Daily Archives: March 12, 2010

Masoli Must Not Be Getting Paid

Oregon Ducks quarterback Jeremiah Masoli was arrested for 2nd degree burglary. He stole a couple laptops and a guitar from a fraternity house. Chip Kelly, Oregon’s football coach, said that Masoli would be suspended for the entire 2010 season. The once Heisman hopeful, can redshirt for a season while he is on suspension and won’t lose his scholarship or waste a year of eligibility. It will be up to him if he wants to return in the 2011 season. It’s a big blow for a team that had high hopes for the Pac-10 title, with no clear front runner in the conference. Without any extra investigation on my part whatsoever. I like it, it shows that Oregon isn’t slipping him a bunch of money under the table to their players as he would be an obvious beneficiary. He definitely wouldn’t have had to rip a laptop off. He’d already have one, and some other “gifts” to swap for some cash. I guess there’s a slight possibility that he may have done it for “fun” because he didn’t like that frat, but I’ll assume he committed the crime for financial reasons. I wonder if Masoli is wishing he went to USC, and at least got paid!

Wake Up With Forehead Tittaes

Over on the Boston blog Barstool, they have a segment where every morning they post a hot chick and tons of pictures of her and title it Waking up with so and so. Today I wanted our readers to wake up with Forehead Tittaes! I guess this product would work, but mostly because it looks so ridiculous on thier heads, and not because our attention is turned away from their chest… I’ve been struggling with youtube lately, and can’t seem to get this damn video embeded! So here’s the link to the video funny stuff if you haven’t already seen it!