBs and Donovan will have a hard time finding a favorite receiver.

Dyslecix: Under, another extremely easy pick… that I would even think of taking up with a Vegas book. Just a huge ball of disorganization across the board in Washington, expecting a .500 season or better is a lot to ask of this franchise in what essentially another rebuilding year.

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