Daily Archives: March 25, 2010

Back to the 90s….

We all know I love 90s hip hop. I don’t know why, but this song has fallen completely off the map. However, I still think back to it any time I hear a car horn or any reference to tic tacs. I’m pretty sure it’s the only music video to ever feature a white guy in a Texas A&M cap. He does drop the jewel, “I got the black broad and you got the white one.” Words to live by…..

Scarface + Artest + Kanye = Bradley

I can’t lie, I’ve always liked following Bradley and his antics, they seem so stupid yet so entertaining at the same time. Like I said before I will always be grateful for his run with the A’s, and how he WAS pretty much their entire offense and got them ALCS in 2006. Anyways, his recent comments are just another sign that he is overly emotional, and caught up in his own little version of Alice and Wonderland. Everything he’s fried for in the media, he brought on himself. He’s the anti-Tiger, and plain doesn’t think about what he’s saying before he talks. In his most recent comments that has caused a mini uproar in the baseball world he compared himself to bad boys of different industries saying,

“If I was a musician I’d be Kanye West. If I was a basketball player, I’d be Ron Artest. In baseball, they have me, Milton Bradley. I’m that guy. You need people like me, so you can point your finger and go, ‘There goes the bad guy..”

Looks like it would be fun to shop with Milton...

I’d lean more towards the Artest comparison, because he is flat out crazy. He pretty much called out all of Chicago when he was leaving, which I’m sure hit hard with Dyslexic. He almost sounded like he wanted to fight all of Chicago on his way out.

Anyways, Kayne was the best uhhh, Kayne of all time. Rodman was probably the best Artest of the NBA. If he had jumped in the crowd in LA and started punching that fan that threw a water bottle at him he’d be comparable to Artest. Scarface was the best Cocaine dealer of all time, so Al Pacino should be the only one that can quote Scarface. I don’t think he has enough on his record yet to live up to those comparisons. Sure he’s hated, but he’s going to have to take it to the next level somehow to earn the title he dubbed himself. Maybe if he grows a pair of red horns, and appears on the cover of SI this year he could be comparable to Kanye.

Instant Classic Ipad Parody Commercial

Well, this is the second post I’ve taken from Anthony over at Drippet, which you should check out if you happen to have a few spare moments. I felt the need to share this one with our readers though. No need for an intro or analysis, just sit back and enjoy this instant classic.