One Sad Franchise, and One Sad Warriors Fan…

Usually my Warriors posts are on the bright spots with the team, but there’s so much negativity in the organization over the past few seasons, I can’t resist NOT talking about their shortcomings. Sadly, the Warriors are one of the worst run franchises of all time. They still don’t qualify on my list as a top 5 worst all time franchise, because they’ve had some success albeit mostly before I was born. The past 17 years have had as many bright spots as I can count on one hand. With a .374 winning percentage letting numerous stars go just to save a few bucks only to watch them do great elsewhere would have any fan fed up. It feels like over the past few seasons that most of Warriors nation has finally had enough. The most recent news of the Warriors inability to make a good choices was cutting Speedy Claxton’s $5.2 million expiring contract. I can’t even pretend to understand how this helps us, since there are teams drooling worse than Homer Simpson over doughnuts to get some expiring contracts for the 2010 free agent class, so why are we dumping the contracts that seem to have so much value going into the trade deadline? We probably could’ve gotten something of value for the expiring contract we got in the Crawford deal over the summer right? I don’t have an answer for either of those questions and I’m sure management doesn’t either, but it did inspire this great website which I urge all our readers to click the red button in support of the fans vs. Cohan! This move just sums up many years of bad decisions by the front office, and truly shows they don’t care about the team winning. If they tell you it’s to get the team better, they must be breaking into those Marijuana clubs in SF and eating all the cookies. There is no conceivable reason to do this before the trade deadline. If they waited for the deadline to come and go and then cut him, I’d understand. This post is dedicated to what went wrong, and the only real way to fix them is to have a new owner!

Why couldn't they have just gotten along!?!

I think the growing unrest and the start of the boycotting movement coincided with the mistreatment of Chris Mullin, who was a huge advocate of improving the team through spending, and not just going the cheap route of signing D-League players like Nellie feels is the solution. Obviously the team won’t improve signing D-Leaguers over proven NBA talent, with the possible exception of Azabuike. He’d probably be a solid contributor/player on pretty much any team.  So from the point when they started ousting Mullin, the fans started getting pissed. Mullin agreed to a deal with Baron Davis in 2007, but management backed out of the deal to prove Mullin’s word was worthless within the organization. The Warriors then turned around and tried to cancel out Monta’s contract, which signaled the end of Mullin’s era as the Dub’s GM. They decided to go with a youth movement, but really ended up selling off every guy that got them to the playoffs like J-Rich, Pietrus, Harrington, Barnes, Baron, etc. Then they decided to sign SJax to a ridiculous extension followed by trading him away for a poo poo platter, which is about what you’d expect for a huge contract for an older guy. The point is they shouldn’t have given him that horrible contract to begin with. They should’ve made him play those last two years out. All of this culminated in many pro-Warriors fan blogs to boycott/protest the only way fans can, which was not buying merchandise, and not going to the games to hit the owners in the pocket books. Has it worked? A little, attendance does look slightly down this season (about 2,000 less per game than last year), which could be because of the economy or hopefully it’s the fans are finally fed up. Since they are in the fifth biggest market, their numbers have always been good, so hopefully through all the fan unrest it will motivate Cohan to finally sell the team. The organization needs to take a few things into consideration to get them back on the right track. Nothing more so than selling the team to a new owner that puts winning over their wallet.

It sounds like Larry Ellison and his talks with Cohan have heated up recently, and could be our savior, but it still sounds like they are far apart on the numbers as Cohan seems to overvalue a very bad team. Not surprising for a guy that has been screwing it’s fans over for years. If the Warriors were sold, I wouldn’t care if we traded away everyone on the roster including my mancrush Curry. Starting over with a new owner that actually cares more about winning than his own pockets would easily win a lot of the most loyal fans in the league back. The selling of the team would get rid of three huge problems in the organization, and all are in management tier. Robert Rowell will no longer be President. Larry Riley won’t be the GM. Don Nelson will be shown the door for acting like his senile alcoholic self. I’m not against Nellie, because he’s done more for us than any coach has running the dubs, but please just get him his 11 wins he needs this year to pass Lenny Wilkins on the all-time wins list, and get him out. He’s just not a good coach for youngsters, and we have a ton of those. If he didn’t go crazy so often with sitting guys, and giving erratic playing time for the whole rotation I probably would want him around, but that’s not the case for now. So let’s get Nellie those 11 wins and then tank the rest of the season, so we can hopefully get Demarcus Cousins in the lottery! He seems like a big man that we could build around! Not that I’m giving up on Randolph, you just can’t have enough athletic big men, and the Warriors don’t need another guard.

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11 responses to “One Sad Franchise, and One Sad Warriors Fan…

  • tophatal


    I know that at the start of each season each of the teams within the NBA , all strive to achieve the same goal and that’s to win an NBA championship. However, in the case of the ,a href=””> Warriors and their front office . I do believe for them, their main goal is nothing more than achieving a modicum of respectability and that’s about it. They’re not intentionally looking to go out there and embarrass themselves but seemingly that’s what they tend to end up doing one way or another.

    Alan Parkins

  • By

    Good piece Chappy!

    We’re on the same boat with this one on numerous levels except one. If Ellison does some how buy the Warriors, I would beg of him to keep our man crush Curry on board. I really love everything about his game, and I hope that he keeps that game in the bay.

    Other than that … spot on in terms of representing the majority of Warriors fans. What the hell was up with cutting Claxton’s contract? I can’t even begin to explain how upsetting that was for me. That solidifies the fact that our owners do NOT care about winning. The Dubs definitely had an opportunity come trade deadline with that one.

    It’s so sad because they are taking advantage of such a great market and fan base here in the bay. It’s like the ownership knows that we’ll support our Dubs no matter what they do, or do not do in putting forth a winning team. But like you said, perhaps we’re slowly catching on, and it’s time for us to some what turn our back on our team in an effort to punish the big heads … but I personally can’t.

    As far as Don Nelson … I too appreciate what he’s done for us in terms of getting us into the playoffs in 2007 … it was definitely “A Great Time Out!” during that period. But alas, his ego has got the best of him, and the welcome mat has wore out thin. I read an article that stated Don Nelson in saying he’d rather continue to have D-League call ups as oppose to a proven player via free agency because he’ll turn a 6 figure player (salary-wise) into a 7 figure player with his coaching. Wow.

    Get your record and leave Nellie. Please.

  • tophatal


    Ellison is a shrewd enough businessman that he knows a good thing when he sees it. He hasn’t amassed that fortune and built up Oracle the way that he has through stupidity. What he may well do is to get rid of the ‘dead weight’ on the roster as well as in the front office.

    Alan Parkins

  • tophatal


    Though it’s not sport’s related , I hope that you’ll get a kick out of this ?

    The Way Forward For Broadcast Television In Terms of The News Presentation …..

    Alan Parkins

  • Le3ts

    Damn, I hate my Warriors, but I LOVE them too. It sucks how the organization does not do what is best for us. It is very upsetting to see loyal fans (for years) support this terrible organization for years. Anywho, i don’t want to write a whole lot becuase i will just, “go off” (i do get heated when my warriors are a topic).
    But yes, Ellis should by the organization (oh please), Demarcus Cousins, IMO would be a great NBA player, and i would love to have him as a warriror, and letting go Chris Mullin was sooo stupid! GET NELLIE and COHAN OUT OF HERE!

  • chappy81


    We’ve given up on championship hopes a long time ago. Making it to the playoffs as a 7th or 8th seed consistently would be like winning championships for our franchise!


    Yeah, I wouldn’t really want them to get rid of Curry, Ellis, Randolph, Biens, Azabuike, or Morrow, but if we had to lose everybody to get the team sold, I wouldn’t mind if all of them left or were traded away. I will support them no matter what too as you can tell this is one of the only negative posts I’ve put up on them, except around when I was mad at SJax! I think I read that article too on Nellie, and think it’s ridiculous that he’d rather have D-leaguers than pros. I think it was a poke at Radmonovic but still!


    Even thought we never got to see our team healthy roster together it feels like we are somehow worse than last season. I felt like last year we were terrible, and would get better with the young guys getting a little experience. If we end up in the lottery getting Demarcus, hopefully it doesn’t give Cohan another reason to stay!

  • tophatal


    I think that should a guy like Larry Ellison purchase the Warriors then the fans and players alike would be in for one or two big surprises. He’s an ambitious guy who likes to win and ‘win big’. That’s the credo he lives and that’s why he’s been an immense success in the business world and in the sport of yachting and the America’s Cup.

    He’s in a similar vein to Mark Cuban of the Mavericks but nowhere near as obnoxious in that regard.

    Alan Parkins

  • tophatal

    chappy 81

    On assessment about how much are the Warriors worth ? In excess of $300 million would you say or less ?

    Alan Parkins

    • chappy81

      Yeah, I’d say they’re worth a little over $300 million based on the market they are in. I wouldn’t mind an owner that mirrors Cuban. He’s one of my favorites in the league, sucking up fines just to let the refs and the league know that he only cares about the Mavs winning… I think if Ellison does it, it’s because he likes the team/area, and wants to give back to the NorCal area where he built his dynasty/Oracle…

  • Larry

    Sorry buddy, they really do suck. Hopefully they get sold for you!

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