Angels Clinch AL West. Next…

Barring a meltdown of preposterous proportions, the Anaheim Angels will clinch the AL West yet again tonight.  The only consolation is it didn’t come at the hands of my beloved Athletics.  I mean, I do wish they were in second place, but that’s another story for another time.   What matters here is that even though the A’s are just three years removed from an LCS berth, the AL West still goes through Orange County.  As much as I dislike them, I find comfort in having them the team to beat, much like the way I feel with the Lakers in the NBA.  I suppose I’d rather have them as the target because that would be so much sweeter for my team to knock off.

We did it!!  Lets go hug it out in the Locker Room!

We did it!! Let's go hug it out in the Locker Room!

I just wonder who I’ll root for (by default) come playoff time!  If it’s the Yankees, Angels, Red Sox, and Tigers… I’ll go Tigers.  But if the Twins sneak in there?  *gasp* I might be rooting for the Yankees.  I guess it basically comes down to who plays the Red Sox or Angels.  Either way, tonight’s events only cement the fact that the Halos will once again be the team to beat in the AL West in 2010.  For an A’s fan, it’s the same comfortable challenge that we’re always willing to accept to start the year.

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