Doin Work Public Service Announcement

This probably won’t apply to many, but I thought I’d post it anyway. If it saves anyone from going through the trouble I went through, then it’ll all be worth it. On Saturday, I purchased 2012 on Blu-Ray. Before you start commenting about how much the movie sucks, just know I bought it for the visual factor, not the plot. Having said that, I couldn’t get the movie to play. The previews played, but then it’d go into some weird menu screen, except there were no menus, nor could you skip scenes or do anything to get away from that screen. I play blu-rays on my computer, so I downloaded whatever free software I could find – that I hadn’t already used up a trial version on. Still to no avail. I then purchased Cyberlink PowerDVD 9. I was already considering buying it, so it wasn’t too drastic of a measure for me to employ. It still didn’t work. Then I purchased the upgrade to PowerDVD ULTRA. Still not working. I then took my copy back to Target to exchange it for another in hopes that I just got a defective copy. That didn’t work either. I was pretty sure I had downloaded all the latest updates and patches but nothing would work. I was able to find a couple forums with people who had the exact same problem. Fortunately, somebody said something about downloading the patch that “builds PowerDVD to 2528. Not sure what that means, but I went to Cyberlink’s site and searched 2528. I downloaded the patch that came back in the search results and FINALLY it worked. I just wanted to post this in case anybody else was having the same problem. It only took me about 5 hours, $110, and two trips to Target to figure it out. Please pass this info along to anyone who might find it useful.


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2 responses to “Doin Work Public Service Announcement

  • tophatal


    It can’t suck any more than ‘Avatar’ did ! And all the hype because it’s taken in over $1.2 billion at the box office ? More people purchased tickets to see the following movies ‘Ben Hur’ , ‘Gone With The Wind’, Titanic ‘ and ‘Star Wars’. And these idiots are fixated on the numbers in terms of the gross. Adjusted the figures of the movies I mentioned based for inflation and they’d all beat Avatar. That’s the problem here in the US you get fixated on the stats rather than the quality of the product.

    Alan Parkins

  • Anthony

    thanks for the heads up! I was actually thinking of getting the movie (for the same reasons)

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