All-Star Weekend Moments of Yesteryear

I got to thinking today about how I get excited for different events during NBA ALL-STAR WEEKEND each year. One year it’ll be the Dunk Contest, the next it’ll be the Three Point Contest, and the next it’ll be the Haier Shooting Stars. Okay okay, that last one is obviously false. I don’t think anyone with a frenulum preputii gets excited to watch a player shoot set shots with an old guy and a chick. Having said that, I’m on board with Team Sacramento this year. Tyreke Evans, Chris Webber, and Nicole Powell. They might as well just make it a 3-on-3 contest – it’d be so much better. Other things I’m excited to see are Stephen Curry in the 3pt Contest and Gerald Wallace out to avenge his disappointing scores from his first appearance earlier this decade. What takes the cake this year will be the Rookies taking on the Sophomores in the Schick Gatorade Rookie Allstate Sophomore E*Trade Challenge Presented By Ford.  Nevermind that both teams are stacked, but just the thought of Tyreke Evans, Brandon Jennings, Stephen Curry, and Jonny Flynn running the floor together is enough to get the juices flowing. For anyone who actually cares about the outcome of the game, the real challenge will be whether the undersized freshmen can keep up on the boards with the likes of Marc Gasol, Brook Lopez, and Kevin Love. While the All-Star game has become an afterthought, the Rookie-Soph Game is the perfect blend of all-star freedom and competitive drive.

Here are a few of the Rookie Sophomore Challenge’s greatest moments….

Tough reminder that Jason Richardson, Troy Murphy, and Gilbert Arenas were all rookies on the Warriors.

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3 responses to “All-Star Weekend Moments of Yesteryear

  • Anthony

    Love the bounce on boozer’s head lol….classic stuff…keep it up!

  • Le3ts

    Yeah i’m more excited about the Soph vs. Rookie game, than probably anything else that may go on that weekend. I’m rooting for the guards (for i am one myself, or so i like to think i am) but the talent and skills that they all have will just be a fun game to watch because they are just going to be running up and down the court (nellie ball). I hope Steph Curry ball hogs because although he hasn’t fully showcased his ability to take over the game, this game would be the time to do it, especially with all the other talented guards in the league that he will be playing with him.

    But yeah, it’s not surprising to see that we had all that talent on the team at one point in my young warrior career as a fan. But yeah, we had so much talent throughout the years (too many to list =/) but yeah our front office is retarded…whatever!

    Go DUBS!

  • chappy81

    Dude, that off the heezy was awesome! I completely forgot about that clip. I kind of like the horse game, but wish they picked someone that was a good shooter over Rondo. I’d like to see Ellis in there! He seems to have those backwards shots down.

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