Daily Archives: March 31, 2010

The “Only Whites” Basketball League


I usually won’t put up a video, unless I can embed the clip straight to our site, which has happened on a number of occasions due to my lack of tech saavy. Unfortunately, this Daily Show nugget wasn’t postable on WordPress, so I hope you checked out the link. Anyways, when I first watched it I was having a very hard time figuring out if this is for real or not. I mean it was just too ridiculous to be real right!?! Wrong, after researching a little further I found that it IS for real. The league is founded on blatant racist views, and it’s good to see that the Comedy Central crew owned this guy in the interviews, I mean why would you want to watch superior athletes!?! I’ll leave you with another clip showing what Charles Barkely thought about the league, and how racist it is!