Seriously Royals Fans?

I googled the Royals and this came up.

Just saw this poll on, and I can’t believe the good people of Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska actually think the Royals will win the AL Central. I’m an expert in blind faith to your local team, but really? Winning the division? ESPN asked, “If Joe Nathan is out for the season, who is the favorite to win the AL Central?” This question is a bit misleading, because if Joe Nathan WERE healthy, would the Twins even then be the favorites? Probably not. I think irregardless of Nathan’s situation (hmm, has a nice fantasy team name ring to it), the Twins are not the favorites. Despite Miguel Cabrera’s slumping trend and the downgrade from Granderson to Damon, the division still runs through Detroit. But what stands out to me most is that in three states, the majority of voters predicted the Royals would win it. I’m the first guy to go on record saying I like the talent in the Royals system, but until they actually contend within their division, I can’t even begin to speculate that they’d actually win it. Missouri is the state where the Royals play, so that makes sense, although for every Royals fan, there’s got to be 2 Cardinals fans who dislike the Royals. And sure, Kansas shares a name with the home of the Royals, but you’re equally close to the Rockies, so you should know better about your teams winning divisions. Lastly, Nebraska is where the Royals triple-a affiliate is, so I can see where all the Mark Teahens and Billy Butlers to come through your town would give you plenty of reason for optimism. But let’s get serious here, no matter how promising the talent on the Royals roster is, they’re still the least likely team in all of baseball to ever win their division. I’d say it’s pretty much a two horse race between the Royals and Nationals to be the team that never wins their division in our lifetimes. Having said all this, look for my next post about why the A’s will win the AL West this year. After all, they did acquire the Royals best player, Coco Crisp!

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10 responses to “Seriously Royals Fans?

  • chappy81

    Yeah, I don’t know why anyone would think the Royals would win the division. They didn’t come in #2 on my “Worst All-Time Franchises post” for nothing. I can’t remember a time in my life when I associated the two words Royals and Winners.

  • classic17

    You’re exactly right with the 2 for Cards-Royals fan ratio here. I like to think that Missouri fans did this as a joke. The people from kansas are just stupid and what it failed to mention about Nebraska is that there was a disclaimer next to the Royals choice. It read like this:

    Who will win the AL Central?
    A) Tigers
    B) Twins
    C) White Sox
    D) Indians
    E) Royals but only if Tom Osborne is managing and Tommie Frazier is playing first base.

    Easy choice for Husker fans. And people from kansas are stupid. That can’t be said enough.

  • tophatal


    Kansas City Royals stand as much chance of winning the AL Central as you or I would have a chance of bedding both Halle Berry and Charlize Theron in the same night . And that’s no friggin’ chance whatsoever ! Their idiot fans are just living on a wing and a prayer for that scenario to arise.

    Alan Parkins

    • mceezy

      One each, maybe….. 🙂

      • tophatal


        One each of what ? I can’t see the likes of Theron or Berry waiting on my a_s at present ! I can’t afford them the life to which they’ve become accustomed. But given the chance a night of pleasure and they’d be screaming aye Papi !

        Alan Parkins

        • mceezy

          Well yeah, you said the odds of you or me seducing Halle Berry and Charlize Theron in the same night were slim, so I was thinking if we each took one then maybe there’d be a chance. And yeah, we’re only talking one night, not a lifetime. But, essentially, I guess us having this conversation is no different than a Royals fan talking about a division championship, so point well taken!

  • tophatal


    The only thing I’ve been known to share a healthy appreciation of the female form and the love of a really good cigar and liquor .

    I think that the Twins will have problems if Nathan goes under the knife to have ‘Tommy John’ surgery on his injured elbow. That takes anywhere from 14-18 months to recover from , if not longer.

    Alan Parkins

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