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Ode to Nellie

It was announced all over today that our new Warriors regime (Lacob and Gruber) would like a fresh start this training camp without Don Nelson holding the keys to their new investment. They can’t officially make moves for the team, but they made it clear to Cohan and Co. that they’d like Keith Smart at the helm to start this season. As By said, the Smart era is upon us! As much bashing as Nellie took over the last two seasons it’s hard to remember why they wanted him in the first place, but looking back he was easily my favorite Warriors coach of my lifetime, and for that I thank him for bringing me some joy in the postseason which is more than I can say about any of the other coaches they had.

Growing up people always wondered why I liked the Warriors. It was hard to justify, but in the late 80’s Nellie made me a huge fan throwing together the Run TMC package of Mullin, Hardaway, and Richmond. Sarunas Marcuilloneus is still my favorite international player of all time. From that moment on, I was going to be a Warriors fan for life, and going to their games every time I went to visit Grandma and Grandpa probably added to it as well. He retooled the dubs with Spreewell and Chris Webber after the Run TMC days were over. Nellie’s teams made the playoffs in four out of his seven years as the Warriors coach. Little did I know then that they wouldn’t make the playoffs for a loooong time after he left, because the beginning of the Cohan Era started in 1995.

His second stint with the Warriors was highlighted by his inability to get along with players, and that shouldn’t have come to a surprise to the fans, since he was behind selling Chris Webber away for a poo poo platter after just getting ROY honors. Alas, he did give us a magical season in 2007. It was probably one of the most exciting teams to watch in the league, unless you’re a big fan of defense for some reason. The year after they won the most games of anyone to miss the playoffs, so he still hadn’t lost the team yet, but that offseason he broke everyone up starting with Baron. Even in this day in age where we only remember what was said last, I still love the guy, even though he was the main catalyst behind breaking up two good teams. He gave me the best basketball for my team during my lifetime, and I’m grateful for that  no matter whatever other stuff happened. I wish him the best, and hope that the Smart Era isn’t like the Montgomery, Carlesimo, Musselman, and St. Jean Eras. It can’t be worse than them, and it looks like our new owners actually want to acquire talent that fits together. I’m cracking a Bud Light right now just for you Nellie!

Crack a Bud Light and Light Up a Stogie

Our fearless, and sometimes heavily buzzed coach, Don Nelson, got his all-time wins record today. He surpassed Lenny Wilkens for all-time wins as a head coach in the NBA with 1,333 victories. You can guarantee that Nellie is going to party like it’s the 70’s(that’s when he started), break out a Hawaiian shirt, crack a Bud Light, and light up his victory stogie. This was the last noteworthy milestone that the dubs will probably make this season, unless Curry snatches that ROY award away from Tyreke (27 points, 14 assists, eight rebounds and seven steals tonight btw). Or maybe if they hit the lotto in the draft. That’s not what this post is about though.

I wanted to thank Nellie for his couple stints with the Warriors. If it wasn’t for him, we’d probably have zero playoff appearances in the last two decades. He might not be the most celebrated coach of all time, because he never had the “superstar” that could win it all with him. I’m still happy for him though, and even happier that he got the record this year instead of having it loom over the whole off-season. It will be interesting to see if the W’s keep him around. I guess it all depends on how the hunt for a new owner goes. My heart says that I should want him to stay, but maybe his time is up in the Bay Area. I doubt the next owner will let do whatever he wants like the current management does. I’d go as far to say that a new owner would make him play guys like Randolph 30 minutes a game just to see what he’s got in the mental department. We know we have a lot of talented players, but can any of them develop or stay healthy? From what I’ve observed, it might be hard for them to learn under Nellie, and his always infamous doghouse.

One other problem I have with all this winning (4 of their last 6), is that we are beating all the teams that we are trying to take ping pong balls from! At this rate we’re going to end up with the 7th or 8th pick. Didn’t they hear the word? Wall, Cousins, Favors, and Turner have declared for the draft? Tank the rest of the year boys, we NEED a top four pick! Hopefully Nellie will kick back now, and we can tank the rest of the season in style.

One Sad Franchise, and One Sad Warriors Fan…

Usually my Warriors posts are on the bright spots with the team, but there’s so much negativity in the organization over the past few seasons, I can’t resist NOT talking about their shortcomings. Sadly, the Warriors are one of the worst run franchises of all time. They still don’t qualify on my list as a top 5 worst all time franchise, because they’ve had some success albeit mostly before I was born. The past 17 years have had as many bright spots as I can count on one hand. With a .374 winning percentage letting numerous stars go just to save a few bucks only to watch them do great elsewhere would have any fan fed up. It feels like over the past few seasons that most of Warriors nation has finally had enough. The most recent news of the Warriors inability to make a good choices was cutting Speedy Claxton’s $5.2 million expiring contract. I can’t even pretend to understand how this helps us, since there are teams drooling worse than Homer Simpson over doughnuts to get some expiring contracts for the 2010 free agent class, so why are we dumping the contracts that seem to have so much value going into the trade deadline? We probably could’ve gotten something of value for the expiring contract we got in the Crawford deal over the summer right? I don’t have an answer for either of those questions and I’m sure management doesn’t either, but it did inspire this great website which I urge all our readers to click the red button in support of the fans vs. Cohan! This move just sums up many years of bad decisions by the front office, and truly shows they don’t care about the team winning. If they tell you it’s to get the team better, they must be breaking into those Marijuana clubs in SF and eating all the cookies. There is no conceivable reason to do this before the trade deadline. If they waited for the deadline to come and go and then cut him, I’d understand. This post is dedicated to what went wrong, and the only real way to fix them is to have a new owner! Continue reading

Who Let Tim Kawakami Play?

Consider this the Doin Work Roast of Tim Kawakami. For he has transcended the traditional boundaries of annoying sports writers and set a new mark, at least among those who don’t benefit from their annoying personalities on shows like Around the Horn.  While the Woody Paiges and Jay Mariottis of the world are duking it out on TV, somewhere in Silicon Valley sits a creepy little Asian nerd, eyes glued to box scores, smirking each time the opposing team scores. See, Tim Kawakami was the annoying little arrogant kid who sucked at sports, so you would conspire to not pick him, leaving him relegated to picking wildflowers by himself over by the jungle gym. Years of being left out created a monster, and one day, little Timmy stood up and declared that he’d had enough! He was going to devote his life to becoming the most evil sports writer in the country, so he could take down every athlete, coach, owner, trainer, and cheerleader in sports. Realizing he’d never be able to take a cheerleader anywhere, he focused his list to just the four mentioned previously.

Fast forward to present day San Francisco Bay Area. Kawakami watches sports from a unique perspective. To hear him tell it, he was the Dan Dickau of the J-Leagues back in his day. So, it’s hard for him to understand why NBA teams would have anyone on their roster who is not as good as Kobe Bryant.  Tim is an avid fan of the Golden State Warriors and the Oakland Raiders. By avid fan, I mean the Warriors and Raiders beat him up and stole his lunch money everyday. To make matters worse, people still like the Warriors and Raiders, and this drives Timmy CRAZY! For the last few years, he’s spent his time spreading hate about these two teams, in hopes of bringing them down. He’s attacked players, coaches, and owners alike with reckless abandon. He loves calling for Al Davis and Don Nelson’s heads. Recently, he published this ridiculous list of coaches he’d like to see replace Don Nelson. Really, Tim? You’d like to see Sam Cassell coaching the W’s, huh? Jim Boylen?  Sign me up! Mario Elie, current Mavs assistant?  Wait a minute, he’s an assistant coach for the Kings. Timmy, you didn’t put much thought into this list did you? Seriously, you sound like Dominic in Kindergarten Cop, rattling off all the people who are better than Mr. Kimble. “Chuck, my T-ball coach, he’s better than you too…”

Think it’s time to e-mail the IT guy again about blocking the Mercury News again so I don’t have to put up with this garbage.

Monta Doesn’t Want to Play with Curry and SJax Still Wants Out…

Most media days for the beginning of the NBA season are pretty boring, but when it comes to the Warriors they always seem to have something interesting going on. It’s not a good thing, but I feel it was mildly better than last year. Last season they had a lot to talk about with, the direction of the team, the big contracts that they should have given to Baron over Maggette, and Monta’s scooter accident. Once again, Monta made a splash at the media day, and SJax had his fair share to say about his ongoing trade demands. All of the hoopla this season doesn’t really discourage me as much as last seasons distractions did.

Don Nelson Steven JacksonWell, since I’ve been following SJax on his rampage of trade demands, I’ll start with him. It sounds like not much has changed since his Dime Interview when he said he wanted to go to a contender. He basically reiterated that he did want out of Golden State during media day, but also verbally vomited on a few other subjects that I found interesting. He answered my question as to why he signed that extension just before asking to be traded, which was “Who’s going to turn down that money? I’m not stupid. I didn’t go to college but I’ve got a lot of common sense,”. I see his point of view as nobody would have given him that much, but if you really want to be on a winner why would you handcuff your team like that? Shouldn’t he have taken the Artest route and signed for less than what he was worth on a contender when his contract was up?! Honestly though, I don’t find SJax as being a distraction, because one thing is for sure, when he’s out on that court you know he will play his hardest. Whether he’d rather be somewhere else or not he’s just the kind of player that tanks games, he’s competitive and wants to win games period. If he doesn’t play hard for himself he’ll do it for his teammates, which is why I still agree with making him a captain. He played a lot of meaningless minutes last year and seemed to give it his all, so if we don’t move him I don’t see it being a big problem. For some reason he also spouted off about not regretting anything he’s done including going into the crowd with Artest in the Detroit melee.Monta Ellis Dunking Warriors He felt that may have been one of the reasons the NBA picked to fine him $25K for his comments, and didn’t fine a guy like Kobe for making the same statement. Here’s the whole interview, but don’t take TK’s words too strongly he’s a douchebag.

Monta came out to talk with the media a little while after Jackson did. He usually is pretty boring in interviews, and rarely says anything of relevance. He started off good saying the right things just about winning, and how his ankle was 100%. He want’s to show everybody that his hard work over the off-season would made him better than he was before his injury. When asked about playing PG this year he kept re-iterating that he didn’t care where he played just as long as he was on the floor. He didn’t seem fazed by SJax’s situation either as he knows that when the ball is tipped off Jackson will be there ready to play. He also said that it’s Jackson’s deal to work out, so he can’t be concerned with it.

Monta Ellis Anthony Randolph Warriors

Randolph and Ellis ARE the future of the Warriors

The interesting /controversial part of the interview came next when he was asked about playing with Stephen Curry, their newly acquired first round draft pick. He stated that they couldn’t play together, because it’s not a way to win having two small guards on the floor. He was very adamant that it wouldn’t work unless there was a rare case that the other team went really small. I’ve had a man crush on Curry since before he took Davidson to the Elite 8, and for some reason drafting him was bittersweet as I knew in the back of my mind that we were going to be upsetting Monta, since before the draft he pleaded for the W’s not to pick a PG. Well, it looks as though it didn’t really upset him, but didn’t address any area that he felt they needed. He felt they’ll lose if Nellie goes small and plays them both. Here’s the rest of the interview with Monta, keep in mind that TK’s analysis is off the wall at times. Nellie already said that Jackson, Randolph, Biendris, and Ellis would be starters, but who is the fourth? Azubuike, Morrow, Wright, or Curry? Only time will tell, but I hope it’s Buike or Morrow. I’m not sure why I’m even worried about Nellie playing a rookie too much anyways! At least the Warriors problems this season are more on the court instead of off the court distractions!

Nellie Doin Work for Free!

Don Nelson Anthony Randolph Warriors

After some hard work in the offseason, it looks like Randolph is out of Nellie's doghouse and into the starting lineup.

The seemingly senile 79 year old Warriors head coach, Don Nelson, made a statement yesterday, saying he wanted to work for free one year after his current contract expired. So he would be with the team for the 2011-2012 season. I personally like  the idea, considering we could do far worse at the coaching position, and how can you pass anything up that’s free! In his second tenure with the team he has show that he is the only good coach we’ve had over the past two decades as he’s led us to the playoffs in both tenures!  He said he wanted to give something back to the franchise, which surprises me because he’s made us more successful than we knew possible earlier this decade! Also, I’m very weary of a guy that sued his former boss (Mark Cuban) for not paying him while he slowly handed the reigns of the Mavericks over to Avery Johnson, and seemed to disappear at the end of his time there. I know Nellie likes to make a lot of outrageous statements, and this may not be any exception, but he must see some potential in this young core the Warriors currently have. This was his statement as he spoke to President Robert Rowell;

“I told him that I would like to give the Warriors one more year (beyond the contract) that will cost the team nothing,” Nelson said. “Whether it’s coaching or carrying bags, whatever, it doesn’t matter. I’ll give one more year to say ‘thanks,’ and ‘I appreciate the extension.’ ” For the whole article in the SF Chronicle.